Calorie Counting: Is it a Healthy Method For Dieting? Which Steps To Follow?

by Meghashree Das


Understanding the role of nutrition. 

Category division of nutrients

Undiscovered micronutrients:

Knowing the source of tracing micronutrients

Reasons for good nutrition in your body

The Diet that you need


Types of diet to try out

Diet Type Based onto your Blood Type for Weightloss

Before we conclude onto this chapter, here is your never-ending question. A lot of people are currently confused, as to how many calories you should have in a day. Is it around 2700 or more or less?  

Who knows? We are not an expert, but we can give you a tantalizing calculation. 

Based on the same, you can determine, which can be the best choice and decision for you.

Below is a simple and hugely accurate detail of how calorie works.

If you eat more calories than you are in taking a lot of heat. If you are eating less then you are in taking less. 

It depends on the type of calories you surely have per day and your goals which are stated on the above.

There are some calorie counters which can help you to understand the type of calories which you need to input in a day. 

For example, if you wish to have more and more calories than per day it can be a good deal for you. This only works if you are wishing to bulk. If you want to cut down, then have it lesser. This is not hugely complicated. This is just simple maths. 

Understanding the role of nutrition

What actually is nutrition?

Nutrition is something which is tricky to understand. Sometimes, there are macronutrients and sometimes there are micro.

Nutrition is something which is basically the nutrients presented in foods and different ailments. 

For example, the food that you are eating contains a lot of nutrients which can be essential for your system. 

Nutritionists have basic and nonlinear ideas on the concept of nutrition. It means that it is basically related to the cause and happening of biochemistry. But don’t worry. 

We are here to make it easier for you. Nutrition is nothing but the number of nutrients which are present in different food.

Category division of nutrients

There are two types of nutrients that are present.

One is called the macronutrient and the other one is the micronutrient. 


They are categorized into three categories:

  1. Carbohydrates.
  2. Proteins.
  3. Fats. 


They are the following:

  • Vitamin B1. 
  • Vitamin B2. 
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamin A. 
  • Vitamin D. 
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K. 
  • Calcium 
  • Potassium.
  • Sodium.
  • Iron. 

Types and which you need on a daily basis:

  1. Vitamin B1 which helps in converting your nutrient into energy. 
  2. Vitamin B2 helps in the function of energy production, cell function, and even fat metabolism.
  3. Vitamin B3 which helps in the production of energy from food.
  4. Vitamin B5 helps in the synthesis of fatty acids.
  5. Vitamin B7 which plays a role in the metabolism of the fatty acids and even the amino acids in your system. 
  6. Vitamin C which is the absorbent in your skin and consists of the main protein for the skin. 

Undiscovered micronutrients:

Micronutrients are the basic source of energy in your diet. Since they are the smaller nutrient, they are known as the micronutrient. 

Your body needs them badly and more than anything and they are most wanted as they produce and break down the essence into your system.

Coming to the point, they can be divided into various categories. 

  1. Water-soluble nutrients

Most of the vitamins which are soluble in water contain a lot of moisture for you to absorb. This is known as the water-soluble nutrient.

They are easily stored inside your system and they can get flushed out of the urine as well. 

  1. Fat-soluble nutrients

These are the minerals that do not dissolve straight into the water. It happens to have a lot of other ways of consumption.

It gets directly consumed to your liver, fatty tissues for future usage. You can store them and then use them later as you want.

  1. The macrominerals

These are based onto the following:

  • Calcium is needed for forming the proper structure of your bones and even your teeth.
  • Phosphorus is needed for the part of your bone and even the formation of the cell membrane structure.
  • Magnesium helps in assisting over 300 enzymes in your system and controlling the blood pressure levels.
  • Sodium helps in understanding the electrolyte of the acid fluid balance and the maintenance of high blood pressure.
  • Chloride is used in the combination with sodium to help and balance out the fluid inside your system.

The Micronutrient consists of trace minerals as well. 

So what would you think if I say about the trace minerals?

Trace minerals are the essentials which are consisted of your diet and which can help you to power up. For example, they are formed based on the following:

Iron: it helps in the transaction of your blood inside your system. With the help of iron, you can function better. 

Manganese: It helps in the better metabolism of your diet and cholesterol de-formation. 

Copper: It helps in tissue formation and makes sure that your brain cells are completely active. 

