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15 Super Healthy Weight Gain Foods For Toddlers

by Bharti
healthy foods for toddlers

When the little angel comes in our life. The life changes completely. From two to three this new member surely makes the world bright and beautiful. But being first time parents, you are so going to know more about the babies, hear form the close ones many tips and eventually get confused. Of course, for better nourishment, at least for 1 and half year, breast feeding is important. But what after that. Well. There are some super healthy weight gain foods for toddlers that needs to be given. But again, to speak with health care expert on this is important too.

Ragi: This is one of the popular traditional weight gain food which is all enriched with better Nuristan’s and vitamins. In south India it is given to kids the most. It is aid to be a high source of calcium and proteins as well. This weight gain food is rich with protein, fiber, and even vitamins B1, B2, and B6 to name some. For your toddler to enjoy eating it you can try out Ragi Idli, ragi porridge and even Ragi dosa.

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 Health Mixes

This is nothing but the sprouted sathumavvu which is made for the basis. You can call it a homemade celeriac for babies. It is one of the most amazing healthy nutritious food that gives your baby much needed weight gain as compared to the products that are sold on commercial platform. It is perfect blend of nuts, cereals and pulsed. You can even bring many changes in it and give a better taste so that your baby can enjoy eating it.

Kerala Banana

Another calorie rich food that you must consider to give your toddler is the Kerala banana. It is said to be rich in potassium, phosphorous, and calcium. You can enjoy a good amount of dietary fiber as well. It also helps to keep the digestion process smooth due to which your kid will not have constipation or gas trouble at all.

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Pear is one of the best solid food you can give your baby. It comes with different advantages that also contributes in weight again but in a healthy manner of course. There are different nutrients such as Vitamin B6, C, and even dietary fibre and iron that gives your baby a full feeling and also tummy happy for a long time. You can also make a puree of it for your baby to enjoy.


It is one of the popular foods which is given to the babies for many reasons. Out of which weight gain is one of them. You can mash it without any specific equipment’s. Besides, this food is a source of energy for the babies to gain weight


In many countries Avocado may not be a native option but this fruit has got numerous advantages. Its creamy buttery texture which makes easy to digest for the babies along with health fats for better development and growth.

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It is another nutritious vegetable that is advised for the babies. This can be the first solid food you can plan to give your toddler due to its good thiamine, fiber and vitamin C content. It also contributes in weight gain.


This heathy food for babies is known to be another super food which maintains consistence. It can be mashed up easily and is not even allergic. It is another good option for the babies to gain weight. It helps to give tummy a better rest from regular gas issues.

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Sweet Potatoes

Another interesting super food that you can try out for baby weight gain is sweet potatoes. It is the best food for the baby which has low saturated fat, better potassium, and magnesium as well.  It is also enriched with Vitamin C and A.

Dry fruits

Nothing can be as nourishing and tempting than the dry fruits. It comes with options like fig, almond, and cashew to name some. They offer good energy and also contributes in weight gain which is why it is a healthy choice. You can also consider of giving him it in form of powder.

Cow’s milk

It should be started once your kid turns out to be a toddler. It can help in better fats that are needed for a healthy weight gain. It is important for mental and physical development in the right manner. You can also consider of giving him a good milk nourishment and yogurt which is extremely healthy choice.

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It is one of the bests upper food you can give along with other health advantages. This kind of medicine can help in promoting the brain development at the same time is also useful for better weight gain.


Another dairy product you can consider of giving your child is the Indian cottage cheese. It is popular in Indian households the most and is said to be an alternative for animal protein source. It contributes in babies weight gain while providing all necessary nourishment.

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The best cooking oils

Yes, you can always consider of giving your baby a good cooking oil which can help in the digestion process. Oil can be used for weight gain and better digestion. Besides, it also contributes in the baby’s body constitution.


Eggs is said to be the powerhouse of nourishment. It is said that a single egg consists of lot of iron, proteins and fat and is a healthy choice to go for.  However, some kids often have allergies and in case, your baby may have then avoid giving him. Otherwise, the best part of egg is that you can cook it easily, and even boil it. It is always better to give baby egg yok because it helps in a better weight gain.

Now that you know about the best of the weight gain food you can give your little one, it is time to start with some yummy recipes. You can surf online different recipes that are available and bring on the best one which of course, your kid can enjoy eating and would get proper nourishment that is required at such growing age.

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