Single father? Know the best ways to treat your children

by Puja
single father
  • Overview
  • Ways to treat your children
  • Challenges as a single father
  • Other ways to treat your children
  • Conclusion

Nowadays, many children live in single-parent homes. Some are divorced or separated, while some are a single parent by choice. Therefore, solo parenting can be a stressful job, but it also provides happiness in so many unexpected ways. Furthermore, it’s crucial to make long term investment plans for your kids as a father. Moreover, children raised by single father are equally happy like those children raised by both parents. The parenting should be warm and nurturing for children to understand the positivity of life. Positive family environments help children feel secured and energized.

Ways to treat your children best

  1. Answer their questions honestly.

Many inevitable questions pop up in the minds of children. They are forever looking for answers to them. Besides, when the mother is absent, children tend to question. Answer all the questions openly and honestly. Additionally, they should be age-appropriate as well. Give your child all the support they need as a single father.

  1. Maintain a daily routine.

Always have everything prepared for your children as part of routines. Be it bedtime, meals, chores, etc.; all works should be planned. Having a consistent performance makes your child feel more secured and organized.

  1. Setting a support system.

You will need help as a single father. Secondly, have support to look after the children when you are not around. It might be tempting to do everything on your own, but it’s best to ask for help from friends and families. Thus, join a single parent group, or you can even hire a trusted baby sitter if the finances match up to it.

Support System
  1. Take out time for children and yourself.

Even when you are super busy, it’s always good to take out time for your children. Spend time with them while eating, playing or reading. You can do gardening together or even listen to music together. This strengthens the bond with your children.

It’s also important to schedule some time of the day for yourself. Take a warm shower or even chat with your friend. Setting aside some personal time allows you to refuel your body amazingly.

  1. Don’t keep the word guilt in between you and your children

It’s easy for single father to feel guilty for not taking good care of their children. But it’s best to keep focusing on the positives and the accomplishments daily. Keep the love and affection going, and you will never feel guilty about it. Also, if there has been a divorce, don’t feel guilty because some things happen for the best.

  1. Try encouraging good behavior in your kids.

Having clear rules and boundaries for children will keep them on track. Help kids to learn good behaviour and how to respect elders. Further, try to be consistent with the rules even when you are a single father. If you are a single father due to a separation, there might be challenging behaviours in kids. For instance, the children might not go back to doing things they like or even throwing tantrums. Children might not be in good moods and keep on arguing constantly.

  • Choose the battles well: It’s very important to deal with discipline issues even when you are a single parent. Likewise, let all the little things go. Act very calmly when you are dealing with critical issues like safety or well-being
  • Acknowledge their feelings: Encourage all the feelings to be spoken into words. Acknowledge all the feelings without accepting any unaccepted behaviour.
  1. Get the right parent balance.

Like all kinds of parents, even single parent has to get the right parenting balance. Thus, if you are too hard on your children, like shouting or complaining against them all the time, then the children will only be upset. Try reconnecting with the children and reassure them that everything will be alright. This way, you will learn how to handle situations better.

Single Father understands

It’s good to be soft with kids sometimes but provide them little freedom that they are looking for. Likewise, if you have gone through a separation, you might be reluctant to provide discipline to your child. As a single parent, show a positive attitude and determination that will last a lifetime.

  1. Handle all the problems like grown-ups

Children can also get upset or angry at times. It is pretty standard in all families. As a single father, it is your responsibility to look after your children. Show love towards your children and never show any negative feelings towards them. If your child is old enough for understanding things, ask them what is bothering them. Express your feelings so that your child can also express their feelings wholeheartedly with you.

Like a general rule, don’t do grown-up discussions near children. Some adult problems like financial problems, conflicts with partners, etc. that need not be discussed near children. Use all the adult support and networks to keep the discussions going. Also, there are some parenting helplines you can take help from.

Challenges faced as a single father

It’s not easy to be a single father. It’s not always possible to show empathy and love towards your children all the time. There are moments of sadness and grief that single father’s experience. Suddenly they have to do everything for another human. The only rule to get through single parenting is to take a huge breath and figure it out as life moves on. Additionally, there should not be expectations. Be attentive and give what your children need the most. Solo parenting is complex, and you will be making many mistakes.

Some other ways of treating your children better

  • Don’t try to be overprotective

Your kids have a way of life; let them find ways to deal with their own lives. Allow them to experience life and learn from the mistakes. Besides, if you turn to be overprotective, they either become rebellious or dependent. Please respect their privacy and give them some space.

Allow your children to take some risks as it will help them gain self-confidence. Always keep the mutual bond strong and show that you believe in them as well.

  • Be a part of their lives.

Your children need the support, and you can do it by being a part of their lives. Please take all the interest in what they are doing. Discuss her passions properly with her. Some of the things you can do are:

  1. Be around them when their friends come over
  2. Attend their school events
  3. Helping them with their homework and ask them how their day was
  4. Spend time doing what they like, like picnics, trekking, vacations, etc.


Single fathers have to take on more with life as it is quite a challenging task. Thus, raising children is so hard, especially when you have no one to fall back on. Furthermore, many studies have shown that single-parent homes don’t lead to any negativity in life. Keeping the family stable and happy should be the formula in homes. Don’t be stressed while doing your work. If you feel sad, share your sentiments with your close ones. When you have someone to listen to, you can handle all hurdles in life. Keep your faith going and you will give a fulfilling life to your children.

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