C Section Vs Natural Birth : Pros & Cons For The Mother

by Bharti
c-section pros and cons for the mother

There is no denial of the fact that most women these days prefer to go for the C section option. Be it any reason may be to avoid the pain that occurs in natural delivery or the shape which they don’t want to lose because of the career they are in. To enjoy parenting and especially motherhood is altogether a different feeling. You may hear from tons of people that the C section should possibly be avoided. But in today’s time where technology has advanced so much, you or your baby growing inside you should need not to worry about these things at all.

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Mostly doctor advises going for the natural delivery which of course is the safest one since there is no surgical process. But in case there is any health risk to you or your baby, then you will be advised to take good care of yourself especially make your mind for the C section so that the life of the baby doesn’t get affected at any point of time. However, the C section does not mean you have to get panicked about it at all. It is, of course, important for you to take good care of your health during all trimesters but again when it comes to making the decision, you must make yourself completely aware of C section and natural birth and how they are different.

Things Taking Place During C Section:

During the C section, you will be taken to the operating room and surgery will be conducted on you. The drapes will be put up on your belly area and you will be seeing your kid coming out since the anesthetic will be given only to your abdominal area. The surgeon will then create a horizontal incision between the four and six inches long mostly near the pubic hair. Once the sets exposed, there will be another horizontal incision made in the size of the uterus. The baby will then be taken out and cleaned up well. During this time, there will be another surgeon taking care of the remaining part of the umbilical cord and placenta. Once these things are sorted then the uterus will be stitched and the abdominal part will be closed. This process is quite common and it is believed that nearly 32 percent of the babies in the United States are born via this process.

things taking place during csection

Pros Of C-Section For The Mother

Women who are eligible to go through vaginal delivery may not enjoy possible benefits if they have C section delivery. However, when a woman is pregnant she will be informed on whether she will have to undergo through C section or not. The surgical birth will then be scheduled in advanced considering the mother and family’s convenience in mind. This man, there is more of the planning and financial decision timing done to get the C section done.

pros of csection

Cons Of C-Section For The Mother

Since the process is a surgical one, of course, you can expect certain pros and cons associated with it. Every surgery comes with more or fewer drawbacks. That is why understand that a woman who has a C section will have to stay in hospital maybe 4 or 5 days more than the woman who gives a vaginal delivery. To have a c section also increases the risk for women to go through certain physical conditions and complaints that are followed right after the delivery may be more of infection and pain or the incision site. Other than this, the risk of blood loss among the woman will also be more plus there will be a high risk of infection too. There are chances for the bladder to get injured during the operation or the formation of a blood clot may occur too.

cons of csection for the mother

It is said that women are three times more likely to die because of cesarean complications as compared to the vaginal birth and this could mostly be due to blood clothes, complications from anesthesia and infections too.

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Things Taking Place During A Vaginal Birth

You might have experienced your early menstrual cramps during the school when it just starts. You must have noticed that uterus contraction taking place. Well, something will be similar to that but in the vaginal birth, things would be a little different. The uterus will be contracting for pushing the baby’s head first. At the time of labor pain, the cervix dilates which is why there is an opening that is quite enough to store the head of the baby and shoulders too. The head of the baby then stretches the perineum and the skin area between the anus and vaginal area also gets starched until the time the baby comes out.


Pros Of Vaginal Birth For The Mother

To go through the pain of labor itself is quite a lot and when it comes to vaginal delivery thins gar altogether different itself. The process is quite long and this can be quite grueling too. It is the hard work of the woman that she has to follow to make sure the bay gets out completely. There are of course advantages of this natural birth over the C-section. Even if the state law may vary, but it is believed that the length of the hospital stay for a woman post her natural delivery process shall be between 24 to 48 hours. If a woman is feeling all fine then she can go home and relax and start with the motherhood phase.

pros of vaginal birth

Of course, the possible risks and infections from the surgery that a woman has to go through are best avoided if the vaginal delivery is done.

Cons Of Vaginal Birth For The Mother

During this form of delivery, there are certain drawbacks such as the tissues and skin around the vaginal area gets starched and there are chances of the tearing while the fetus may move through the canal of the birth. If there is tearing and stretching more than women often will have to get the stretches done which may eventually lead to some weakness or injury to the muscle at the pelvic area that controls the urine. It has also been found out that some women prefer the virginal birth in a better way but later faces complications like bowel issue or the leakage of urine through sneeze or cough too. Some women have also stated that post vaginal delivery, there is lingering pain in the perineum which is located between anus and vagina.

cons of vaginal birth

Which One’s Better For My Baby?

Both options have pros, cons, and complications. You cannot say that either of the options is best but again, we need to take action and decision only when the situation on the baby comes. Otherwise, the doctor would only advise you to choose the option of natural birth.

which one is better

The rate of birth through c section is at the peak in today’s time and the latest figures show that nearly 25% of the births are done through C section. Surely for the doctors, it is ethical and educational challenges to balance the potential risk of the current or future pregnancies taking into consideration. Even if there are women who are given more of the choices, surely the choice needs to be made only considering the risk at all life stages for the child and the mother.

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