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Best Yoga Postures to Get Relief from Back Pain

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • Is yoga effective in back pain?
  • Which yoga postures help you with back pain?
  • Some effective yoga postures for back pain
  • Best yoga for upper back pain
  • Best yoga for lower back pain
  • Does yoga pose cause back pain?

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Yoga is known for keeping ourselves fit and healthy from both internally and externally. But do you know that this ancient fitness trick also helps us in treating ample health issues expertly? Well, yes hard that right! Applying only some yoga postures regularly can aid you to beat some serious health problems entirely from your body and treating back pain with yoga asanas one of those kinds. Let’s find out some significant queries about practicing yoga for back pain in this regard-


Is Yoga Effective in Back Pain?

It is proven in several ways that practicing yoga regularly can immensely help us to get relief from intense back pain efficiently. When we perform some specific yoga poses repeatedly, they affect some of our particular muscles and increase their strength. These back muscles directly connected to our spine and help in

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  1. stretching the muscles
  2. providing relaxation
  3. strengthening spine
  4. holding perfect body alignment
  5. helping proper upright posture
  6. and balancing your body perfectly

Due to these benefits, your back muscles will be well conditioned and that’s why the back pain will diminish or go away gradually.

Which Yoga Postures Help You with Back Pain?

There are numbers of yoga poses you can try to get fast relief from back pain but cobra pose is one of the most appreciated ones among them.  This pose is also called Bhujangasana and helps in curing asthma in the way of treating back pain. It not only reduces or cures back pain efficiently but also keeps the possibility of back pain at bay. Let’s learn how to practice it correctly at home in a step by step method-

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  • First of all, lie on your stomach by keeping the legs stretched on the floor
  • Now, keep the hands on the floor under your shoulder and make sure the elbows’ back touch your body entirely
  • Keep pressing the top of feet and thigh firmly into the floor and then, gradually lift the chest off the floor on the strength of your lower body
  • Try to lift the pubis towards the navel and make the shoulder blade hard against the back
  • Keep this posture for 15-30 seconds depending on your capability and get back to normal gradually.

Don’t attempt this posture if you have back injury or headache or carpal tunnel syndrome. Pregnant women should also avoid this pose in any stage of their pregnancy.

Some Effective Yoga Postures for Back Pain:

Apart from cobra pose, there are a few more effective postures you can find in the yoga category, which skillfully help in curing back pain from your back. All you need to do is add those poses in your daily yoga session and say goodbye to those stubborn back muscle pain forever. Some of the most effective yoga asanas in this attempt are as follows-

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  • Cat pose
  • Cow pose
  • Camel pose
  • Bow pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Dolphin pose
  • Extended triangle pose
  • Fish pose
  • Locust pose
  • Sphinx pose

Try to explore each pose before applying and the caution applying for every single yoga posture from this list before attempting. According to yoga experts, back muscles are a sensitive part of our body. Thus any weak core or poor pose can increase the back pain issue badly if you apply them unknowingly or randomly. The caution part for every yoga pose is also very important in this attempt, as applying any yoga pose forcefully in back pain could worsen the back muscles entirely.

Yin yoga

For beginners, it is better to start their yoga journey with a cat or cow pose. For expert yoga practitioners, go for the cobra pose or sphinx pose confidently.

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Best Yoga for Upper Back Pain:

Upper back pain is a common problem these days, especially in the young generation due to their excessive work schedule. In such critical condition, some yoga posture can act brilliantly to reduce and cure the pain of your upper back. One of the most effective yoga poses for upper back pain is locust pose.

Locust pose is also known as Salabhasana, which directly affects the upper back area including the neck portion. It is proven that practicing this yoga pose optimally effects on shoulders, backbone, neck, and upper back area in the way of treating the ache like a medicated method. Let’s learn how to practice it accurately-

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  • At first, lie on your stomach and lift your chest, head, and shoulder from the floor on the strength of your whole abdomen
  • Use the upper back muscle to hold the posture and keep your both hands backward by keeping then joint
  • Hold this posture for 30-60 seconds depending on your capacity and try to look in the forward direction entire the whole session
  • Finally, get back to the normal position and repeat this process for a couple of time again

Best Yoga for Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain is a common problem among aged people and women. Like upper back pain, you can treat your lower back pain too with some expert yoga posses. These effective yoga poses not only ease lower muscle pain from your back but also provide preventative care to your lower back area efficiently. According to the yoga experts, a person with lower back pain should practice a recommended pose for 1-3 minutes daily and it would be easier for him to say bye to those unbearable back pain areas forever.


Among the list of all efficient yoga poses for lower back pain, the child’s pose is the most appreciable here in this regard. It is easy to practice, helps to stretch your lower back area, aids to align your spine area appropriately, and keeps the pressure off from your lower back area attentively. Let’s learn how to practice it precisely-

  • Kneel on the floor by keeping your toes together and knees hip-width apart
  • Let your palm take rest on the top of your thighs and lower your upper body between your knees with a exhale
  • Stretch your arms alongside your torso over the head and keep the palm facing down
  • Relax your shoulder towards the floor and hold this posture for 1-3 minutes continually before getting back to the normal position.

Does Yoga Pose Cause Back Pain?

Despite the countless facilities, sometimes yoga can cause pain or ache in some areas of our body.  It has been observed that for some reason, we unknowingly increase the pain in our back area instead of decreasing it. Some common reasons for having back pain even with daily yoga practice are-

  • When you attempt yoga poses with intense back pain
  • When you practice some yoga pose forcefully
  • if you are overdoing and overstretching your muscles beyond the capacity of your body
  • Holding bad form or painful posture for long during the yoga asana
  • Applying yoga poses with the unstable physical condition
  • Or doing the yoga posture incorrectly

If you are ever done such damages to your back muscles, take some effective home remedies immediately to fix the issue expertly. Some of the most effective remedies in this regard are as follows-

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  • Apply an ice pack to your back area
  • Use Aleve or ibuprofen after discussion any health expert
  • Apply a heating pad or hot bag over the damaged spot
  • Take a hot shower for an extended period and try to focus on your back area more attentively during this hot bath.