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Growth And Development Of Newborn Baby!

by Bharti
growth and development of the newborn baby

Your baby’s upbringing in soon after birth is the happiest and the exciting stage of life. One moment you will be needing leisure time to get for yourself and in another moment you want to get engaged with your baby upbringing. We have a full guide for your baby’s first 3-months and all major landmarks to achieve & challenges to overcome.

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This article is going to cover the following objects:

  •         Your first-month-old baby
  •         Physical development
  •         Cognitive development
  •         Emotional and social development
  •         How can you help your baby in growth and development?
  •         How do you know if you are taking care of your babies in the correct way?
  •         Your 2-month old baby’s growth
  •         Your 3-month old baby’ growth

growth and development of newborn baby

Your First-Month-Old Baby:-

Therefore, you might want to know what kind of development happens in the first month of upbringing.

first month old baby

Babies are called as a newborn during their first month of life. You will notice that the baby is sleeping most of their time and noticeable changes are occurring in the five major areas of development.

Physical Development:

Experiencing your baby growing in the first month of life is exciting for being a new parent. Don’t panic if your baby loses some weight shortly after birth and it will be for a short time and soon they will regain the weight in 10 – 15 days. In the first month, babies gain weight about 113 gm to 227 gm in a week and increase about 2.5 cm to 4 cm.

physical development

Cognitive Development:

Cognitive development is the most necessary part of development where a baby’s brain development comes into the process and they start learning to think and remember. Your interaction with your baby plays a crucial role in development.

cognitive development

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Emotional And Social Development:

Babies very quickly learn to communicate. They look out for interaction with you and pass on with how they feel with sound/music and facial expressions.

emotional and social development

For example: Your baby will try to follow your movements and his or her facial expression will change and brighten when you cuddle and talk soothingly. Even at a few days old, your baby may try to copy you stick out your tongue.

How Can You Help Your Baby In Growth And Development?

Communication plays a crucial role in your baby’s growth and development. Use a high- pitched voice, cuddle & kisses. The environment in which a baby upbringing happens needs to be in rich in encouragement, comfort and loving attention. The researcher has scientifically proven that babies who are talked to throughout their first few years usually learn language skills more easily than those who are not. Newborn babies are more excited in the action of their caregivers and enjoy that as compared to toys.

how can you help your baby in growth and development

How Do You Know If You Are Taking Care Of Your Babies In The Correct Way?

You may get dazed during the first month and get trapped in the question, “ Am I doing in the right way?” No past experiences teach us to tackle and face this part of life. It’s ok when you feel frustrated and lost by your newborn.

taking care of your baby

You will learn from the actions for your newborn and paying attention to their behaviour. For example, a fussy cry and facing back means “Change the action and try to get baby attention”. Soon you will start learning all the actions of your baby and start responding in the correct way and will be able to read each other’s need and eventually become emotionally attached.

Your 2-Month Old Baby’s Growth:-

The average weight of a 2-month old baby (Girl) 11.3 pounds, (Boys) 12.3 pounds and average height (Girl) 22.5 inches, (boys) 23 inches, which is quite normal and a healthy sign.

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The growth of a 2- month old baby is dependent on all the liquid diet – it can be a formula or breast milk or a mixture of both. In 24 hours, it is important to breast-feed your baby six to 10 times. Somewhere you will not be able to measure the amount of milk baby is feeding, but the intake capacity needs to be around 15 and 32 ounces of breastmilk a day. The babies, which are on a formula-based diet, will be in taking six-seven bottles a day, with each equivalent to 24 to 36 ounces of formula a day.

2 months old babys growth and development

 You may notice infants’ bowels movement every day irrespective of food of all the feeding. Don’t panic if your baby doesn’t go a day or two without pooping. This is all because your baby is getting bigger and accordingly their bowel also getting bigger, which permits to hold the waste longer before pooping. Is your baby is a healthy poop and pooping frequently? That’s also acceptable and normal.

Your 3-Month –Old Baby’ Growth:-

Is your baby gaining weight? Or a little too skinny? Wait, before jumping to any conclusion about your little baby, have an accurate assessment with the consultant of a medical sound person also have a look at your baby’s weight in proportion to his height on the height-weight chart. If both the height and the weight are on the same curve, it could be that your baby is just bigger or smaller than average. He may be gaining grams too quickly, or not losing the grams quickly enough. The weight of a baby determined by many factors such as Genetics, Length of pregnancy, nutrition during pregnancy, your baby’s sex, birth order, baby’s health etc.

3 month old babys growth

That’s the reason you don’t have to put a limit in over-feeding of a baby. In a simpler way, don’t try to stop fussy cry always with a bottle or a breast, there are chances that he Is expecting something else and there is a change in mood. Try to learn & understand the feelings of the baby and focus on giving plenty of time to baby to move around; surely it will ease your worries.

growth and development of newborn baby

If on the other side your baby seems to be thin and doctors agrees by examining the baby you have to play a crucial part and put the effort in keeping your baby feeding so that he can some weight. Have a routine of baby feeding and make sure that he feeds regularly and intake is sufficient enough, some baby is too busy playing or too sleepy to demand regular meals.

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