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What Are The Causes of Depression

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • What is The Cause of Depression
  • What Happens in the Brain during Depression

Depression is a major mental issue and one of the common brain problems people most likely to have in this era. Most people start applying recovery methods to get rid of depression as soon as probable. What we need to focus on in this early stage is what causes works behind your depression. Here we come up with the possible causes of depression to aid you accurately in this regard. Find out the real cause behind your depression and get rid of this condition from its root-

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What is The Cause of Depression?

Plenty of reasons could work as the cause of depression in mind, which not only makes you depressed but also provides critical brain condition overtimes. Some of the common causes of depression are as follows-


Side Effects of Medication:

Certain medications provide side effects in our brain or mind and gradually make depressed as well as isolated into our own created world eventually. The antiviral drug, corticosteroids, isotretinoin, interferon-alpha, etc. are some common medications that cause depression.

Any Kind of Abuse:

Any kind of physical or mental abuse can stimulate the emotional balance of the mind and cause depression in a person. It has been observed in several cases that people, who faced sexual, mental, physical abuse in their previous life, act vulnerable to clinical depression more likely.

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Due to the Loss of Dear Ones:

Sometimes extreme grief or sadness can make a person depressed. Loss of a near and dear person or extreme close one sometimes can bring the feeling of depression in our mind. Demise or death is an inevitable part of our life as we all know but sometimes it hard to digest by some of us, especially while come all of a sudden.

Conflict with Close People:

Some people have more biological vulnerability than others. These types of people sometimes develop gloominess in their minds secretly after a conflict with their close friend or family member. Sometimes the clash may be extremely minor but their hike of emotions brings this mental illness in their mind.   

Genetic Disorder:

If you have a family history of having depression, then it is more expected to be tainted with the signs of depression. No matter why your accentor used to have this habit of gloominess but, a history of depression always increases the risk of having depression with a depression family history.

Personal Problems:

Sometimes ongoing problems in our private or professional life can be the reason for having depression. If you are facing complications in your professional life or issues in your personal life, it may raise the stress level gradually. A highly triggered stress level always brings depression in our brain as well all know.


Due to Serious Illness:

Even some other major illness invites the symptoms of depression in a human mind. If a person hits with a fatal disease that is hard to combat, that person often feels low and gradually feel depressed about their medical condition. Thus, cancer sufferers found the patient of depression in several cases.

Being Isolated by Other:

If a person gets isolated at the social or personal life for long, that person may develop the condition of depression. It has been seen that clinical depression often found in people who are banned or ignored by the social groups or most of the family members of their houses.

Due to Fear:

If you are frightened of something or being a condition of trauma, there is a huge possibility of having depression in your near future. Fear is a feeling that often comes due to the absence of confidence and drags you into the circle of melancholy while left alone in this condition for long.

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Due to Bad Habit:

Besides, some bad or unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, drug addicting, etc. can force you to enter the condition of depression. Alcohol, drug, etc. always shake our mental stability and affects the hormonal emission in our body, both works as the major causes of depression.


What Happens in the Brain during Depression?

Depression directly hits our brain, when we get depressed, we have enlarged and hyperactive amygdala in our brain. This condition insists on abnormal activity in several parts of our brain. This disturbed brain condition hampers sleep and a sense of activity eventually. Depression also allows bran to release an unbalanced amount of hormones as well as other chemicals in our body. These irregular substances lead to further complications in our activity and brain functioning effectively.