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Patting Baby – Various Techniques To Get Your Newborn Fall Asleep

by Jamuna Rawat
baby patting

Patting is an effective sleeping technique that you can try for your newborn. Patting helps the babies to settle down fast, falls asleep and it will give comfort and presence of their mom. You can choose different patting techniques depending up on your baby’s requirements and age. Normal sleeping hour of a baby in their first few months will last up to 13- 14 hours and as they grow it will decrease. Sufficient amount of sleep makes them fresh and active.  Here are some patting methods to calm your baby. But before trying these methods, make sure that your little ones tummy is full.

techniques to get your newborn fall asleep

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The various baby patting techniques to calm your newborn are:-

  • Soothing in your arms
  • Rhythmic patting
  • Double patting

Soothing In Your Arms


Babies feel more safe and comfortable when they are in their mother’s arms. You can keep the baby in your hands and move your hands gently. Singing softly along with patting can induce sleep soon because babies can recognise your sound and touch.

soothing in your arms

Rhythmic Patting

If your baby is six months old then you can try this. Face your baby away from your face and keep your hands on his shoulder. Gently pat him on the bottom or thigh in a rhythm. You can also sing softly to make him calm.

rhythmic patting

Double Patting

If your single patting technique did not work well you can try double patting. Double patting is nothing but patting your baby’s shoulder and bottom alternatively. You should pat him gently. Repeat this technique until the baby calms down and falls asleep. As he starts to sleep, slow down the patting and place your hands for sometimes.

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Some babies will be comfortable while you wrap them. You can use a light soft cotton wrap before patting. If sucking helps your baby to settle fast then you can allow him to suck on a dummy. For some babies cuddling can soothe their crying.

double baby patting

All babies are different and you know the requirements of your baby. By trying different methods, you can come to know which methods work well for your baby. As the baby grows you have to change the methods and help your baby to self settle. Self settling will be beneficial for you and your baby. Feeding, cuddling and singing are some self settling techniques you can use. In some situations you have to be bold and let your baby to self settle. This will ease your responsibilities as well as help to develop good habits in your child.


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