Pregnancy Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore!

by Bharti
pregnancy symptoms you shouldn't ignore

There are so many changes in a woman’s body when she gets pregnant. For a man, it is next to impossible to think of those tough times that she goes through. But there are some of the things that you need not be always aware of. These could be some of the possible signs and symptoms of the change in the body; be it in a good way or in a bad way taking place. Surely, you cannot take a casual approach for all the signs that may not be expected in the pregnancy and that is why; the information given below can be of great help to you. But of all other things, you need to understand that as a woman the changes that may be taking place. It is not always good to get panicked rather take some symptoms in a much better manner and act accordingly.


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This article is going to cover following objects:-

  • Understanding some of the crucial symptoms.
  • Spotting And Bleeding
  • Contractions
  • Slow Or Stopped The Baby’s Movements
  • Fever
  • Blurred Version
  • Swollen Hands And Feet
  • A pain In The Leg
  • Depression
  • Bleeding Gums

Now that you are pretty much clear with the pregnancy symptoms that are quite noticeable it is time for you to stay relaxed and alert both. Never ignore some of the serious symptoms that have been specifically mentioned in the article. In case of any kind of doubt, your health care expert is always there to guide you better. So it is now time for you to start with a full swing on understanding the pregnancy symptoms and have this momentous journey with lots of ups and downs that you surely would speak about someday with your kid when they grow old enough to understand these things.

Understanding Some Of The Crucial Symptoms:

There are different changes in the nine months that could be noticeable to you as a woman. However, the fact is such type of symptoms basically may panic people since there is a strange sensation that can be sensed around the belly, a crucial pain in the leg and sometimes swelling too, some kind of abnormal changes taking place. But it is not the time to worry rather, take a deep breath and fill up your mind with some important knowledge on which type of symptom could be the possible thing for which you may have to call the doctor.


Spotting And Bleeding:

In case be it small or large any bleeding in the regency can have the risk. You may not be understanding the real source of the same and that is why immediately visit your doctor to understand the same. Basically in the initial 8 weeks of pregnancy, if you spot any kind of bleeding it could be a normal sign. It is more like an embrown processing and implanting in the uterus. Sometimes, it is also a sign of bleeding which can occur due to the vaginal tear which is most likely to happen if you recently had sex or there had been noticeable cervical infection which is not something to be worried about during pregnancy. But if there is spotting along with the pain then it could be the ectopic pregnancy which indicates that your cervix is getting small and you are having a miscarriage.

spotting and bleeding


Some so many first-time mommies often experience the contraction which is similar to the labor contraction. Such type of contractions doesn’t come with any kind of pain or are not at all irregular. According to experts, it has been stated that such could be noticeable during the second trimester but is one common in the third. If you are by any chance dehydrated you may feel them. However, if you start feeling them even before the 23 weeks then this can be a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection. In case you find the contraction being quite painful then it is time to call the doctor.


Slow Or Stopped The Baby’s Movements:

Between 17 to 18 weeks, you may start feeling the movements of the baby getting slowly started. It could be splashing, kicking and even fluting type of feeling. The movement of the baby will eventually get strong but from 2 weeks, you may notice the baby being quite sometimes while highly active at the time of night. In case the movement of the baby has slowed down, then you might want to have a cup of orange juice or drinking ice water as it will help a lot. There can also be a possible change in the temperature or rush of sugar that would help the baby move.

slow or stopped the movement of baby


It is better if you don’t have a low immunity system when you are pregnant as your body would be working for two lives at a time. In case there is a fever and if the temperature goes above 37.5 degrees C without any kind of cold symptoms, then you must give a call to the doctor immediately. If the temperature is more than 39 degrees then it could the high alert. This means there are high chances for you having an infection. Your doctor at such time would prescribe you some kind of antibiotics and all the time resting which you must do.

fever during pregnancy

Blurred Vision:

This is often a common problem that most of the women during their pregnancy time had accompanied. This could be blurring, double vision, flashing spots, dimming, or getting lights before your eyes. Such type of symptom is called pre-eclampsia which eventually goes as the pregnancy period gets over. It possibly is due to the hormonal changes that frequently take place and for which you don’t have to be worried off. But if you lose the sights frequently then you must not even ignore the sign and have a visit to the doctor immediately.

blurred vision

Swollen Hands And Feet:

Swelling or puffiness is another common sign that you may notice during pregnancy. This is called edema which is likely to be noticed in your face, hands and even on eyes. This usually occurs during late pregnancy. There are cases where it is not even a major concern. But if you think that swelling is not getting controlled then make sure you contact the doctor for this immediately to avoid any kind of serious problem. Further, if there is a headache and even the blurry vision following it then it is time for you to act on it sooner.

swallon hands and feets

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A Pain In The Leg:

This is another common symptom that most of the people often commonly noticed during their stage of pregnancy. You must have a look at the pain on how to serve it is. If you think there is a portion of the leg is swollen, or there has been some kind of leg that is paining so hard enough that it is unbearable then surely it is time for you to look around to your doctor. There could be high chances of blood clots during pregnancy.

The Problem allied DVT: This is a silent symptom that causes clothes that may break away and reach directly to the ling. If you experience shortness in breathing, immense chest pain and paced up heart rate then it is important that you immediately visit the doctor or call for the ambulance. As per the health care experts, the blood-thinning drug needs to be given for dissolving the clot. Post-discharge there will also be a self-injectable source of heparin which will be given for preventing extra cloths.


 Most of the pregnant woman goes through this phase during pregnancy. The rate so far has been nearly 2 35 and if you think you have been facing the same then it is time for you to speak with doctors. Your chances to have a high postpartum depression need to be controlled on time. You may want to talk to a doctor on the same or get a reference for the mental health expert for a better understanding of controlling this.


Bleeding Gums:

There are many hormonal changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy and bleeding gums could be one of the susceptible ones. Be it red, swollen or any such kind of gums you must speak with the doctor and get some medicine for the same. Such a problem increases the bacteria and plaque gets accumulated in the mouth which eventually causes the most common problem of gums bleeding that you don’t have to be worried about. But if there is any pain and you haven’t checked with the doctor for long and you are not able to get the pain under control then probably the risk of gingivitis is high and which may result in even further serious gum diseases that can destroy the fibers of the gum. It often may result in tooth loss as well and that is why you must keep brushing and flossing twice a day, especially during pregnancy and see to it that you visit the doctor as well for further consultation on the same.

bleeding gums

Other than this headache, snoring, and itching are also some of the common issues that may trigger so take good care of you. Furthermore, don’t take your signs lightly, of course, your doctor will tell you guide you during these nine months.

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