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Easiest Tips to Beat Weight Gain

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What are The Easiest Tips to Beat Weight Gain
  • Which Habits Help the Most to Avoid Weight Gain

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There are many reasons to work behind increasing weight but each time it gives us the same frightening feeling. Who wants those unwanted fatty bulges around their waist or ugly tires on their abdomen? Everybody dreams of having a nice waistline, well-toned legs, flat belly, etc. but to achieve such envious body shape, you must know how to beat weight gain perfectly. Here we come up with such reliable tips on this regard which will make you an expert in beating weight gain skillfully-

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What are The Easiest Tips to Beat Weight Gain?

If you have dealt with the problems of weight gain successfully then you must want to share your experience with others? There is no harm in helping others with your life hacking tricks and the ways of beating weight gain are one of those kinds. Thus here are some clear ideas on what types of easiest tips you should give someone to beat weight gain, let’s explore them below-

  • First of all track your weight and count calories that you used to consume normally
  • Now, cut down on your daily calorie intake by making small changes in your regular diet
  • Find out how much calories are preferable for you depending on your age and body weight after consulting an expert in this regard
  • Say yes to vegetables and fruits instead of high-calorie foods
  • Go for complex carbohydrates over simple carbs and limit them as much as you can
  • Say yes to lean protein and plant protein over heavy animal protein and full-fat protein contents
  • Stop adding sugar or any artificial sugar content in your daily beverages and health drinks
  • Set a regular mealtime and try to take your main meals at that time
  • Always prefer to cook your meal on your own instead of purchasing readymade or restaurant-based foods
  • Exercise daily ad go for cardio exercises more than weight or strength training
  • Meditate regularly to live a stress-free life as stress is the main reason for sudden weight gain
  • Get enough sleep and rest throughout the entire day in-between your works and schedule
  • Get help and advice from others whom you can trust in your attempt to maintain a healthy weight
  • Drink a glass of water before taking your meal, this will control your hunger a bit
  • Make small changes in your eating habits like decorate your pasta with vegetable toppings instead of cheese, use skim milk for your shakes, replace dessert plate with fruits, etc.
  • Control your snacks habit and replace them with healthy alternatives like roasted nuts, seeds, baked vegetable stalks, etc.
  • Substitute real fruit juice for readymade fruit juices and fatless yogurts with cream
  • Say yes to healthy fats instead of calorie-dense fat like olive oil, vegetable oil, avocado, etc. over mustard oil, refined oil
  • And change the habits that help you the most to avoid weight gain as well as maintain a healthy weight naturally.

Which Habits Help the Most to Avoid Weight Gain?

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Applying some healthy habits and preventing some bad habits are the most appreciable ways of averting weight gain. Here some must avoidable and easy to applicable habits you should follow to beat your weight gain problem like a pro-

Habits to Avoid:

  1. Having alcohol regularly or too many alcoholic beverages
  2. Having the habit of smoking especially chain smoking
  3. Having irregular sleeping habits
  4. Having insufficient rests
  5. Mindless eating with entertainment options
  6. Eating simple carbs more often
  7. Eating large meals frequently
  8. Craving for snacks
  9. Eating meals irregularly or in odd time
  10. And living a stressful life

Habits to Get:

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  1. Be active with friends and family member more often
  2. Get mindful eating
  3. practices exercise regularly
  4. Take snacks wisely
  5. Watch out for your portion size and cut them smartly
  6. Sleep with proper timing
  7. Control stress level
  8. Eat a balanced meal
  9. Say no to liquid calories
  10.  And always prefer organic or homemade foods instead of readymade or processed foods.