Why are cheating in relationships becoming more consistent?

by Meghashree Das

Why we love, why we cheat?

In today’s world, there are two biggest social trends which happen and will perhaps happen in the next 10000 years which are yet to come. But before that, we would like to start off with a small romantic love experiment. 

We have collected 32 people who were madly in love and have tested their functional brain waves with the help of a MRI brain scanner. 17 of them were madly in love and they were accepted, 15 of them who were madly in love were dumped by their partners. And with this study, we would like to tell you how love works and why we cheat on people whom we love the most?

So what is love?

As Shakespeare said., ‘What tis to love?’ We still find the very answer to this baffling question which has questioned our logic and curiosity for ages. I think human beings have been working around for this answer since they started to lay logs for campfires. Only a specific group of people thinks that they can fall in love and the other percentage thinks that it is all but just a hoax. Love consists more of an overestimating distance between one woman and the other. And indeed, that is what we do. 

As Chaucer quoted that ‘Love is blind’, we can bring out a list of things that we love and hate about a person. Maybe that list will consist of things that are purely we hate about that person but we still tend to overlook. For example, coming to the main context, here is an example of a parking lot. In a normal parking lot, there are a lot of cars kept from all around. But when you are blindly or madly in love with someone, their car might seem different than the other cars lying around. 

You feel an intense elation when things are going well. You feel like you are on top of the world and everything that you do is linked with the sole purpose of your happiness. But when the mood swings bring you down, there can be horrible days when you feel that your partner don’t deserve to be with you or they have taken you for granted. For some people, love is simple and romantic and there is not much to add to it. You become extremely possessive in every single thing that your partner lays eyes on. 

Is it relative?

Anyone who thinks that the concept of love is common in all, then they are wrong. Love hits hard and differently to both the man and the woman. Things might be in common in respect of interests but there are a lot of things that cannot be common as well. It depends on the term of the relationship. Shorter term relationships have a steady impact while the longer terms may evaluate a person into cheating. This is when the drug abuse starts and the constant sexual need to be pleasured by someone else. The concept of love and sex attachemnt is itnerrated to each other and this is why most people are interested in stuff that are not in their reach.