Vastu principles To Consider Before Building A House

by Puja

Vastu is the “science of architecture.”  It has been followed in India for ages while preparing a construction site, designing, and deciding on the spatial arrangement of a house. It preserves the energy in the home and ushers in peace, prosperity, and good luck. Vastu deals with the position, layout, or direction of each room and also advises on the desirable use of colors and decorative elements.

Several issues may erupt during the process of building a house. To tackle such issues, Vastu has specific rules to be followed while constructing a house. You will be able to tackle issues connected to finance and government permissions if you follow these simple tips.

People are stuck in their hectic daily lives. With ever-increasing stress at work places, they only get a certain degree of calm once they are back home. However, at times they do not get that much-needed peace even at home and indulge in silly arguments with family members. It is very important to throw out such negativity to ensure a free flow of positive energy in the home.

Vastu is equipped with a set of principles is based on analytical science. It recommends implementation of certain measures in homes to ensure a peaceful and healthy environment. Vastu principles can be implemented in the best way if a house is under construction because one can make the necessary changes at this stage.

Below are crucial tips one needs to keep in mind while building a residence. Additionally, you consult an experienced interior decorator to ensure that all norms of Vastu for residence are followed. These basic principles will help to create a serene and comfortable house which will ensure that you always get the best of everything. ­­

Vastu Tips to Consider for The Plot

  • Consider the shape of the plot before starting the construction work. Plots with irregular shapes can have bad impacts on occupants. Choose a square or rectangular plot.
  • Keep the open space more towards the north and east than south and west.
  • If you have already bought a plot for a new home and aren’t able to start the construction for any reason, get the central portion of the land cleaned. Also, create a slope towards the North or East direction.
  • Always enter from the direction where you will be constructing the main gate.
  • All four directions for the plot should be at 90 degrees to gain progress and prosperity. If any corner other than the North East is bigger than the normal corners, it is not considered good.
  • While the construction is on, never keep sand, bricks, and other construction material in the North-East direction. This might hamper the construction and create other problems.
  • Water is a symbol of money and prosperity. According to Vastu, the place with water beneath it never runs out of money. Hence, after deciding the place and performing Bhoomi-Puja, make sure to get a water tank established in the North or North-East direction.
  • While building the foundation of the house, start from the North East, and gradually proceed to the South West. The pillars and walls should be constructed first in the West or South so that these directions are always higher than the rest of the construction.
  • Avoid keeping construction tools in the North West. It may cause misunderstandings and delays in work coupled with irregularities.
  • When the ceiling is being constructed, ensure to get it constructed first in the South or West direction and lastly in the North West. This ensures that the work gets done smoothly within the allocated budget.

Post-Construction Phase

  • Once the construction is complete, one moves ahead with sanitary and other implementations. During this keep the material in the room situated in the southwest direction. Additionally, close that room with a temporary door and use it as a store room. This helps in saving money.
  • Always start POP, flooring, and false ceiling work from the South West direction. Make sure to have a storeroom facing the South West irrespective of whether it is required or not. South West-facing construction ensures fewer chances of fights, quarrels, financial crisis, etc.
  • Vastu Shastra recommends commencing the construction of the house after performing Bhoomi-puja or worshiping the mother earth. Performing Bhoomi Pooja for the house is considered auspicious. It helps in the smooth building of the house.

Other Vastu Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Ideal Direction for Main Entrance: East, the direction of the rising sun, is considered to be the direction from where the positive energy enters into the house. Vastu suggests building the main entrance of the house facing the East or the North-East direction.
  2. Ideal Direction of Kitchen: As per Vastu principles, the kitchen should be located in the South-Eastern corner of the house. Facing the east direction while cooking is considered auspicious. Moreover, do not construct your kitchen in front of the main entrance. Also, a kitchen should not be located above or adjacent to a prayer hall or lavatory.
  3. Location of Bedroom: South-Western corner is believed to be the ideal direction for bedrooms. Vastu recommends constructing bedrooms in either square or rectangular shapes. The entrance of the bedroom should be located North or East.
  4. Planning Washrooms: Vastu recommends constructing lavatories in the North West or the South East corner of the house. Design a layout of a house in such a way that lavatories, prayer hall, and kitchen are not placed adjacent to each other.
  5. More windows are preferred towards east and north than south and west.
  6. Avoid doors in a straight line and avoid constructing them facing southeast direction.
  7. It would be better to build the staircase in the West or South direction only.
  8. If you are planning to dig a well in the house’s campus, construct it in the north or north-eastern direction of your house.


We all desire a happy and peaceful life. We all want a life in which we are at peace with our loved ones. This is where Vastu comes in. A few tweaks to the place and you will notice that this will not just bring prosperity but even peace and calm in your lives.

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