Responsibilities of husband during pregnancy

by Puja
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  • Introduction
  • Why a pregnant woman needs her husband by her side
  • Tips for supporting your wife during pregnancy
  • Conclusion

Marriage binds two people together for a lifetime. They take their life ahead as one. Every responsibility is shared among husband and wife. It goes the same for raising a child. Parenthood is a beautiful journey and the decision of embracing it done together. Hence, the duties involved should be divided among the two. The roles and responsibilities of the parents are different and it depends on the dynamics of the couple.

The phase of pregnancy is quite challenging for every woman. With all the mood swings, body changes and morning sickness, she gets exhausted throughout the day. She has to undergo both physical and mental pressure. The hormonal fluctuations bring in lot of emotional torture and no one can actually understand what she is going through. Pregnancy is the start of a new phase in a woman’s life and the tension of the future bothers her even more.

Even if one is aware of the changes, no one can get fully prepared beforehand. Every pregnancy is different and unique in its own way. During such tough times, a husband should always stay by her side and support her in full swing. When the husband is able to help his wife efficiently, it will help the wife to experience a smooth pregnancy. Here we would discuss about the duties that you as a husband should do to help your wife.

Why a pregnant woman needs her husband by her side

Husband Support

Here are some reasons why every husband should stay by her side more often during her pregnancy:

For emotional support (like how the Husband promised during the wedding vows)

During pregnancy there is a surge on the hormonal levels and brings in sudden mood swings. A woman may seem to be in a good mood and just at the other moment might get furious. Husbands should understand their partner and know that the weird behavior is natural during pregnancy. He should simply be with her and listen to her needs. This is the time when she would need her partner to be with her and support her. Talk to you wife and try to keep her happy throughout the day.

Physical support

During the pregnancy period, the body undergoes a lot of change and pain. Massages will help to relieve the pain and ease out the stress. As a husband, you should restrict your wife to all the physical work of the home and instead do it yourself. Heavy physical work will be harmful for the pregnant woman. Husbands can easily do the daily chores of cooking and cleaning.

She needs advice

Pregnancy is a new experience for every woman. Therefore, she might have anxiety and fears. The husband should be there to offer advice to her by suggesting daily routines and accompanying her to the clinic. Pregnant woman would ask for advice before taking important decisions and share the future plan. She would need someone who can give assurance through words and console her when she feels frustrated.

The baby belongs to both husband and wife

A pregnant woman’s partner should always stay by her side during pregnancy because the baby belongs to the couple and not only hers. Women are naturally crafted with the power to carry the baby and give birth; however, that doesn’t mean that she has to burden herself with all the emotional and physical needs alone. Both the husband and wife are an equal part of pregnancy, Hence; it should be the job of the husband to share the load.

Healthy baby

The health of the baby primarily depends on the health of the mother. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the partner to see that the mother doesn’t face any kind of health problem throughout the pregnancy period. He should take care of all, spend time with her and support her so that she receives the best healthcare. He should be willing to meet the necessities during the tough phase and all of these would ensure good health of the newborn baby.

Tips for the husband during wife’s pregnancy

Husband Pampering Wife

Here are some of the tips to support your wife during the tough period of pregnancy:

  1. Be patient – Due to the changes in hormonal levels, pregnant women will act differently. It will be difficult for the men t understand their reactions always. There will be several changes in the behavior and mood. Husbands needs t be understanding and patient. He should empathize with her even when she is in the worst mood. It is the hormonal levels that play with the woman’s body and mind.
  2. Listen to what she is saying – Pregnancy times are tough for every woman. During this time, you should practice listening to her. Listen to them patiently without being judgmental or suggesting any solution. They only want to heard and understood. Keep your phones away and look into their eyes when they are talking. Make her feel comfortable without reacting.
  3. Try to satisfy her food cravings – Pregnant women get some weird carvings at any point of time. As a good husband, you should not be surprised if they ask you to make vinegar crisp or sliced pickle. Do not question their cravings as that happens because of the hormonal disorder. Just accept them and try to satisfy them even it requires extra effort on your side. She will feel loved when you would satisfy her cravings.
  4. Read books and bogs on pregnancy – You can only help your partner when you have the required knowledge. You will find several information about pregnancy and babies in the books ad online blogs. You can read them so you are able to understand the different stages of baby’s life and be with your partner at every step.
  5. Plan holidays – Pregnant women love nice food and recuperation. You can plan a vacation and enjoy some great moments together. The first trimester is the best for a relaxing holiday. That is because after six months of pregnancy, it can be dangerous to board a flight. Take her to any of her favorite destinations so that she is unwind herself and get some special pamper.

Final Words

Carrying a human inside the belly for nine long months is not a joke. There are so many physical and emotional changes that a woman goes through during these nine months. To cope with the changes and mood swings is quite a difficult job.

Things can become a little easier when her partner agrees to be with her and help her throughout the journey. A husband does not have to undergo any changes but their partner’s body transforms every day to accommodate a growing life inside.

Being by the side of your partner while she glows with the feeling of motherhood is not just a responsibility but it is a lifetime experience for the daddy-to-be. Husband has a big role to play in the journey of pregnancy.

It is the time to show some extra compassion towards your partner so that the mother and baby stay healthy and safe. Healthy pregnancy is very crucial. Hence, special care and attention should be given to a pregnant woman by her partner and family.

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