Zinc: It helps in the normal growth of your system. It helps you to have a proper insight and management of your tissue and cell repair. 

Undiscovered macronutrients:

So we have dabbled with the chapter for micronutrients, now we will talk about the larger portion. What are macronutrients? Do you know? If you have a faint idea then don’t worry because we will help you to know the basics.

They are subdivided into the bigger parts:


Yes, we all have heard about it. And sometimes, people will tell you that carbs are your enemy.

No, they are not certain your enemy but you need to have proper control over their intake.

Carbs are stored in your system based on two forms. The glycogen in your liver forms the first form and the skeletal muscles from the next. With the help of this formation, you get the energy to work on and upon.

There is a delivery of fiber in your system and scientists have said that you need to take about 50% of it every day to account for the best. Carbs are the energy-matter to your system and this is what makes them the powerhouse or the cell unit.

Source of carbs?

  1. Fruits. 
  2. Rice. 
  3. Cereals.
  4. Legumes. 


We cannot live without them, truly. Proteins form the basic part of our diet and without protein substituted into your diet, you cannot have a good eat at all.

Proteins are consumed because they help in the musculature of your system.

It means that if you want to gain muscles then protein is the key for the said.

It helps you to gain and lose muscles. If you consume enough protein for a day then you don’t have to worry much. 

Source of protein?

  1. Fish. 
  2. Dairy.
  3. Chicken. 
  4. Milk. 
  5. Egg. 
  6. Nuts. 
  7. Soy Product. 


They are the flavor and the carrier inside your liver. The fats that you consume are stored inside your system and you can have them later for consumption.

There are three types that are subdivided. One is called the monosaturated fat and the other one known as the poly saturated while the third is known as the transfat. 

Which fat you should consume depends on what type of weight you hold. If you think that consuming polyunsaturated on a daily basis can help you then get on with the same.  

Within the poly saturated, you will find the different types of omega three and even fatty acids. There are fatty solutions that are stored inside your system.

They form the basis for Vitamin A, D, E, and even K.

Reasons for good nutrition in your body

Here are the main reasons for using nutrition in your system.

Reason 1:

It helps you to stay active

Well, well. You cannot deny the fact that nutrition is needed to keep you and your system active. And at the same time, they are amazing for you to keep your body revved up. If you are feeling the blues then just pack yourself with the nutrition and you will be done. 

Reason 2: 

It helps you to keep your gastrointestinal diseases at bay

If you want to keep your gastrointestinal diseases at bay then it is worked out for you. If you want to keep yourself from burping all the time then this might work out for you. 

From all around, it can be kept and taken a look at through which the work is managed and you can understand how good it is for you and your system as a whole. It helps you to stay all the time healthy and active. And what do you know? 

Reason 3: 

Maintains your immune system

Keeping your immune system all charged up is something which can be amazing for you.

Well, it is somehow you have to keep in charge of one thing. And that, if you have something in your system which can be worked out for you.

Having a bad immune system means that there are a lot of complications that come alongside it.

The main thing is, you need to be assured of the fact that your immune system is over the top good. It is done with the help of the best nutrients. 

Reason 4:

Helps you to be fit and strong

Well, it helps you to be fit and strong. If you consume nutrients all the time then you know that it helps you to keep your muscles active. 

From day one to day ten, it will feel like a constant battle if you want to keep your diet out of the bay. But if you have a stern mind inside your head then it will completely work out for you. Being fit and strong is not really that worked out if you have the diet planned. 

Be patient, keep your calm

Well, all that you know, nutrients are something which helps you to stay active. And if you are really worked up, you need a meal planner for the following settings then you can always clear out your doubts with the help of a dietician and even an expert.

Prime thing you need to know is, be patient then you are trying it out…

You need to have a proper calmness of your mind, your heart and listen to what you want to do. If you wish to lose weight then it can work out for you.

The Diet that you need

Do you need a diet?

Before we dive into this topic, let us know something. Do you need a diet?

If you are just confused then these three easy things will help you to find out. 

You are not feeling satisfied in your skin

If you are not feeling confused in your skin then it is time for you to lose weight. 

As hard as for you to sound, it is the truth. You need to know that your weight is constantly the denominator and even the motivator in your life. 

The more you are accustomed to the same, the better it will be for you.

