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Role Of Women In The Family!

by Bharti
role of women in the family

These days, there have been so many topics over feminism and what is the right of women and so on. Well, some options are worth supporting while some seem to be nothing more than just to grab the attention which media initiates. Frankly, a woman is one such incredible human who is not called super person but the fact is she is one who can do almost everything right from fulfilling expectations at the work culture till keep a perfect family life, it is the woman who can take care of almost every small and big thing. But still, she is not being appreciated. Rather if she misses out something, she is blamed for the same. The role of women in the family is something the members realizes only when she gets married and goes to another house.

womens role

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7 Roles Of Women In The Family:

Be it a mother, a wife, a sister, or a daughter, a woman has many roles and suffice it to say she fulfill all of them pretty well. You just can’t complain because the way she dedicates her life for the family is impeccable. Here are some of the strong roles which she has been doing for years in every family which of course some of us value while some of us take such things extremely casually.

7 roles of a women

A Finance Holder:

Whether homemaker or a working woman, such an incredible personality knows how to manage the finance and stand for the family as and when needed. A woman is the one who saves money to make sure be it for the kid’s school fees or during a medical emergency, there is an amount ready for the family as and when needed. No doubt a man adds extra value by working hard for the family but it is the woman who makes sure that both at home and even at work life balance is well maintained so that she can give time to her house too.

a finance holder

A Decision Maker:

Often I have seen my mother making most of the home decision. Surely at every house, the situation is different but in most of the times, it is a woman who decides on every small to big things like in which school should your kid be going or what shall be the healthy menu for the kids today and what all things can be changed in the house to make it look more of a home and so on. It is a woman who has got her strong 6th sense which she uses and surely which she shows by playing the decisions keeping everyone’s favor in mind.

a decision maker

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A Good Listener:

It is a woman who listens to every member’s issues at home. Be it the in-laws problems or her parents, be it the kids nagging or the senior members need a helping hand, it is always a woman who is ready to do all these things without a single complaint and that is why when it comes to any problem, any member of the family first approaches to the woman of the house rather than a man which suffice it to say is appropriate because of the dedication and enthusiasm with the gentle and care which this strong lady usually shows for her family.

a good listner

A Protector:

Just because she is a woman, you surely should not be underestimating her. She is the one who is cable enough to make a strong family decision. She knows when to take what action and how to take the right step beneficial for all. She is often called as the protector of the family and that is the main reasons be it kids, parents or in-laws or even, in that case, a husband every sad story or tough part they face in their lives, they often go and communicate about the same with their special women in the life which is why it is said, a home without a woman is nothing.

a protector

A perfect chef:

It is well said, a man can build a house but it is women who make it a home. And this saying is surely the strongest one because this person is the one who takes care of the food that we eat too. Right from getting up early in the making breakfast till preparing lunch or dinner, it is the woman who takes care of almost everything for you and that is why we also call her a pro chef at the house. Be it other household chores or cooking, this strong lady has got magical powers of which she makes a perfect use.

a perfect chef

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An Overall Package:

A woman is a complete package of all those things that we need in a family member. She might get angry on small issues or maybe she is an emotional fool or a kind lady with a strong. But in the end, she is a lady who would be taking care of all your needs without expecting anything from you at all. So praise her and respect her because she is a gift to your family.

an overall package

Helping A Woman:

She is not someone to be taken so lightly. She loves you, cares for you and has been sacrificing so many things just to keep you happy. She, of course, deserves a treat and you know what, we can do this for her. You can prepare a day for her with a relaxing spa and massage and then taking her out on a drive and making her enjoy the delicious meal plan she loved and end the day by letting her shop whatever she wants (make sure you have your wallet full). It is the woman who with her courage and determination makes sure every member of the family stays connected. She doesn’t speak for herself but the family. So let us all give yourself a chance to prove her worth because she is a strong lady, mind it! And you must pamper her to the core because she deserves it.

helping a women

Now that you are pretty much aware of what things can be done, it is time to act on it. The role of women everywhere is not just rigid to one particular thing. She owns a power that no other living being can ever have. That is why cherish such a strong iron lady who has been dedicating all her life just to keep the family and loved ones happy. So what are you waiting for the weekend will be coming soon. So brace yourself and get ready to offer your lady love with some incredible surprises that she deserves to have in life.

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