Home Life What are the best Vastu tips for a happy home?

What are the best Vastu tips for a happy home?

by Puja


Nowadays, ready-to-move-in houses have high demand. It has all the advantages but architectural changes are not possible. If you believe that Vastu science is a gateway to bring in peace in your life and happiness in your home, don’t get dishearten or deter by small flaws in your home. The vastness of ancient and simple principles of Vastu creates an opportunity to correct the small hitches without major alterations. Vastu science believes that every object in the universe has a level of energy and every building or land has a vibration of energy associated with it. The universe is built of positive and negative energy.

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Vastu aims at eliminating the negative energy and enhancing the positive energy. Vastu guidelines are based on scientific principles that create a balance between the five elements of nature, earth, wind, water, fire, and space. The fundamental aim of Vastu is to bring in harmony between these energies of nature, to welcome happiness ass well as peace into the home, and provide a structured, convenient life for the inhabitants which can be achieved by knowing the right directions. 

  • Benefits of Vastu Science:
  • Vastu provides mental support and comfort to the people when they are trying to get over traumatic or troublesome situations.
  • Vastu is a spiritual lesson that teaches people a lot about strength and enhancing strength.
  • Vastu Science helps a person to take advantage of their inner self and enhance their personality.
  • Vastu promotes inner peace and calm. It also promotes co-operative relationships among the individuals that live inside the structure.
  • Vastu Shastra can enhance people’s knowledge and interest in spirituality as well.
  • It enhances physical health; mental health, brings harmony and fulfillment.
  • Vastu has psychological benefits in the form of well-being, improvisation of relationships, unlocks tension, reduces stress and upgrades health.

Below are several affordable and simple alterations that you can carry out in your ready-to-move-in home to make it Vastu compliant. Even if you are a non-believer in Vastu, try it once!

  • Vastu Tips
  • Always keep the corners of the house bright as they are powerful sources of energy.
  • Clear clutter, cobwebs as soon as you discover them. It hinders the financial growth of family members.
  • Place a Tulsi plant in the North-East direction of the house to transform the negative to the positive energy.
  • Do not place a cactus or rubber plant inside the house as it is considered as a negative plant that affects the health & relationships of the family members.
  • Avoid a spiral staircase in the house as it invites negative energy in the house.
  • If you’re having trouble with finding a job, place a Lord Kubera Idol in the North direction of the house.
  • Lord Ganesha idol facing towards the entrance of the house ensures optimistic results in life.
  • Remove any non-working clocks in the house.
  • A statue or picture of Lord Ganesha can ward off loneliness.
  • Scenery pictures in north-east direction help in good vision and planning.
  • Keep the number of doors and windows even in the house.
  • Do not accumulate things under the bed or mattress. Remove all the clutter as it weighs you down.
  • Avoid dark colors for bedroom walls.

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  • Decorate the bathroom with candles or green plants to bring positivity.
  • Wife should sleep on the left side of the husband. The couple should use a single mattress on the bed.
  • North-east corner of the house is the most auspicious direction for the prayer room.
  • The kitchen should be constructed in South-east direction. It is a space for nourishment and health. Hence, keep the medicines away from the kitchen.
  • Wind chimes have tinkling bells that help destroy negative vibes pattern and allow the smooth flow of positive energy.
  • Pictures of religious significance should face the east or west. Pictures of the deceased should be placed on the south wall. Avoid negative pictures that involve tragedy. Pictures of wild animals and birds are considered inauspicious.
  • Keep a water source on the northeast side of the house since it is believed to be beneficial for financial growth. Keep an aquarium, decorative water plants, or a bowl of water with floating candles.
  • Wooden furniture bestows harmony on the family members. Hence, choose wood over modern materials or cold metals. It would work well if the furniture conforms to regular shapes such as rectangular, circular, or square.
  • The owner must use the South-west bedroom for better decision-making control on family members.

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  • The Eastern side of the house should have maximum windows while the western side should have the least windows.
  • Do not extend the North or East front of the house if the ideal direction is East. South and West can be extended.
  • The Centre of the house should not have any construction.
  • Couples should not use the North-east room. If they are the owner then South-west or North-west is an ideal room.
  • Marriageable daughters must use the North-west bedroom.
  • Children must study facing towards North or East. Ensure that the study table is placed against the eastern wall.