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Best Shoulder Exercise You Need To Know: Strengthen your shoulders

by Sakshi Patkar

Shoulder, one of the most important and used muscles in our daily life. People often with age starts complaining about the pain either inside their shoulder or back of the shoulders. Now to counter these problems and to improve the muscle and strength and mobility we going to let you know some of the best exercises. Let’s look at the points we are going to cover in this article

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• shoulder exercises for different muscles in shoulder.

• Shoulders exercise you can do with dumbbells.

• Shoulder exercises that you can do at home.

Let’s begin with the first one,


Before you know exercises let me clear you some points,

• A human shoulder has basically 8 major and minor muscles connecting with different body parts muscles like chest, back, and biceps.

• All you need to know that in workout basically three muscles name are considered,

° Front shoulder muscle which is generally muscles in which you can look into the mirror and are at the front part of connecting with upper chest.

° lateral shoulder muscle is a muscle that is at the side of your shoulder and connects with front shoulder and back shoulder muscles and biceps and triceps.

° posterior deltoid is a muscle that is behind your shoulder and connects with the scapula.


If you are looking to make your shoulder firm or strong or put on some lean

muscle mass in the gym then try,

1) Military press:

One of the best and most effective exercises for your shoulder military press is performed with a barbell in the gym. Let’s look at how

How to do military press?

1) If your gym has barbell stand or smith machine then put the barbell on the height of your shoulder and then 

2) Do not add any weight on the first set of your military press, start with the only barbell 

3) Now keep your grip of both hands-on barbells just on the front of your shoulder muscle.

4) Now take the barbell and make them go straight up over your head and slowly coming down and then repeat theses 10- 15 times 

5) Now as you progress add weight according to your choice and do a minimum of 3 sets of military press.

2) Barbell shrugs 

Barbell shrugs involves the contraction in the trapezoid and upper back muscles. The barbell shrugs are a great exercise to build the upper part of your shoulder and back. Now look at how you can perform barbell shrugs,

• put a barbell on the height of your knee and add some weight (according to your lifting habits) 

• Take the grip on the barbell with both hands, the distance between the grip should be just like your shoulder width

• now take the barbell out from stand and slightly lift upwards while your both hands down and straight also feel the contraction in trapezius muscle. Take a minimum of 3 sets of barbell shrugs.

3) Face pulls (Rope)

One of the best exercises to build posterior deltoid. Rope face pull is generally done on cable row machine with setting rope on top point and catching the end of small rope with both hands and then pulling it slowly towards your face while feeling the contraction in back shoulder. Do a minimum of four sets to get the best of face pull.


If can’t go to the gym and have dumbbells at home you can do some really good exercise to build up your shoulders. 


Just like barbell military press, dumbbell press is an exercise that targets the front part of your shoulder. Dumbbell press can be done both ways while sitting or standing. All you need to do is take a pair of dumbbells in both hands and then keep them above your shoulder and then start making them go up completely and then coming down slowly, repeat this 10 to 12 times in a set and keep a minimum of 3 sets for best result from dumbbell press.


Another great exercise to target your lateral muscle of the shoulder. Lateral raise is to develop the width of your shoulder and make your body look more wide and toned. Let’s look at how you can do the dumbbell lateral raise.

• keep both dumbbells in both of your hands and, in a position of wrist pointing in an attention position.

• now try to keep your back little bend in front

• now try to lift both dumbbells together in sideways feeling the contraction in lateral muscles.

• always remember to start the lateral raise with lightweight and then building up. As this exercise involve a risk of rotator cuff injury


The real delt fly will help you to build up the posterior deltoid of the shoulder muscle. If you want the look of your shoulder to be 3d then this exercise should be a must in your workout. The real delt is important to muscle to support the rotator cuff of the shoulder. Let’s look at how you can do this exercise.

 before you start this exercise would be very careful and do this exercise with proper form, 

• start with having both lightweight dumbbells in both hands and sit on the bench.

• now bend your back forward at the 60° angle.

• keeping your both hands down with dumbbells, pull the dumbbells upwards together and feel the contraction in your deltoid muscles.

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If you have a pair of dumbbells at your home you can follow the above-given exercise and if not then I will give some of the best exercises of the shoulder you can do even without dumbbells. Let’s look on that exercise


Whether you workout in a gym or at home pushup is an exercise that should be in your shoulder workout. Pushups alone can be so beneficial that they can tone your upper body and shoulders. 

There are various ways to do pushups like wide grip pushups, diamond pushups, low angle push ups all these are advanced versions of pushups. You can start with normal pushups, placing your grip just width of the shoulder which will have amazing results on your shoulder muscle. 


One of the most famous and effective exercises that you can do to strengthen the shoulder muscles. The benefits of the plank are remarkable like it strengthen your shoulder back and abdominal at the same time, while the highest contraction is on abdominal muscles and shoulder muscles.

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• lay down on mat over your stomach 

• now you have to keep both hands joined and raise your upper body with the help of your shoulders.

• now give you shoulders support with your legs being straight and support form toe of your legs.

• hold this position for at least 3 seconds and try to remove one hand and tap it on the other shoulder and same with another hand.

• remember to keep your knee and back straight as one line to have the best possible benefits of this exercise.

• also, keep your head forward-looking, neither down nor too much up.

•repeat the 3 seconds repetition at least 10 times and then 3 sets of it. 


Just the way you hold your position in plank tap the same you need to do in plank up and down but this time you do not need to tap, all you need to do is start with a plank position and then go on pushup position and then plank position. In this way you have completed one relation of 5 seconds then in one set you need to do 6 repetitions of up and down and then 3 sets of it. 

Make sure you do it slowly and concentrated to get the best out of this exercise.

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Whether you are working out in the gym or at home all you need to have is patience and consistency followed by a good diet and exercise. When you workout at home without any guidance make sure you make videos of how you are doing exercises to make sure by yourself that you do them correctly. Until then goodbye and god bless you all