Make yourself stronger than corona with these immunity boosters recommend by the AYUSH Ministry

by Shatakshi Gupta

The unending mutations and resultant variants remain a serious concern among people. As many reports suggest that vaccines might not be the robust solution to this deadly virus. As we have seen in the case of Omicron that the mutated virus can escape the vaccine immunity. So, it becomes imperative for us to make our natural immunity system stronger. Many people have improved their immunity against Corona by taking the help of Ayurveda. The Union Ministry of AYUSH has issued some guidelines for better immunity of citizens. Through this, the ministry has told people how to stay healthy during the pandemic. Let’s have a look at these suggestions.

  • Use Chawanprash:

For better immunity, herbal Chawanprash is one of the best supplements. You can have 1 teaspoon of it every morning.  However, never eat Chawanprash empty stomach. The digestion of Chawanprash takes time, it takes two hours to digest it. Diabetes patients should consume sugar-free Chawanprash.

  • Herbal tea:

Aside from this, drink herbal tea or decoction made from Tulsi, cinnamon and ginger twice a day. You can have this powerful herbal tea in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening.

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  • Consume Kadha (Decoction):

Boil water after adding Tulsi , Cinnamon, Black pepper, Dry Ginger and Munakka. Add jaggery or fresh Lemon juice to your taste, if needed. Drinking this decoction one or twice daily will provide you a greater degree of protection from any virus.

  • Use lemon and other citric fruits:

 Be sure to include lemon and other citric fruits like oranges in your diet. Vitamin C is found in citric fruits which strengthens your immune system and boosts immunity.

  • Add turmeric to your milk:

 Consuming turmeric with milk proves to be highly beneficial in curing a cold or cough. Its consumption helps in keeping you healthy during the winter season. Turmeric has antibacterial properties and is the best remedy for viral infections caused by changes in season. Besides, turmeric provides the body with healthy immunity.

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  • Apply a few drops of oil in the nasal cavity:

 Apply sesame oil / coconut oil or Ghee in both the nostrils in morning and evening. Coronavirus enters the body only through the nose or mouth. If your nasal passage is lubricated with oil then the microscopic particles of dust, pollution, germs and bacteria are eliminated before entering the body. It not only protects you from virus attack but also helps you in breathing freely in winter.

  • Oil pulling therapy:

Take 1 table spoon sesame or coconut oil in mouth. Do not drink, Swish in the mouth for 2 to 3 minutes and spit it off followed by warm water rinse. This can be done once or twice a day.