So if you are not satisfied with your skin then it is high time for you to evaluate why?


Are you feeling like to lose weight all the time?

Do you want to keep yourself fit and fab?

Do you think that your current weight is bothering you?

If you can relate to all these questions then it is high time for you to lose weight and go out on a diet. Dieting will help you to know what is better for you.

It is something which you are looking for long term?

If you are looking for something long term then it can completely work out for you. A diet can be good if you are searching for a long term basis.

Long term diet means that you have to check-in for the right nutrient over time and a timely basis.

On the best basis, you can choose in for a plan in which you can continue for a better period of time. It will help you to have more than what you can ever imagine.

It is something which you want?

The importance of losing weight can only be felt when you want it. So don’t worry because if you have made your mind about it, there is no turning back.

Sometimes, it becomes hard to keep track of the food that you are consuming.

This is why you need to look out for the best regime for yourself, check out for the right diet which can work well for you. If you want it then there is no problem for you to give it a shot.

Types of diet to try out

The Paleo Diet:

It is a type of diet where you have to gather something which your ancestors used to have. It is emphasized on the consumption of the beans and even on the legumes which can make sure that you have a good ol’ diet attached to your regulation. 

It consists of all the legumes, nuts, dairy, seeds, etc.

This will help you to have stark weight loss management as well. It can manage out the basic needs and the hunger inside you which can be managed.

The Vegan Diet:

It is the type of diet where you cannot eat anything but stay on the consumption of only the non-dairy items. It means that you cannot consume the protein or the main source of protein in this diet. 

You can only have your diet maintained with the help of just legumes, beans and other sources that are not related to the direct or indirect consumption of animals.

Veganism is different than the vegetarian diet. It is because vegans are starkly against the idea of using animals for your dietary consumption. 

This is the main reason why they are the ones who are taken into action.

The Dukan Diet:

This is the type of diet that is maintained on the course of high protein and nothing else. In this type of diet, you cannot consume and have much of the carbs.

Sometimes, this is the type of diet that most of the diet which you can consume on a higher basis and even if you want to shred more.

If you are a bodybuilder then this type of diet can tone and define your muscles. A low carb diet is something that is directly inclined to the loss of weight.

And the main reason why this type of diet is given a good preference over time. 

The Intermittent Fasting:

Coming to the last one, this is a type of fasting or even you can say as a diet where you need to starve your body for one part and then use it for the other. For example, you can just have this diet if you want to keep yourself to the top of your workout chore. 

Or even if you wish to lose weight then this diet can completely work out for you. 

There are ways to do the diet:

  1. The warrior diet: when you eat only for one part of the day and leave out the rest. You can consume raw vegetables and fruits then. 
  2. For 5:2 diet: You can restrict your consumption for about 600 calories on this day of the week. 
  3. The eat to stop and eat method where you can eat and then stop your consumption and the interval can be around 24 hours.

Diet Type Based onto your Blood Type for Weightloss

Are you maintaining a diet but it is not working out for you?

Are you always complaining about the diet that you are following?

Is it becoming a constant pressure for you to keep on with your diet?

Is your diet not working for you?

If you are nodding your head in silence to all of these questions then welcome to our fifth chapter. 

Here we will tell you the type of diet which you need to follow based on your blood type.

We have different blood types and it completely depends on what consumption you can have and which can be better for you to keep a check.

Sometimes the entire diet plan that you have set is linked with your blood type. So if your diet is not working then you can blame it on your type…

Things you can eat on different blood types:

For the Type 0:

A high protein diet is something that can be good here. This means that those who have the blood type for O can go on with a diet type that is regulated on the poultry style, animals and even for the usage of eggs and milk for better consumption into their dietary plan. 

It can help them to starkly lose weight and maintain all the regulations well into their system too.

For Type A:

A meat-free diet can be good for them.

For example, it is better for the A type of people to have better consumption of vegetables and fruits and other than to have something on the basis of the meat which is produced.

For Type B:

Avoid all the corn and the buckwheat and even the legumes, peanuts and all the sesame seeds.

It can surely help you to lose all the weight that you want over time. 

It is an amazing thing to consume on a daily basis if you are suffering from the constant frustration of gaining all the weights. 

So, here we are. At the end of our article. If you find this a good read, make sure to follow and leave us a comment while sharing it with your friends!