Fat Loss Workouts : Lose Weight And Burn Belly Fat Fast

by Sakshi Patkar
fat loss workout

It is estimated that half of Americans are overweight and try to lose weight and cut down belly fat every year. It is also estimated that soon 30% of Indian population will be under the overweight category. Most people are guided to go through different types of diets like keto or calories deficit and most people believe that diet alone will be effective for them and most often they fail to get the results they are looking for. 

Fat loss or weight loss is not something just about diet it is a combination of different healthy habits in your lifestyle. Fat loss works when you give 100% to diet, recovery and workouts. 

In this article we are going to cover,

  1. different workouts and exercises for fat loss.
  2. fat loss workout plan in gym 
  3. fat burning workout plan for beginners at home 

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1) Walking 

Walking is neither workout or any hard exercise but equally effective when followed consistently. Walking is a great way to burn fat as it requires no equipment and puts minimal stress on your joints. A person weighing around 70 kg burns around 170 calories per 30 minutes of walking at a moderate pace. 


If you have no time for gym or home workout then prefer going to the office or nearby places while walking. This will help you to keep your schedule upto time and at same time burn fat. 

Prefer walking at a moderate pace and build up a fast walking habit which will boost up the speed of burning fat.

2) Cycling 

Mostly preferred by outdoor sports lovers but cycling is a great way to lose weight for any person. Cycling improves fitness and helps a person to reduce belly fat fast. 


Cycling not only helps a person to lose weight but it also improves joint mobility and improves the strength in the lower body of a person. It is best to do cycling outdoors in nature surrounded places or any hilly area but if you do not want to go outdoors you can purchase a stationary cycle or prefer cycling in any gym.

3) Weight Training

One of the fastest and most effective ways of losing fat. Weight training has evolved and got popular in the last few decades. Person weighing around 70 kg will burn 112 calories per 30 minutes of weight training sessions. 

weight training

Weight training helps a person to build strength and promote muscle growth which increases the metabolic rate and resting metabolic rate. Which helps you to burn calories even while you are resting. The main advantage of weight training is you do not just burn fat or lose weight you also tone up your body by building up muscles and strength in your body.

4) Sports 

You love swimming, playing rugby or football. This is considered as the best way to lose weight or fat. Just because you’re doing a workout or exercise you love. Playing the sport you love helps you to minimise the stress on your body and keep your body in shape.


It is studied that active sports like swimming helps a 70 kg person to burn more than 400 calories in a session of 30 minutes backstroke swimming. Which is a lot and boost up the calories burning process and ultimately results in toned body shape.

5) Yoga 

Originating in India yoga is considered a workout for both body and mind. Yoga has tremendous power to balance your mind, thoughts and hormones. Which results in the body making itself favourable to change and in a better position.


Yoga can be done anywhere but it is better you learn it from any good yoga instructor and then do it on your own. Yoga also teaches you the Mindfulness to Resist your food cravings.