10 common sexual problems men have

by Meghashree Das

It is often assumed that sexual health should not be considered when it comes to man. Due to growing age or the only issue that the face is related to anxiety in bed. But the fact is that sexual energy is linked to your overall well being and sexual health problems can show up at any age and can affect your life. Unfortunately there are a lot of studies which have been published and sent for men’s sexual health.  

A man should always take care of his sexual needs and get proper satisfaction to him and his partner at the same time. This is quite a scandal because a lot of male have sexual health issues that can be treated and cured once they tend to tell their doctors. A lot of men will not disclose the sexual health issues that they are facing at a point of time. This happens because of the ego and also because of social factors that can come to their mind.  

Sexual health is something that a man or a woman should not keep in bay whenever something is troubling them from the deepest core. It is something that should be evaluated and at the same time should be cured with proper medication. Unfortunately there is a study which is published in the journal of family and medicine of primary care in 2018. Indicates that sexual health is a poorly recognised public health issue mostly in the sub parts of india.  

A lot of men in india do not understand what can lead to them aur their growing satisfaction on the bed. There are major delays or absence of timely and appropriate treatment that can cause the issue to grow more and more. This is quite a disgrace because a lot of male have issues that can be treated properly. 

Type of sexual issues with men

Decrease in libido

Decreasing libido is something that a growing man can have and which can affect their sexual life. It is natural that you sex drive should not be the same when you are 30 compared to when you are 18. When you grow up then your sexual libido suddenly drops and it is always best to consult your doctor whenever something is eating at the back of your mind. Decreasing libido can be a lot of issues for example like smoking or drinking or even drop in a testosterone level, of chronic pain in the back or cancer and even psychological issues that happen to men. A lot of men don’t understand the growing issues are concerned which can happen to their health and this is the main reason why they don’t take a formidable action against them. 

The cause of incontinence

Incontinence refers to the urine leak that offers when you put pressure on your bladder. A lot of men can have sexual issues because of the fact that they are suffering from incontinence. The incontinence can happen when you put pressure on your bladder while coughing or sneezing or even laughing and even exercising or picking up heavier weights. This problem can be an indication of the prostate for urinary tract issues that can lead directly with your penis. 

Fatigue for a lot of underlying reasons

Another factor that can cause the drop of sex level in a man is the cause of chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue can happen for a lot of reasons and none of them are not listed anywhere else. Lack of sexual stamina and desire can also be the result of a chronic fatigue. It can affect the testicular injury or hormonal imbalance and even cause diabetes or other health issues in a man. It is important to get yourself tested whenever you are feeling that there is a slight pain in your bladder why you are urinating. 

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is another mean ki objective that can help happen between two men who are suffering from sexual advances. Struggling to or failing to maintain an erection is always a difficult path for a man when they are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can happen for a lot of reasons such as psychological issues aur even alcohol or drug abuse or even diseases like heart disease or diabetes. It is always important for you to get yourself checked up with the doctor whenever you are feeling a slight discomfort by having a boner. It is important to get yourself tested because it will work out in your favour if you want to keep your partner happy. 

The shape of the penis

The shape of the natural shape of your penis is no cause for concern unless there is a curve or a bend. The curve for a band which happens to the penis can be accompanied by a lot of pain which happens to the curved region. This is why you are lot of people are a lot of men can suffer from erectile dysfunction or even sexual advances that can cause them to lose their libido. 

Causes of premature ejaculation

Another main thing that can happen to man is known as premature ejaculation. And getting your depression or even erectile dysfunction are the main causes for premature ejaculation in a man. This happens when a man cannot keep his come for a very long time and he actually it’s as soon as he gets sexually turned on. Instead of feeling ashamed about it you should always consult your doctor or therapist as they are experts and can help you to manage the issue before handling it. 

The growth of testicular cancer

One of the main things for the causes of concern that can happen for sexual reasons is for testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is something that does not come to your mind whenever you are feeling a slight discomfort or pain in your balls. System implementation aur even infection and cancer can occur in the testes. It is always important to get yourself examined for only whenever you’re going to the doctors office. For a man it can be hard to display their feelings or their actions or their way of discomfort while they are choosing to tell the doctor everything has been affecting them. This is why it is eternally important to learn that issues can happen over time. It is crucial for men to handle the things in a proper way and get to the doctor immediately if there is any kind of discomfort. 

The lack of fertility issues

Infertility is just not about your ability to have children. Your semen composition should be regularly checked at the same time. The colour of your semen is something that can help you to underlie your sexual behaviour and also if you are completely ok or not. 

The cause of overweight or male boobs

This is referred to as male boobs, something which happens to mail is gynaecomastia. Male boobs is something that can happen due to hormonal issues which can even lead you to gain a lot of weight at the same time. Weight loss and authority checkup can be helpful to deal with this issue early. It is important for you to get yourself checked early and should not be ashamed of a doctor while you want to talk about it. 

Smelly penis

Last but not the least a lot of men have a smelly penis. This happens due to a poor hygiene and most of the main not watching down their parts. There is a persistent funky smell down there that could be a signal of a fungal or bacterial infection. Even it can happen that your penis can be affected by yeast infection that can cause bad order. It is always great to get yourself checked with the help of an individual or doctor who can help you to understand what is the best solution right there for you. 


There are a lot of things that can happen whenever you go from a certain age and beat a certain one. It is always important to get yourself compared with the doctor’s recommendation if something is not going right. It is common for a lot of men to have sexual discomfort when you were there reaching the age of 30. This is why an expert can help you to get a proper regime, and at the same time they can help you to understand what it’s the best for you.