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What Is The Best Weight Gain Advice You Can Give

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What is the Best Weight-Gain Advice You Can Give Someone
  • Talk To An Expert
  • Calculate The Needed Amount
  • Learn to Count Calories
  • Prefer Food Journal
  • Know about Foods
  • Eat More Often
  • Say Yes to Calorie-Dense Foods
  • Add Additional Calories
  • Learn to Drink Calories
  • Eat Plenty of Protein
  • Increase Carbs Intake
  • Include Energy-Dense Foods
  • Improve Strength
  • Go with Unsaturated Fats
  • Check Weight Frequently
  • Some Additional Tips to Gain Weight Faster

Getting advice from experts is highly beneficial for people, who are suffering from weight issues. Now, if you are an expert in controlling and maintain your body weights perfectly then, it won’t be a bad idea to help those people by giving your precious advice. Here we come up with some ideas on how you can give someone weight gain advice and what those ideas should be, let’s take a look-


What is the Best Weight-Gain Advice You Can Give Someone

Being underweight is as much dangerous as overweight and brings several health disorders to a human body. Experts claim that being underweight for long can bring early death in humans. It also increases the possibilities of osteoporosis, infections, infertility, and weaker immune power. So, it is crucial to increase your body weight as soon as probable and these ideas would help you immensely in this regard, let’s try them out- 

Talk To An Expert:

First of all, talk to a health expert and learn how much weight you need to gain depending on your height and age basis.

Calculate The Needed Amount:

Make a proper schedule and make sure how much weight you need to gain per week depending on your BMI result.

Learn to Count Calories:

Learn to count the calorie portion of your consumed foods and make sure you increase almost 350-500 calories per day through your regular diet.


Prefer Food Journal:

Carry a food journal with you and keep updated about foods, their nutrient values, and the best eating period from that journal.

Know about Foods:

Try to know more about the nutrient value of foods, as it will help you to include more nutrient-dense foods to your daily diet.

Eat more Often:

Eat more frequently and take healthy snacks as appetite booster as much as you can. Try to eat 4-5 medium-size meals throughout the whole day instead of 2-3 large meals.

Say Yes to Calorie-Dense Foods:

Avoid empty calories and say yes to calorie-dense foods like whole dairy products, full-fat items, nuts, nut butter, milk, cheese, fish, healthy oils, vegetables, natural sweets, etc.

Add Additional Calories:

Try to add some more calories in your regular diet through snack, midday delighter, dessert, shakes, and beverages.

Learn to Drink Calories:

Drink calorie-dense drinks regularly like whole-milk, frozen fruit shakes, yogurt parfait, milkshakes, chocolate shakes, etc. to boost your weight gaining process optimally.

Eat Plenty of Protein:

Increase your protein intake as protein helps the most in building new muscle tissues. Animal proteins like chicken, mutton, pork, beef, tuna, etc. are more beneficial than plant protein elements.

Increase Carbs Intake:

Add more carbohydrates to your regular diet plan and make sure you have at least 20-25% of carbs in your three main meal plates.

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Include Energy-Dense Foods:

Include energy-dense foods to your diet like nuts, dried fruits, high-fat dairy products, grains, fats, oils, meats, starches, etc. as energy is the base of gaining weight methods.

Improve Strength:

Practice some weight-lifting workouts to increase your strength, as improved strength help in building body mass more rapidly.

Go with Unsaturated Fats:

Foods with unsaturated fats are good for gaining weight faster and some include items in this regard are avocado, olive oil, vegetable oils, fatty fish, nuts, seeds, etc.

Check Weight Frequently:

Finally, try to check your weight frequently and stay updated about your improvements to make sure that you are reaching your goal steadily with the applied methods.

Some Additional Tips to Follow to Gain Healthy Weight Faster:

Some more preferable tips to make your attempt of gaining healthy weight successfully are-

  • Eat small and frequent meals rich with calories and avoid separated large meals
  • Avoid caffeine products and carbonated drinks
  • Stop drinking water or any fluid before taking main meals
  • Stop practicing cardio exercises for a longer period
  • Try weight-lifting or strength-based workouts more
  • Take adequate rest and enough sleep every day
  • Include at least 1 glass of protein shakes daily
  • Add fats in your every dish even in drinks too
  • Take nutrient supplements regularly
  • Eat protein first and vegetables last
  • Don’t forget to merge your plate with complex carbs
  • And try to avoid unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking as soon as possible