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Vastu Tips For The Success Of Your Business

by Puja
Vastu Tips For The Success Of Your Business

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Hindu system of architecture that has been used in India for centuries. It has guidelines for design, layout, ground preparation, and other aspects that are needed for creating a harmonious dwelling. While there are no rigid rules for construction or design, it outlines the best possible layouts and solutions to gain maximum success and prosperity.

A workplace is where you design your career and future. To ensure that the workplace offers you a positive work environment, along with profit and efficiency at work, Vastu can be helpful. The office space should have a balance of the five elements, air, water, fire, earth, and sky for overall success. Whether it is a start-up or a new business, the application of Vastu attracts wealth and success.

positive work environment

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Let’s Discuss Some Vastu Tips For Business Success

  • The business owner’s room should be in the southwest direction, and he should sit facing the north. There should be a solid wall, not a window or a glass structure behind the desk. An ideal location for a home office is in the southwest part of the home.
  • The north, northeast, and northwest directions bring positive energy. Hence, it’s recommended to have the main entrance to the office in either of these directions. Nothing should obstruct the flow of energy through the door.
directions bring positive energy
  • North-West (NW) zone is responsible for getting support from financial institutions. A toilet in the NW zone may cause havoc. To ensure a healthy financial support system, keep the NW zone clean of trash. Ideally, place there a painting or sculpture which symbolizes financial support. This will draw necessary support for the business from people, banks, and other financial institutions.
  • An appropriate color in the appropriate direction has the power to absorb the negative vibes and convert them into positive vibrations. When choosing colors, you should not only go by how a certain color would match the wall but also as to what kind of effect it will have on employees’ subconscious minds.
  • If the north zone has a pantry or red/ pink colors in the office, you will face problems in payment recovery and receiving new orders.
red/ pink colors in the office

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  • If waste products including metals are dumped in the east direction of the office, you will face problems with government departments and influential persons.
  • Marketing professionals must avoid blue and black. Place their workstation in the south zone facing towards the north to attract money and opportunities.
  • Sales professionals should place their workstations in the east zone facing towards the west to attract sales orders.
  • Avoid yellow and grey colored accessories. According to Vastu, the green color will help them develop contacts with new customers.
  • Senior professionals should sit in the northeast Vastu zone facing west. This will generate better planning ideas. Red and dark yellow colors should be avoided by them for both seat covers and accessories.
vastu tips for success of your business
  • To enhance efficiency and effectiveness, management professionals are advised to sit in the west zone facing east. Avoid red and green colors for seat covers and accessories.
  • The idol or picture of the deity must be placed in the northeast direction of the office building. According to Vastu, placing the idol of deity or pictures in the northeast direction brings luck and prosperity.
  • As per the Vastu, the employees must face north or east while working. No working staff should sit under the light beam in the office premises. If the light beam is unavoidable, ensure to cover the light beam using a wooden board or other materials to obstruct the direct light beam.
  • It is suggested that employees in the managerial position must work on rectangular tables in the office and the table must be positioned in the north or east direction. This will bring profits and success to any business.

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  • To create a positive aura in the work environment, it is suggested to use bright and pleasant color schemes. Blue, white, and grey hues are considered to be the best color schemes for the working environment and this will bring positivity within the official establishment and urge employees to work at their full potential.
  • The Vastu suggests that offices and businesses must be well-lit and sufficiently ventilated to prevent negativity within the working environment. Sunlight must be preferred wherever possible because artificial lights hamper the balance of the human body. Ensure that office space has sufficient windows and ventilators for the influx of natural light during the daytime.
  • North is the zone of money. Place Kuber statue along with lush green scenery in this zone to ensure a continuous flow of money and growth in your business.
Place Kuber statue along with lush green scenery
  • North-East is the zone of clarity. Keep pyramid in NE zone to get ideas which bring growth in your business.
  • Place a brass lion in the North-North-East zone to protect your business from downfall and ensure smooth flow of business growth
  • A pair of rabbits in the East-South-East zone of the workplace enhances your ability to take the right decision at right time in all your business meets.
A pair of rabbits in the East-South-East zone of the workplace

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  • The statue of a red elephant on the floor of the South zone of your house along with a red elephant in the North zone facing center helps to get fame, recognition, and growth in your business.
  • The pair of running red horses in the South-East zone ensures a steady flow of wealth in your business. A pair of running white horses in the North-West zone of the workplace improves the credibility of the business, which in turn ensures the growth of the business.
The pair of running red horses
  • Chessboard, if placed in the West Zone, which is also known as the zone of profits and gains, generates business skills, attentiveness, and detailing required for the growth of the business.
  • Eagle statue placed in the South-West zone of workplace improves the skill and concentration of workers which in turn gives growth to your business.

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  • Hang a village scene in the West zone to ensure gains and profits in business along with a statue of deer in the West-North-West zone which infuses the speed in system and coordination between all those involved in the functioning.
  • Avoid keeping important documents, raw materials, and machinery in the South-South-West zone of the workplace. It may cause financial losses in the business.
  • Place statue of Indra Dev in the East zone of the workplace to make organizational energy more effective. It also helps to create beneficial connections required for the growth of the business.
Hang a village scene
  • Install Surya statue in the East Zone to ensure successful meetings and gatherings required for the growth of your business.
  • Nandi bull in the West-South-West zone protects the business and promotes trust as well as loyalty.
  • Install the statue of the red elephant on the floor of the South zone along with the red elephant in the North zone facing center to get fame, recognition, and growth in business.
Nandi bull

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