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Stress-busting Yoga Poses that you can Practice Anywhere

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  • How does yoga reduce stress?
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Nowadays everyone leads a hectic lifestyle where stress is mandatory. Stress can come into your life due to various reasons and it can lead to depression.

No matter whether it is the stress of job, family or children, stress in any form is dangerous to for your health. With the increasing stress factor, people start consuming alcohol and cigarettes, which can lead to severe health issues and sometimes can even be fatal. You can talk with your friends to release stress or get involved into some type of activities that would help to reduce stress in your life.

With the devastating stress-inducing occurrence happening around the world, everyone gets affected with stress. Stress will not allow you to work and sleep properly. When you are unable to work, you start feeling low and eventually lose confidence. Stress has all the potential to ruin your life and therefore, you should find out ways to reduce the stress levels. There are several stress bursting yoga poses that allow relaxation of the find. You can perform them from the comfort of your house and enjoy the benefits.

Although yoga is a physical practice, but history says that it is also an emotional and spiritual one. It will strengthen your body and relax your mind so that you are able to wave off the stress.

How does Yoga Reduce Stress?

Yoga combines various stress reducing techniques and some of them are as follows :-

  • Exercise – Yoga is a physical activity and a form of workout. There are various types of yoga postures that focus on stretching and relieve stress. Exercise helps to relieve the stress by keeping up the good health of your body. It releases endorphins and other natural hormones to make you feel better.
  • Breathing – Yoga practice includes a lot of breath work. Yoga helps you become aware of the breath and therefore it succeeds in relaxing your body. Although breathing is a spontaneous act, you regulate the breath through yoga. Learn to take deep breaths and battle the stressful situations amazingly.
  • Clears the mind – Everyone’s mind is cluttered with various activities. When the mind is constantly active, it becomes stressful and tiring. Yoga has various techniques to tame your mind. Make sure you perform the yoga poses with full concentration and attention. When you focus on inhaling and exhaling process, you will be able to clear your mind easily.

Simple Stress-Bursting Yoga Posses

Mountain pose/Tadasana – It is easy to perform and people of all age groups. Stand with feet wide apart, head in line with pelvis and chin parallel to the floor. You can keep the arms in different ways. Hands can either be in front of the heart, which resembles a prayer position or by your sides while palms should be facing forward.

You will feel a gentle stretch from your shoulder to the fingertips. As your feet touches the surface of the earth, you’ll feel a calming effect on your mind and body. Bring your palms to your belly and heart by elongating the breath. It will help to activate the relaxed response.

Corpse Pose/Savasana – It is well known for its restorative advantages. When you lie on the ground in Savasana posture, you can attain total relaxation of the mind. It is a gentle way to feel the soothing effects of restorative yoga. To make yourself comfortable while doing this yoga, you can place a pillow under your knees. This will help to ease the tension on your lower back and allow a deeper release. The posture is quite easy and you can do it even if there is less space in your house.

One of the Best Yoga Poses to combat Stress

Bridge – In this, you need to lie down on your back with knees bent. Place your feet on the ground such that it’s parallel to your hips. Now, slide both the hands to the side of your body and face your palms to the ground. Consequently, take a deep breath and gently raise your hips and roll up your torso from the ground. Press into your arms and shoulder and lift up your chest. Make use of your legs and buttocks to lift up your hips higher.

Hold this position for around 30 seconds and then slowly lower back your torso on the ground. This poses helps reduce anxiety, headache, insomnia and stress. You can practice the pose before going to sleep for a good stretch on our legs and back.

Standing Forward Bend/Padahastasana – Stand up straight on the ground or yoga mat. Exhale and bend forward until your palms are flat on the ground and head firmly pressed against your legs. Now, thrust up your hips and straighten your legs and keep doing it until you feel the stretch. Try to stay in this position for a minute and feel the stretch. Next, take a deep breath and raise your arms and torso back to the initial position. It will stretch your hamstrings, thighs and hips and relive you from stress and fatigue.


The potential triggers of stress are isolation, misinformation and uncertainty. The corona virus pandemic has made the situation worse. The effects of stress are clearly evident in the world as people are searching for effective strategies to get through the uncertain times. When people are stuck at home with no other resource to socialize or perform any kind of outdoor activity, they are getting into the stress zone more easily.

Thus, practicing yoga everyday is an excellent way to manage anxiety and stress. When you cannot do much with the stress and tension, you can at least relax yourself with yoga. Try to include yoga in your everyday routine and you can choose them from the list mentioned above. It will reinforce positivity in your life and help to establish a conscious connection with the people around you.

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