Overheating And Reusing Cooking Oil Can Turn It Into A Disease Magnet

by Shatakshi Gupta

Staying healthy should be the first thing for which we all must strive. Health is directly associated with our eating habits. In today’s world, where the cases of heart disease, diabetes and metabolic disorders are increasing rapidly, it is also reasonable to argue which oil or ghee is more beneficial or which is less harmful. As we all know that consuming more oily food is not good for the health. But did you know that overheating or underheating of these oils is also very detrimental to our health? Let us know, till what extent you should cook oil for consuming

You must have often noticed that whenever you heat oil for cooking food, it does not emit smoke immediately. Rather, when you leave it on the flame for some time, only then smoke starts coming out of it. Health experts have warned people about this smoke.  According to experts, after heating the oil excessively or cooking at its smoking point, it can cause harm.

Reason:  Oil is a non-polar chemical element, which is made up of hydrocarbons and it is hydrophobic and lipophilic. That is, oil does not mix with water and is soluble in fats. Most of the oils are flammable and remain active on the surface at room temperature. All these oils are in unsaturated lipid form or in liquid form. But as soon as they are heated, they start to deteriorate over time. This is because over time their nutrients and phytochemicals start to disappear completely.  On the other hand, when the oil becomes too hot, it starts releasing free radicals which give rise to a poisonous gas.

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When the oil starts cooking more, the gas coming out of it can be seen clearly. This emanating gas is a proof that the oil has now started to degrade. In fact, during this time some gas and free radicals are formed from oil which are very harmful for the human body. Also, when the oil is overcooked, it starts decomposing and loses both nutrients and taste. At the same time, it promotes chemicals that are responsible for cancer.

Become toxic on overheating

When the oil degrades, hydroperoxide is first produced anout the low smoking point and high smoking point of different oils. There are some high temperature cooking oils. High smoking point oil means oil that can be used to fry things up to a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Avocado oil, Canola oil, Corn oil , Mustard oil, Sunflower oil and Peanuts Oil are some examples of such oils.

On the other hand, there are low temperature cooking oils. These oils should only be cooked at or below 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Pumpkin Seeds Oil, Flax seeds oil and Walnuts Oil are examples of such oils.

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