Vaastu Tips That Can Help In Improving Your Love & Married Life

by Puja

Every individual needs luck in a relationships and romance. So, Vaastu Science is useful in creating harmonious and stress-free marital relationships and love lives. It ignites the requisite romance and feelings. It makes the relationship enjoyable and enables you to develop an unbreakable bond with your partner. If implemented accurately, Vaastu principles can bring huge benefits, by creating a balanced environment around the living and working space. 

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people who promise each other to love, respect, and support for a lifetime. It is a new chapter of life where you are somebody’s husband or wife, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law, and many new relations. Marriages are made in Heaven, but for a happy and successful married life there are many adjustments and compromises are to be made.

Can a marriage work forever without any obstacle? There are no tricks and rules that state a happy and successful marriage life. Sometimes, for a successful marriage, the husband and wife should consider Vaastu Shastra. It brings a wide range of tips for a happy married life. Try some placements, change some habits, and follow a good routine.

How does Vaastu affect Love and Marriage?

A defect in the house can be a reason behind an unsuccessful marriage. For such defects, Vastu Science comes as a savior. It guarantees a happy marriage with fewer fights and more love.

Position of the Bedroom: Southwest facing bedroom is considered good for couples as this direction ensures love, bonding, and understanding between the couple. The next best direction is North-West. The couple must sleep with their heads towards the south as it allows all the positive energies to flow from the north.

Use Wood for Furniture: Vaastu considers wood auspicious. All furniture in the room, from a bed to a study/dressing table and especially beds should be made of wood. Additionally, Vaastu advises using a single mattress for the bed as it instills harmony and positivity in marital life. Strictly avoid glass fittings on the bed as it acts like a mirror that reflects negativity. Buy only a square or rectangular bed.

Colors for the Room: These represent the life you lead. A dark painted room brings negativity and problems in life. Thus, go for light, soothing, and calm colours for a happy married life as these make the room look bright, bigger and leave a soothing, peaceful feeling. Paint the south-west walls of the master bedroom pink or grey for harmony and peace.

Decorative Posters and Artifacts: Vaastu suggests hanging beautiful, thoughtful, and positive paintings and images in the bedroom. Avoid using war, fights, and unpleasant pictures in the room to cut the negative energy in the room. You can also hang family & couple pictures and pictures of happy moments. Additionally, Couples should keep idols of love birds doves and rabbit pairs in their bedroom. There can also be an image of Radha-Krishna, but not any other image of Gods and Goddesses.

Cleanliness is Godliness: Nothing looks worse than a dirty, filthy, and cluttered room. Clutter creates negativity and attracts evil eyes in the room. Thus, make sure the room is clean, properly decorated, and maintained every day. Also keep it well-lit and decorated with fresh flowers as it will make the room lovely and full of life.

What Not To Do

Say no to Electric Gadgets: Electronic gadgets are helpful in daily routine but bringing them in the bedroom leads to stress and tension. An electronic gadget spread electromagnetic rays which are bad for health and creates discomfort. Vastu advises to keep the gadgets away from the bedroom. Keep them at a distance from the bed. Make sure to cover television or computer at night.

Avoid Beams: Beams are considered bad. Hence, avoid them in the room. According to Vaastu, beams lead to negativity, attract suffering, and can be dangerous for health. Hence, it is always better to keep them away from the bed for a happy, long-lasting married life full of love and positivity.

Placement of Mirrors: Mirrors are inauspicious for the master bedroom. Mirrors attract negativity and lead to quarrels, fights, and discomfort in the relation. Mirrors need to be placed away from the bedroom, either in the dressing room or the bathroom. In case, there is no separate room for the mirrors, then the best place for them is to be kept away from the bed and covered at night.

Mirrors are a Vaastu Anomaly

The Vaastu Way of ensuring a good Love Life

The wife should sleep on the left side of the husband for a harmonious and loving relationship. Use aromatic and red/pink/pastel shade candles, flowers, crystals etc to decorate the bedroom. It attracts positive energy.

On top of that, it creates a soothing and pleasant effect in the mind, thanks to the beautiful smell. Once the senses start to tingle, the mind relaxes and thus, there’s a lesser chance of fights and arguments.

It is not difficult to make love life and marital life happy as well as fulfilling. If you face any trouble in marital life, followabove Vastu tips and enter into a marriage that is not only happy but also full of love, bliss and spark.

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