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Everything You Need To Know About C-Section!

by Bharti
everything you need to know about c-section

Motherhood is a wonderful phase and of course, almost every woman goes through it. Surely with so many technology advancements now the pains of labor till the delivery and the natural way, everything can be controlled correctly. But again, every new possibility has got its pros and cons. Speaking of which, today we shall be discussing the concept of C section and all the associated risks, reasons, and possibilities that you need to know which offers you a better idea about this concept if you or any of your family member is planning to go through it to get the delivery done.

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Know More About C-Section:

The concept of C section is trending a lot these days. Most of the women avoid going through natural labor pain or even the natural delivery method because of the process that she has to go through. But there is no hidden act that even C section has got its own set of problems which women need to surely deal with it rightly. Speaking of which, this concept is not a new one but surely with better advancements, the delivery through c section has become a lot less painful experience. For a woman, to go through the phase of motherhood can be challenging and to deliver the baby is the very first step of the same.

know more about c-section

C section which is an abbreviation of cesarean section is an operation that a doctor does to get the baby out through the stomach area. In this operation, the doctor cuts a certain area of the abdominal region say above the bikini line and the womb from which the baby is lifted through it. There is no specific time when you need a C section. Some during unavoidable emergency cases also advise getting this type of operation done to keep the baby and mother safe while some already planned this to avoid the natural process done.

Understanding The Difference:

When you know the c section will be done before you get in the labor then that process is called the Planned C section also popular by the name of the elective C section.


The health care team taking care of your case will give you intimidation or you can inform them the same well in advance. But in case you never had intended to but when the labor started and your health care team found a certain kind of complexion for which only C section is the right way for the delivery then that process is called an emergency C section. It is said that nearly 1 out 4 women who give birth to the baby go through planned C sections. Those who plan for the natural method but have to undergo emergency C section are also high in number.

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Planned C-Section

This type of operation is usually advised after 38 weeks of pregnancy is over since then the babies are capable enough to be born. This means that even when the kid is born, it does not necessarily mean it is completely developed from the outside of the work. In case there is some kind of medical reason because of which you need to deliver the baby soon, maybe like you will expect twins, then you should surely choose a planned c section. However, you need to inform your obstetrician taking care of this during your pregnancy. The midwife also called the obstetrician is your professional health care expert who also sometimes from her end may advise you to go for the planned C section. At such time, the situation can be anything such as:

  • The placenta had got some issues such as low lying placenta
  • The baby is located on the position where during labor it will be quite difficult
  • You might be expecting twin soon and you can’t go through natural delivery
  • You might be expecting more than two babies at a time
  • Women who have genital or HIV issues will also be advised to choose the C section as an option to prevent the virus from passing to the baby.

planned c-section

Why A C-Section Delivery Is Done?

The mentioned above were merely the reason that could be a possibility for a mother to face the issues. , The cesarean delivery has become quite typical but it is always advised by the doctor if there is any kind of complications to the mother or baby. The reasons that you read are more towards the emergency for a mother. Of course, there could be certain growing issues with the baby too that can create complications from the pregnancy which may make traditional vaginal birth quite a complex task. At such time the reasons for a cesarean delivery can be:

  • The developmental condition of the baby can be challenging
  • The head of the baby is quite big
  • The baby would be forcibly coming from the feet first
  • There has been cesarean delivery done earliest
  • The baby is not getting enough of oxygen supply
  • There is some issue with the umbilical cord.

why a c-section delivery is done

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The Risks Of A Cesarean Delivery

No doubt that it is the safest process but there is more or less risk involved in it which you need to know. Understand that a cesarean delivery becoming the most common type of delivery all across the world. But let us not ignore the fact that it is one of the most major surgeries that include the risk for both mom and the kid. It is believed that natural birth has always been the most preferred option over the cesarean one in terms of the complications. Furthermore, listed are some of the risks that you need to understand:

  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Bleeding
  • Surgical injury to other organs
  • Adhesions
  • Injury to the child during surgery
  • Hernia
  • Breathing problems for the child
  • Future pregnancies increased risks

the risks of a c-section

You and your doctor need to sit and discuss all the birthing options before the due date. The doctor will also be able to guide you and tell if there are any kind of signs that your baby is showing that are more prone to the complications and for which cesarean delivery is required.

Preparing For A Cesarean Delivery

Before surgery, of course, your doctor will give you all the instructions and things from your end that you must do to reduce the complications risk. Further, for any kind of pregnancy, it is important to take the prenatal appointments that include a lot of checkups done. You need to give all truthful and clear answers to your doctor about the c section delivery. It doesn’t take much of the time for you to recover from C section but the pain after the surgery is done will be quite a lot plus you have to prepare yourself to take care of the baby at the same time.

preparing for a c-section

C section may seem to be a better option these days but there are some of the after-effects that you may notice like stitches mark, feeling blue, heavy vaginal discharge and so on. You need to understand that the area around the stitches will get sore after the c section but give yourself a better diet and time and see the speedy recovery taking place so that you can focus on enjoying your motherhood.

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