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Nendran Banana (Kerala Banana) Halwa – Healthy Weight Gain For Kids

by Jamuna Rawat
nendran banana halwa

Now a day’s our kids are more attracted to the packet junk foods. They are unaware of the health hazards behind that. By eating artificial colored and oily foods, our kids are becoming more obese in their younger age. Lack of proper nutrition makes them weak and unhealthy in their studies as well as physical activities. Nendran banana (Kerala banana) is a good source of vitamins like A, E, K, C, etc. It also contains thiamin, folate, pyridoxine and niacin. This banana is widely used in Kerala for preparing chips and so many dishes.

nendran banana halwa

Cuisine Type: Indian

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Ingredients (For 2 People)

Nendran banana: 2 (ripe and should be soft)

Jaggery: 100 gm


Ghee: 5 tsp

Cashew: 5

Cardamom powder: ¼ tsp

Salt: a pinch


Cooking Procedure:

  • Cut the banana into half.
  • In a saucepan, add 3 cups of water and add banana pieces into it. Add a pinch of salt and cook it for 10 minutes in a medium flame.
  • Switch off the stove and strain the water.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Peel the bananas and remove the black seeds in it.
  • Mash it nicely with a fork. You can even use a blender to make the paste.
  • Pour ghee in a thick bottomed kadai. Fry the cashews, take and keep them aside.
  • Now add the mashed banana in the leftover ghee and stir well frequently.
  • After 5 minutes add jaggery syrup and mix it until the water content is removed from it.
  • Spread the cardamom powder over the dish and garnish with fried cashews.

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Recipe’s Health Benefits:

Nendran Banana:

Nendran banana help to prevent diarrhoea and ulcers. The rich content of potassium is good for preventing kidney stones. This banana will not cause cough and cold. So it can be given at any time.

nendran banana


Jaggery is packed with so many minerals and antioxidants. The iron content in jaggery is good for the treatment of anaemia. It also purifies the blood and improves blood circulation. Jaggery is often used in the treatment of cold and cough.



Use of ghee in the kid’s diet is very important for their growth and development. Ghee improves their immunity. It is also a source of Vitamin K which is essential for the production of calcium. As we all know, calcium is essential for the development of bones.



Cardamom gives nice flavour and aroma to any of the dishes you prepare. Its native is India. Cardamom is good for improving oral health and preventing cavities.


Cashews consist of calcium and magnesium which is essential for healthy bones and teeth.


This dish is healthy and sweet. This can be given as evening snacks for kids. Let our kids free from the world of junk food and preserved food as there are so many healthy and natural choices for them.

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