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Why Don’t All Women Opt To Have A Caesarean Birth?

by Bharti
why don't all women opt to have a c-section delivery

Giving birth to a child, whether it is through normal delivery or through caesarean is one of the beautiful and memorable moments in a woman’s life. Normal delivery means giving birth to the child through vagina. So it is also known as vaginal delivery. Caesarean or C section is a process in which a baby is born through open surgery. Doctors consider that vaginal delivery is the safest compared to caesarean. However in some crucial conditions doctors have to opt for caesarean delivery. It may be planned previously or to be decided spontaneously in emergency cases. But there are so many risk factors in surgical delivery so most of the women opt to have normal delivery.

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Risk For The mother:-

  • Infection

After a C section there is a chance of developing infection on the lining of the uterus.


  • Bleeding

There is a risk of having bleeding during the surgery or after the delivery.


  • Reaction To Anaesthesia

Depending upon the type of anaesthesia and dose of the medicine you may have side effects to the medicine. Most of the women are facing back pain even after two or three years of delivery. So there are chances to have health issues in the future.

reaction to anesthesia

  • Long Term Recovery

Unlike normal delivery caesarean delivery require more time to recover. You may have difficulty in sitting or standing for a long time.

long term recovery

  • Surgical Injury

Surgical injury can happen in very rare cases. But it is also one of the risk factors of caesarean.

surgical injury

  • Risk In Future Pregnancy

If you have a C section you may experience more complications in future pregnancies.

risk in future pregnancy

  • Blood Clots

Caesarean increases the risk of developing blood clots inside your pelvic organs or legs. If the blood clot reaches your lungs it can lead to serious health issues.

blood clot

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Risk For The Baby:-

  • Breathing Problem

If your baby is born before 39 weeks then he/she may suffer breathing problems.

breathing problems

  • Surgical Injury

In rare cases your baby can have nicks to the skin during the surgery.

surgical injury

Who Are Likely To Have Caesarean Delivery?

Most of the women will not take risk when it comes to her baby’s health and life. So as a mother, you will have to follow your doctor’s instructions.  There are some conditions for which you cannot go for a vaginal delivery. They are;

  • Abnormal Position Of Your Baby

For a successful vaginal delivery your baby’s head should face towards the birth canal. But some cases the baby’s feet or shoulder side will turn towards the vagina. In that case, caesarean delivery is the safest option.abnormal position of your baby

  • Health Condition Of Mother

If the mother has high blood pressure or heart diseases then it is better to opt caesarean.

health condition of mother

  • Problems In placenta

A low lying placenta, if it covers the cervix then doctors will prefer to have caesarean.

problem in placenta

  • CPD (Cephalopelvic Disproportion)

If your baby’s head is too large for your birth canal, then vaginal delivery is too risky.


  • Fetal Distress

If your baby is not getting enough oxygen then your doctor will go for an emergency caesarean.


  • Multiple Pregnancy

In the case of multiple pregnancies, vaginal delivery may cause prolonged labour and caesarean is the safest method for delivery.

multiple pragnancy

There are various risks occur in carserean delivery, so most of the women opt to have normal delivery. Read the given article to know more about, why don’t all women opt to have a c-section delivery .

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