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Post Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts!

by Bharti

Pregnancy is the period of joy, excitement, anxiety, mood swings and a lot of doubts and confusions. If it is your first pregnancy then you might be getting so many advices and instructions from your relatives and friends. Moreover, it is your responsibility to support your little ones growth and development by keeping your body and mind healthy. Here are some tips that will make your pregnancy period easy and successful.

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First we will discuss the things that you should do in the pregnancy time. They are;

1. Balanced Diet

It is very important to follow a balanced diet during your pregnancy period. You should include protein, vitamins, fat and minerals in proper amount. Try to eat a little quantity of food in regular interval of time.  Drink plenty of water. You can drink homemade fruit juices, tender coconut water, butter milk or whatever you like. Expecting mothers should also take folic acid, calcium and iron supplements as per your doctor’s advice.

balance diet plan

2. Sleep

Feeling tired means your body needs rest. Change in hormone levels, anxiety, stress and other health issues may disturb your sleep cycle. So, whenever you feel fatigue, take a rest and get adequate sleep. It will help to calm your mind and relax yourself.

proper sleep

3. Exercise

No doubt you can do the exercises at pregnancy period. Exercise is good for you and your baby. If you were doing exercise or going to the gym on a regular basis you can get guidance from your doctor to do alterations as per your present health condition. Regular workout will help you to keep fit and combat with muscle pain, mood swings, excessive weight gain etc which are the most common problems in pregnant women.

proper exercise

4. Regular Check-Ups

Even if you are healthy and fit, it is important to go for frequent checkups as per the doctor’s suggestion. It will help you to know more about the growth and development of your baby.

pregnancy checkups

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So far we have discussed about the essential things that you should do in pregnancy. Next we will see what you should avoid or not to do during that time.

1. Avoid Smoking

A comparative study among smoking women and non smoking women shows that, the baby was born for a smoking woman may have lower birth weight, birth defects, and learning disabilities than babies of non smoking women. So you should not smoke during your pregnancy period.

avoid smoking

2. Reduce Caffeine

Are you a coffee lover? Then you have to reduce the quantity because caffeine will penetrate through the placenta and may increase the heart rate of your baby. But one or two cup a day is safe.

reduce caffein

3. Avoid Unpasteurised Milk Products

When you are getting dairy products, make sure that you are getting pasteurised milk products. Consuming raw milk or other such products may contain bacteria that lead to illness during your pregnancy and it may even harm your baby.

Avoid Unpasteurised Milk Products

4. Don’t Eat Raw Egg Or Meat

Eating raw egg or meat is not safe to consume as it may contain more bacteria which can increase the risk of food poison, miscarriage and other serious issues for both mother and baby.

avoid raw eggs and meats

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