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Do It Yourself- Top 19 Healthy Homemade Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love!!

by Bharti
Do It Yourself- Top 19 Healthy Homemade Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love!!

If you are looking for healthy dog food, then you should prefer the homemade one. There is no shortage of dog food recipes. You can look around the hundreds of recipes and separate the wheat from the chaff. Either you are a new pet parent or have a senior dog; you will have unique needs with nutritious recipes.

However, there is no other way to ensure that the dogs are getting what they want. You should have thorough information about what to include in the daily meals.

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The Top 19 Healthy Homemade Food Recipes Are Dogs Are Stated Below

The Old Standard

The taste of the homemade recipe is delicious. The ingredients are homemade things, and the process of cooking it is easy. It is also the perfect meal to serve the single cravings of the pets. You can store it in the freezer for several days. The ingredients of the recipe are brown rice, shredded carrots, olive oil, and shredded zucchini. The cooking procedure is easy with natural ingredients.

Scooby’s Stew 

The soups and stews are the perfect meal for winter days. The homemade soups and stews will offer a delicious taste to the dogs. The recipe will take five to eight hours to cook and keep them for many days. It will stay fresh in the kitchen. The smell will attract the dog’s attention towards the food. Battling cancer with natural ingredients will offer the best results.

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Beef And Veggie Creation 

The recipe will include beef, a protein source for dogs. It is available at online sites, and it is the first preference of the pets. The creation’s preparation is with brown rice, kidney beans, carrots, and some other veggies. You can cook the dish for five to six hours to get the recipe. Let the disk cool completely and serve it to the pets.

Chicken And Veggie Slow Cooker

When a pup is suffering from diarrhea, then the chicken and veggies mix creation is the right treatment choice. You can consult with the dog bet and offer the homemade recipe to eat. If necessary, there is an inclusion of the fruits.

Turkey And Veggie Mask 

Well, this recipe is a source of protein for dogs. The ingredients are 100% natural and human-grade. You can add safflower oil that offers shine to the dog coat. A healthy diet maintains the excellent health of pet dogs as it can differ from dog to dog.

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Meatballs will offer fun to the dogs. The presentation of the homemade meatballs is excellent and exciting. If the dog is tired from the dry food diet, then you can switch to the meatballs. The styling with the pumpkin will enhance the usefulness.

Raw Food Cakes 

Raw food cakes are the best homemade recipe for large breed dogs. It contributes to the healthy diet of pet dogs. The recipe is full of unusual ingredients as it is a dream meal for the dogs. The preparation of the dish at home will deliver fun and happiness to the pets.


Chili is the right homemade healthy diet for a pup. You can prepare it at home with a side-by-side version. The creation of the recipe is easy with carrots and cheese. It is also essential to perform proper research before preparing and serving the dish to the pet dogs.

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Meat Cakes 

One of the popular recipes is the meat cakes. The decoration with the chili will allow humans to eat cakes. The recipe has got five-star ratings on the online website. It has the rich side to include it in the everyday meal of the pet dogs. The serving of the cakes is with brown rice. It will offer a delicious taste of homemade healthy food.


From meat cakes to meatloaf, the healthy homemade recipes are maintaining the excellent health of the pets. It is enough to serve the dogs. Either it is the winter season or summer season, the dogs will love to eat fatty and wholesome food. It would help if you always tried new things to prepare at home for pets.

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Dinner Layer Cake 

When it comes to homemade food, the cake is the obvious choice of pet lovers. The cake is a gorgeous and cheap dish to prepare at home. It is the perfect thing to celebrate the birthday of the doggie. Some other things are tried at the cake to serve it to the dogs. For trips and travels, you can easily carry the delicious homemade recipe.

Crunchy Kibble 

The recipe is the best choice for the pup as it is full of home and relationship content. Herbs and spices are served over the dry food to provide a delicious taste. All the things are not dangerous or toxic for the health of the pets. You can dip the toe in the homemade meal and get the taste to serve to the dogs.

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Spinach And Salmon Scramble 

For the pup, fish oil is an excellent source of energy and protein. There are many recipes prepared with the oil. One of them is the spinach and salmon recipe. The work is excellent on the health of pet dogs. It is a perfect dinner meal.

Vegan Happy Day Bowl 

The beautiful dish comes with the perfect vegan meal for pets. There is the delivery of pure joy with the homemade healthy and nutritious meal. Ease-in-cook and favorite ingredients will attract the pets to complete the meal.

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Kale And Quinoa Creation  

For fluffy dog owners, the kale and quinoa creation is the ideal dish. You can learn about the recipe from the reviews and DIY projects. Dogs will love to eat the meal and gets pure enjoyment. The popularity of the recipe is because of the ease of making.

Chicken Rice Balls 

How can a pet resist the chicken rice balls? The creation of the recipe is the priority of the dogs. It is a beautiful recipe with happy serving. The balls are gorgeous in look and full of many ingredients for the pups, including chicken, sweet potato, and eggs.

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Food Pucks

If you want to choose a healthful meal, then food pucks are the correct option. They will save money and improve the health of pets. Figuring out how to make out the raw food will offer ease in cooking. The food pucks are the best homemade healthy recipe for different breeds of dogs.

Woof Loaf 

The recipe is available from the popular lifestyle site. The look of the meal is enough for the doggie’s approval. The presentation of the food is excellent with veggies and eggs. It is a great combo for pet dogs that contains oats and eggs. You can store a large amount of food for a week for pets.

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Mini Omelets

Do you want to serve breakfast to pets? Then the mini omelet is a perfect choice. The format of serving is as same as the beautiful catering. The recipe is an excellent source of protein and omega for the dogs. It will take five to ten minutes to cook the dish and serve it to the pups and large breed. You should check the proper cooking of eggs as a raw egg can cause absent stomach.

Summing Up 

Homemade pet healthy good is a good source of nutrition. Since the food is cooked in small batches, they will consume less heat and water. But there is no reduction in the nutrition value of the food. The following of the procedure will provide a similar taste as of the commercial meal. Homemade food uses lesser heat than commercial food. The acceptance of the meal is worldwide for a different breed of dogs.

In a nutshell, there is no presence of chemical substances and toxins in the food. You can store the homemade food in the freezer for a long time. It will prevent it from getting frozen. The presentation and serving of the meal are like commercial people. You will get a better chance to keep the health of the dogs excellent with natural ingredients.

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