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Important Vastu Shastra Ideas For Your Home Entrance

by Puja
Important Vastu Shastra Ideas For Your Home Entrance

Important Vastu Shastra Ideas For Your Home Entrance

As per Vastu, the main door of a home is the entry point for the family as well as energy. The main door is considered as the archway to victory and progress in life. The main door is a transition zone, through which the inmates enter the house, from the outer world. Happiness and good luck enter the home through main door. The main entrance is of prime importance, as it lets in or keeps out the cosmic energy that promotes health, wealth, prosperity and harmony. Moreover, the main door creates the first impression of a house.

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Below are some do’s and don’ts Vastu tips for home entrance.

The Direction Of The Main Door

The main door should always be in the north, north-east, east, or north-west, as these directions are considered auspicious. The main door should be constructed to ensure that when the inmates step out, they face the north, east, or north-east direction.

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North-east is the most auspicious when it comes to placing the main door. This is also a direction that derives immense energy due to its exposure to the sun. It adds vitality and energy to the house and inhabitants. North is believed that this placement can bring wealth and fortune to the family and hence, it is the second-best direction to place your main door or entrance.

East direction is said to enhance the power of inmates. It also adds to the festivity. If there is no other option than having the entrance in the north direction, ensure that it is the north-west direction. This is a direction that derives benefits of the evening sun and hence prosperity.

Materials Used For The Main Door

A wooden door is considered auspicious for the main entrance. Southern door should have a combination of wood and metal. Western door should have metalwork. Northern door should have silver color. Eastern door should be made of wood and adorned with limited metal accessories. Use superior quality wood. 

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Main Door And Its Visibility

Vastu principles suggest that the main door should be prominent, visible, and identifiable. Putting your house number or even name can make the main entrance stand out. It is also better to have a simple nameplate rather than going in for engravings for ornamentation. The main door should look the most appealing.

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The Framework Of The Main Door

The main door should be 7 ft in height with a width of at least 3 ft. Tall doors bring in more energy into the house. Hence, avoid short doors. The other doors in the house should be shorter in height than the main door. The back door should not be used by inmates as the main entrance. It can be used by domestic help or other staff.

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Decorating The Main Door

Cleanliness around the main entrance attracts positive energy to the home. The entrance should have a threshold, (marble or wood), as it is believed that it absorbs negative vibes and allows only positive energy to pass through. Decorate the main door with divine symbols such as Om, shubh-labh, swastika, etc., and draw rangolis on the floor, as they are considered auspicious and invite good fortune. Torans are good option to decorate the main door.

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Put a bright light at the entrance but avoid red light. The main door should be well-lit, especially in the evening.
As per Vastu, a well-decorated foyer space does wonder to the home and its inhabitants. The ideal positioning of a house should have a narrow passage leading into a wider space.
Decorate the entrance with green plants.
The main door should open at 90 degrees, without any obstacles in a clockwise direction.
Ensure that the hinges are oiled and door accessories are polished. There should not be any dent, scratches, broken or chipped wood or missing screws at the entrance. Extra nails must be removed.
If there are stairs, these should be in odd numbers. 
A doormat is important. Dust the feet before stepping inside the home. It signifies leaving all sorts of negative energies outside the home.

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Avoid a fountain, or any other decorative water-centric element and animal statues outside the main door.
The main door should not face another person’s entrance. This can create problems. Shadows cast by another person’s main door or even a plant, are not good for the house.
Remove dustbins, broken chairs, shoe racks or stools, if kept near the main door.
There shouldn’t be a bathroom/ washroom near the main door.
Ensure the main entrance is well lit.
Avoid painting the main door black.
The main door in the south, south-west, north-west (north side), or south-east (east side) is not recommended. A door in the south or south-west can be corrected by placing a lead metal pyramid and lead helix. A door in the north-west can be corrected, with a brass pyramid and a brass helix, while a door in the south-east direction can be corrected with a copper helix.
Avoid placing a mirror opposite the main door.
Avoid black color for main door.
A septic tank should never be placed near the main door.
Do not construct the main door in a corner of the house. The corners of the house must be left empty, to ensure the wellness of the inhabitants.
Avoid sliding doors and circular-shaped doors at the entrance of the home as it does not abide by the rules of Vastu. 
Ensure that the house is not on the same level as the ground. It signifies the positive environment inside the house, as against the negative energy that is outside. 

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