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Yoga For Menstruation : Top 8 Health Benefits Of Yoga On Women’s Premenstrual Syndrome

by Jamuna Rawat
yoga during mensuration

Do you experience cramp, anxiety, mood swings or bloating during your menstrual cycle? Struggling to cope with the situation? Yoga can help you to ease your symptoms.

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How Yoga Can Help You?

o   Reduce cramp

o   Stretches out pelvic area

o   Increase blood circulation

o   Warm your body muscles

o   Regulate hormones

o   Distract the mind

o   Regulate mood swings

o   Good for reproductive organs

  1. Reduce Cramps

You might have experienced cramp during your periods or one or two days before the periods. Cramps are due to the contraction of the uterus. At the time of periods, uterus will contract and uterine line will shed. Due to this you get the bleeding. In Yoga there are so many asanas and breathing techniques that can help you to reduce the intensity of premenstrual contractions and decrease the pain.

  1. Stretches Out Pelvic Area

While practicing yoga you will have to stretch and bend for some poses. The stretching of certain areas such as pelvis and abdomen helps to reduce the premenstrual pain and decrease the interval and intensity of the cramp.

  1. Increase Blood Circulation

If you have more pain and stress on the first day of cycle, it may be due to the less uterine blood flow. Regular practice of yoga will increase the blood circulation and as a result your pain will reduce.

  1. Warm Your Body Muscles

Yoga practice warm up your body muscles, especially pelvic muscles and abdominal muscles. This will effectively help to reduce premenstrual symptoms.

  1. Regulate Hormones

Researchers believe that PMS is caused due to the change in hormone levels. Yoga asanas will help to regulate these hormones imbalance and it will correct the menstrual cycle. Yoga also helps to relieve stress and keep you happy.

good for reproduction

  1. Distract The Mind

When you practice yoga, you have to concentrate on your breath and other parts of the body. It will help you to get distracted from premenstrual symptoms.

  1. Regulate Mood Swings

Regular practice of yoga helps to release endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural mood elevating compounds. It will help you to regulate your mood swings.

reduce mood swings

  1. Good For Reproductive Organs

Yoga practice increases the blood flow to the reproductive organs and also it calms the central nervous system. So you will feel stress free and more relaxed.

There are so many asanas like bow pose, cat pose, camel pose, child’s pose etc that can help you to ease PMS symptoms. But before starting something new techniques you should get advice from a good yoga expert. He can guide you in selecting which asanas suitable for you, depending upon your health condition, age and other factors.    

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