Here are the 5 obscure COVID-19 symptoms that you must know

by Shatakshi Gupta

COVID has shown us new problems every day since the outbreak began. In the last two years, new symptoms, new testing methods, new treatments, new vaccines, and a slew of other things have entered our life.

The virus’s course of action and appearance in human bodies were more difficult to predict during the pandemic. Because not everyone was affected by the virus in the same way, many individuals are still unaware of the symptoms of COVID. This has an impact on testing and, as a result, tracing the illness and stopping it from spreading.

While the virus is rapidly evolving, our lack of understanding of the symptoms is allowing it to spread rapidly. Although regular cold, runny nose, scratchy throat, high fever, and headache are frequent symptoms of COVID infection, there are a few unusual symptoms that might occur. In this article, we are sharing some of the very lesser-known symptoms of COVID.

Brain fogging:

COVID symptoms such as brain fog are considered acute. But, because of our attitude toward mental health, we ignore the problem. Many people had trouble concentrating, felt lost, and found it exceedingly exhausting to keep up with their regular lives throughout COVID. Unfortunately, this condition was suppressed in the majority of cases. However, many people became aware of this ailment once researchers verified data about its incidence.



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COVID toes is a disorder that causes swelling, lumps, and discoloration of the toes. This odd ailment has been linked to COVID on multiple occasions when it was identified in a large number of COVID patients. COVID toes can last for up to 14 days, or even months, depending on the severity of the infection.

Eye condition:

While an eye problem is not uncommon, it is uncommon for it to be associated with a respiratory infection. Pink eye, conjunctivitis, light sensitivity, aching eyes, and itchy eyes were common during COVID. Another eye disease that evolved during the COVID period was dry eyes. People’s usage of computer displays and masks is claimed to be contributing to an increase in dry eye occurrences.

Rashes on skin:

Although skin rash is frequent, its development during COVID was exceptional. Skin problems are uncommon in people who have respiratory infections. During COVID infection, hives and rashes were prevalent. Many folks reported skin darkening as well.

Voice distortion:

This was the oddest of them all. During COVID, several patients noticed changes in voice, hoarseness, and speaking difficulties. The vagus nerve has been linked to vocal cord dysfunction, according to researchers. This nerve does not function properly when it is inflamed.