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Swollen Legs During Pregnancy – Home Treatments 

by Bharti
Swollen Legs During Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience and journey of pregnancy is little bit difficult because you may have to face some common problems like mood swings, morning sickness, swelling and fatigue. Swelling in the legs is very common in pregnant woman especially after 5th month of pregnancy. Some women have swelling in the feet, hands, ankles and even on the face. Swelling is due to the production of extra fluid in the body and changes in the blood.

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You might have noticed the swelling will be more during the evening than in the morning. Hot weather, intake of high amount of caffeine, consumption of more salt etc are some factors that affect the swelling. If your amniotic fluid level is more or you have multiple pregnancies then the swelling will be more. If you experience excessive swelling in hands or face then you have to consult your doctor because it may be due to the variation in your blood pressure or other issues. But all these problems will disappear after the delivery. So stop worrying about all these things and enjoy your pregnancy period.

home remedies

Here are some home treatments that help you to get relief from the swelling

  • Don’t stand in the same position for a long time
  • While you sit stretch your legs and ankles. Don’t cross your legs
  • Give support to the back bone and keep your feet up
  • Drink sufficient amount of water, healthy drinks like fruit juices, tender coconut water etc. which may help the body to hold less fluid.
  • Going for a walk in the evening time will decrease the swelling in the legs because walking will increase the blood circulation in the body and thereby preventing the accumulation of blood in your lower parts.
  • Choose the shoes that suit your legs. Very tight and uncomfortable shoes may increase the pain and swelling. Don’t use socks.
  • Try to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking
  • Balanced diet and regular exercise can help you to regulate your weight and it will be good for the growth and development of your baby.
  • You can also go for some aromatherapy which will reduce your discomfort of swelling. Oils like Lavender oil, cypress oil etc can keep you more relaxed and good for the circulatory system also.
  • A gentle massage on the feet especially on the pressure points can be more effective for your swelling.

During pregnancy, there are many things you need to keep in your mind. Swollen feet is common in pregnant women which makes you uncomfortable and frustrated. In the given article, there are various home treatments to reduce it and they don’t have any side effects.

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