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10 Simple Everyday Yoga Asanas To Cure Diabetes

by Bharti
10 Simple Everyday Yoga Asanas To Cure Diabetes

Yoga is a better cure for any disease. These days, yoga has performed to keep oneself healthy and active. Now, having diabetes is normal because you are having an imbalance routine and unhealthy eating habits. Moving forward, cases of diabetes have increased. 

It can happen to anyone, no concern what the place, age, or genetic history one has. It can be a reason due to a bad diet, and lack of workout have fast-tracked this complaint into a widespread one. If it is not taken care of, then and there it can grow into a risk to your life.

It can be cured and taken care of by following Yoga asanas in your routine. Everyday exercise of yoga asanas for diabetes can benefit us in controlling blood sugar level. Research says that yoga can cure diabetes. Yes, you caught it correct; diabetes can be measured by practicing numerous yoga exercises such as asana, meditation, pranayama, a decent diet and associated activities. Yoga can do wonders in dropping your high blood sugar levels.

Being having lots of benefits from yoga asanas, who all are having diabetes, can treat themselves by below mentioned ten yoga asanas:

 1. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations):

Welfares: Surya Namaskar is a tremendously valuable yoga exercise for diabetic patients as it supports to improve blood circulation in the pancreas and improves the practice of insulin in the body. If it has performed at a gentle pace, suppose at least six rounds a minute, believe it that you are going in the right path. Suryanamaskar applies best to assist you. You may do it anytime in a day but remember that you should have an empty stomach.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

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2. Trikonasana (the triangle pose):

Assistances: This yoga asana benefits from the harmful effect of diabetes on kidneys which is a high risk all diabetic patients had expected to experience. It helps one to relieve in better digestion and absorption in the body. Have a meal at least three hours before performing this exercise.

Trikonasana (the triangle pose)

3. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose):

Welfares: This Yoga Asana is very valuable in strengthening the spine and enhanced functionality of abdominal organs, thereby assisting digestion. As a diabetic patient, digestion will be proper then the cure will be fast. You may come to know the outcome within doing it for fifteen days.

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

4. Matsyasana (Fish Pose):

Advantages: This asana comforts in proper toning of the abdominal tissues along with pancreas by extending the abdominal muscles. When done with measured breathing, this asana aids to come upon diabetes. Be cautious while doing it as it has to perform as per the steps.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

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5. Shalabhasana (Grasshopper/Locust pose):

Welfares: Shalabhasana yoga asanas for diabetes apply to comforts in controlling the level of blood sugar within the normal range. This asana is very beneficial in diabetic treatment as it pushes abdominal organs, movements of the leg and back muscles. It helps in relieving the stress level from mind to cure diabetes.

Shalabhasana (Grasshopper/Locust pose)

6. Vakrasana (Twisted pose):

Welfares: This asana helps to maintain the expansion of the liver and also motivates the pancreas. It also benefits in eliminating extra fat around the tummy. One should practice this asana for living the stress-free life with the problem.

Vakrasana (Twisted pose)

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7. Padahastasana (Hand under foot pose):

Assistance: Padahastasana yoga asanas for diabetes also provide assistance to control the blood sugar level. This forward-bending yoga position helps in the direct stimulation of glands and organs present in the stomach area, such as pancreas, liver, and kidneys. It supports the abdominal muscles firming and recover the functioning of abdominal organs.

Padahastasana (Hand under foot pose)

8. Pawanmuktasana (Wind-relieving pose):

Assistance: It is a gas-releasing yoga posture which supports the wrapping up the entire body system, including pancreas, liver and abdominal muscles. It helps to discharge excess gas present in the abdomen. It also aids in relieving constipation which is another common difficulty faced by diabetic patients.

Pawanmuktasana (Wind-relieving pose)

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9. ViparitKarani (Legs up the wall pose):

Advantages: This yoga asana benefits to excite the pancreas and other stomach organs and obtains development in blood sugar control. You may perform it well after having a meal gap of 3-4 hours. It benefits you with the easy step pose to perform well.

ViparitKarani (Legs up the wall pose)

10. Mandukasana (Frog pose):

Benefits: This yoga rehearsal is very useful for people suffering from high blood sugar levels as it puts the burden on the pancreas and aids in the proper working of all abdominal organs. So, think and know the steps to perform it properly. You may exercise these yoga asanas well for better results.

Mandukasana (Frog pose)

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Let Us Know How Yoga Benefits Us To Cure Diabetes And Maintain Sugar Levels:

  • It supports to stimulate and give back pancreatic cells by stomach stretching to maintain the balance.
  • It supports muscular relaxation to improvise the blood circulation in muscles and boosts up the muscular development into the body.
  • Consistently practicing yoga exercises can decrease bodyweight that is very energetic to keep diabetes under check and control.
  • Yoga postures benefit for maintaining the insulin sensitivity that effects in better glucose approval and blood sugar lessening into the body.
  • It helps to motivate pancreas by increasing circulation in the pancreas and allows its ability to produce insulin throughout the body.
  • Various yoga asanas embrace and compress the abdomen and aids to encourage the pancreatic secretions that make more insulin to pour into the blood.  

To conclude, there can be various reasons for having diabetes due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, weakness, and inactivity are a few of the major contributors to diabetes. It is becoming the major killer of various people. If not taken care of suitably, it can lead to a shocking effect on our lives. It is very vital to accept a healthy lifestyle which comprises meditation, yoga, and diet. Yoga has been a cure for several diseases for ages. It is helpful for your health. Doing yoga for an hour in a day will benefit you to keep active, fit and healthy forever. Try doing these top ten yoga asanas for diabetes to retain blood sugar control and see the outcomes!

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