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Sarvesh Shashi: (Fitness Trainer) Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Career & More

by Puja
Sarvesh Shashi fitness trainer
Bio/ Wiki
Full Name:  Sarvesh Shashi
Profession: Entrepreneur and Yoga master
Date of Birth/ Age: 15 April 1992, 28 yr
Birth Place: Thrissur, India
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Chennai
Marital Status: Unmarried
Wife: NA
Children: NA
Parents: Father: Shashi Kumar
               Mother: NA
Hobbies: Traveling, Reading

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Academic Qualifications
School: NA
College: Loyola College, Chennai
Qualification: College drop-out

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Career, Awards & Recognition
72 yoga studios across 41 Indian cities
Partnered with two-time Indian Super League Champions Chennaiyin FC (CFC) to promote yoga in football, and sports.
Featured and profiled in an article in Forbes Magazine in May of 2018.
Co-founded Diva Yoga with Malaika Arora.

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More About Sarvesh Shashi

Sarvesh Shashi hails from an affluent business family in Kerala. He enjoyed a mollycoddled childhood. Until the age of 17, he was driven by anger, aggression, and attitude. The unsettled teenager lacked patience and understanding, had one demand: wanting things and getting them done in his way.

At the tender age of 6, Sarvesh Shashi was introduced to yoga by his parents, and it was to change his life. At 17, when his peers were sharpening their academic prowess and planning their careers, his yoga guru molded Sarvesh towards finding his voice, and this led him to want to help others find their true purpose.

Sarvesh’s Guru changed his life by leading him on to the path of Yoga. His Guru insisted that Sarvesh observe the five vows such as no lying, no physical and mental stealing, no intoxication, non-violence, and complete celibacy until the age of 25. He was also asked to practice 40 days of absolute silence.

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Sarvesh’s father, Shashi Kumar, is a businessman, and the entrepreneur within was awakened, resulting in Shashi setting up Sarva, a chain of yoga studios. Today, at 28, sporting a fashionable beard, standing tall and confident with an impeccable sense of fashion, Shashi is the embodiment of the modern entrepreneur. He emits a glow of positivity, as he speaks about the blessings he received through the rigorous training he underwent under his yoga teacher, whom he calls ‘Guruji’.

His guru would always say that If you think I can enlighten you, then you are a fool, and I am a bigger fool. This has always stood with Shashi. He mentions the transformation he witnessed within himself from the time he incorporated a yogic lifestyle. Yoga is very dear to him.

The practice he followed in his earlier days, especially meditating for 9 hours a day, where he was cut off from the world for 40 days, immensely changed his perception of this beautiful art. It made him realize that yoga is not a 30 minutes practice, but a lifestyle.

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When he was 21, a dropped out of Chennai’s Loyola College, he was asked to follow the herd, as it were, and join his father’s business. His determination to make a difference with yoga made him take the road less traveled. Raising a capital of Rs 15 lakh from his uncle, he soon started the first yoga studio, ‘Sarva’, on Chennai’s Mount Road, in an empty warehouse owned by his father, who gave him space rent-free.

At the first studio at Chennai’s Mount Road, Sarvesh was the trainer, housekeeping and front desk staff, and studio manager. The aesthetics of the studio and the varied yoga forms grabbed the media attention. Word of mouth helped to customer overflow and the launch of two more studios in Chennai, at Anna Nagar and Harrington Road. The first few customers, part of his inner circle, lauded him for coming up with a unique yoga studio.

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Life is an adventure and it has certainly presented opportunities, which have been worth exploring. All the efforts put in have been purposeful, and it has helped him look at the brighter side in achieving his goals. This approach has led to Sarva being the only yoga studio in India to provide 25 different yogic forms, completely different in their approach, yet having a traditional yogic feel.

These include basketball yoga, aqua yoga, aerial yoga, and many more, developed by Shashi. He has got a great team of technical experts who come up with their ideas and programs to promote the message of good health. Overall, what stands as a success point for him is that, over a while, there are people who have slowly adapted to a healthier lifestyle, where the changes he has initiated are showing results.

People think that yoga is for the younger generation, kids, and women. It is for those whose body is flexible. It is ingrained in their mind that yoga is a boring activity, which is to be practiced. He has been fortunate in breaking myths and misconceptions towards this unique art, in analytical ways.

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An association with Talwalkars, one of the largest chains of gyms and fitness centers in India, proved to be a boon for Shashi. Sarvesh approached Dandekar Capital, whose director at the time was Vignesh Shankar, and was advising Talwalkars at that point. Vignesh Shankar played a very important role in Sarvesh’s life, as he is the person who introduced Sarvesh to Talwalkars. Vignesh and played a key role in the reprocessing of Sarva.

The senior management of Talwalkars visited his Chennai studio and took a liking to his visions and goals. Talwalkars came at a time when he had just begun. They played the role of a perfect guardian and guided Sarvesh from 2016 to 2018. Also, they were present whenever he needed them, and were operationally involved. Now, they are an investor, they don’t have any strategic nature or notion about Sarva. But they have played the role of a guide and more than anything else, their role is an integral part of Sarva.

Sarvesh’s yoga chain is exploring new forms and has tied up with actress Malaika Arora to launch Diva Yoga. It is a continuous transformational program for women who would like to undergo lifestyle changes and transform themselves into physically, mentally, emotionally, and holistically beautiful divas. It has a flagship studio in the Mumbai suburb of Bandra (West).

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