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How To Take Care of A Newborn Baby?

by Bharti
take care of a newborn baby

Having a baby brings up loads of responsibilities to the family especially to the mom. They are pampered by everyone in their surroundings. In fact, they stand as the centre of everyone’s attraction. Maintaining these cute babies is not just an easy task. It requires intense care, responsibility and love to bring up a newborn. Hey, if you are a new mother reading this, then this is going to help you to understand your baby well.

There are plenty of reasons why a baby cries. A baby might cry when they feel like belching or if their dress or the accessories make them feel uncomfortable or if they urinate and etc. So there are more and more reasons why a baby cries, but there are two important and major reasons why a baby cries. They are food and sleep. So let’s know about them in the further readings.

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This article is going to cover following objects:

·         Cry for food

·         Cry for sleep

·         How to know whether your baby had enough food?

·         Post feeding

·         Quick fix when a baby cries

·         First few months after birth

·         Don’ts while feeding

·         Is belching a serious problem?

·         Never blow into them

·         Skin care

Cry For Food

If a baby cries for food, then it will keep its mouth in a way of sucking milk from mom. So this is an easy indication to know that your baby is hungry.

Cry For Sleep

If a baby cries for sleep, then it will scrub its ear or mouth with its tender fingers. So this is also an easy indication to know that your baby needs sleep.

Usually babies sleep for twelve to eighteen hours a day, but if it crosses eighteen hours per day of sleep, then you must check with the doctor to know whether they have any problem related to thyroid.

How To Know Whether Your Baby Had Enough Food?

If a baby has enough food, then it will sleep for nearly three to four hours. So this is a great sign that you baby got enough food, if they sleep for three to four hours after milk.

Post Feeding

Every time, after feeding the baby it is necessary to drop them to your chest and shoulder and pat them on the back. This is a must step and it helps in the digestion for the baby.

Quick Fix When A Baby Cries

As discussed before, babies cry for a lot of reasons but you must always know the quick fix to calm them down. That is when your baby cries, hug them to your chest in a way that your warmth hugs the baby and pat them on the back to make them feel relaxed. This often helps in reducing the baby’s cry.

First Few Months After Birth

First few weeks after the birth, babies urinate once every one hour and pass out their motion three or five times a day. So their regular routine would be like drinking milk from mom, urination, passing motion and sleeping for the first few weeks. As they urinate and do pass their motion out frequently they do feel hunger a lot. So it is important to feed them a lot.

But the milk secretion in the mom will be very low in the beginning days but it will gradually increase when the baby feels hungry.

Spending quality time and staying attached with your child is a must to improve your milk secretion. When the love between the mom and the infant increases, oxytocin gets released in mom’s body, that helps in improved milk secretion for the mom.

As the mom feeds the infant, it is often said that the mom should eat for both people. But it is often misunderstood with the quantity of the food. Quality of the food always matters. Healthy food should be taken by the mom for the betterment of the baby.

Dont’s While Feeding

You should not feed your child when you are lying down or watching TV, as you may not know whether the baby had enough food or not.

Is Belching A Serious Problem?

It is so important to put your baby on your shoulders and pat them on the back after they have their milk. This is a non-deniable process that helps in digestion for your baby. If this is not done, sometimes the milk will get aspirated and make the baby fall sick. In some worst cases this also leads to the death of the baby. So it is a must to put your baby to the shoulders and pat them on the back after they have their milk.

Never Blow Into Them

Sometimes people remove the mucus in the baby’s nose due to the cold by blowing them hard. But this is highly not suggested, as it has two risk factors. Germs from the person’s mouth will go into them and the other is that the mucus might go to the baby’s lungs which might even lead to Pneumonia. So it is better to not blow into the babies.

Skin Care

As newborn babies have tender skin it is highly suggested to give them an oil massage with warm coconut and gingelly oil before bath to maintain their skin soft and supple.

To get rid of mosquitoes, coconut oil application will highly help in protecting your baby from mosquitoes.

Give A Gently Massage

It is a must for every new mother to know about the massage for the baby. This phase of being an infant is the time when everything is so flexible with babies. This massage is done to the whole body of the baby. Starting from the head, it is most important to massage the head in a good round shape as the babies might have elongated faces during normal delivery.

Massaging to the nose to make them look sharp is important to get the structure of the nose properly. Proper massaging from hip to toe is must to maintain the structure of the baby’s leg. As the babies usually keep their leg in the shape of C, there are many chances that they might get the same shape in permanent. So it is must to massage them with intense care to get the proper structure.

So a necessary care is a must in handling a newborn. Take advantage of these tips and do a good thing for your infant.

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