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Best Types of Women to Date

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • What Types of Women Should You Never Date
  • What Types of Women You Can Date Unworriedly
  • Some Smart Dating Tips for Men

If you are looking for some expert dating tips before going to a romantic dinner, then you came to the right place. Finding a woman for a date could be hectic sometime, especially when you have never had any girlfriend before. Obviously, some typical queries come to the mind of a man about an ideal dating partner, and here we come up with the answers to such questions in our below discussion. Let’s explore them and be a pro in dating by choosing the best suitable woman for your date.

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What Types of Women Should You Never Date?


Before going for a date, you must validate some characteristics in a woman to decide whether she should be preferable to be your date or not. In this matter, relationship experts give some clear and useful pieces of advice on what types of women you should never date to keep your love experience happy instead of a reason for headaches. these are as follows-

Money Seeking:

This kind of lady has some never-ending list of demands and always looks for money or gifts every time you meet them. These women can make you fend for their entire requirement list. No matter you are giving them so many presents or money, they will never satisfied and always looking for something more. From restaurant bills to their parlor bills, they will take every bit of money advantage they can take out of you. 


Dominating or control freak girls should be left alone as they can never be a good choice for a date for anyone. These types of girls desire to demonstrate they are the supreme being and want to control every step you take or even every breath you take, once they enter your life. Sometimes, dating such women can take your existence at the level of doubt.

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Complaint Box:

These kinds of women are also better left alone as they can make your life hell with a never-ending list of complaints. They will make you believe they are right and you are wrong in every step you will take along with keeping complaining about your basic nature to casual habits. they will never be happy and let you happy once they come into your life.



Jealous girls are the worst types to communicate with, so, it is superfluous to say that they can never be a good choice for a date as well. A jealous girl can be dangerous beyond your imagination. From your friends to your family member, they will seem jealous of every good person or good thing you have in your life. Sometimes they can be even seen fighting with you out of that jealousy and make your life like continuous torture due to such unhappy situations.

Extra Possessive:

Once you realize the lady is possessed about the relationship as well as you, ran away as long as you can. It doesn’t take much to turn possession into obsession and make your life literally hell. She will stop you from interacting with people, friends, colleagues, and to your near ones, even those who were there before her time. She might start checking your call list and messages soon to make sure whether you are communicating with others without her concern or not.

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Women with feminist mentality are not good company to keep. These types of ladies have a nature of the empowerment and they always try to bully men with their auctions, no matter how good you are to them. They don’t have respect for men, search for opportunities to humiliate men, and keep a boyfriend just to fulfill their rage against men in their everyday life.

Proud of Promiscuous:

These types of girls and not faithful and don’t have the word loyalty in their dictionary. They not only have the habit of double-crossing you, but also carry the feeling of pride that they can do so without your concern! The worst part is that they will do so with the support of their friends or BFF. That means they will make you a fool in front of their friends along with cheating you badly.


Attention Seeker:

These types of ladies always need attention from you, no matter what! They can act vulnerable sometimes when they can’t grab your attention properly with their actions. Sometimes, these kinds of ladies could create some scenes out of public just grab your attention as the level of seriousness as they want. If you are dating one of such kinds, try to move on a look for a new one buddy!

Emotional Fool:

Emotional fools are one more category to avoid the list of desiring women. No matter how pretty or attractive that lady looks, if she is an emotional fool, stay away from her. Emotional fools don’t have any practical view for life and take decisions only depending on their petty emotions without concerning the reality behind it. Sometimes, they can drag you too inside their impractical decisions and bring some trouble unavoidably.

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Women with insecure hearts are one more kind to avoid from the list of desired ladies. Insecurities are never good for a relationship and a person with an insecure heart will never go out of the feeling of insecurity ever. No matter how loyal you act to her and how much you try to win her trust, she will always find a reason to doubt you and stay with fear when you dumb her.

So, these are some characteristics you need to avoid in a lady when searching for a perfect partner for a date.

What Types of Women You Can Date Unworriedly?

After validating the abovementioned characteristics, you must wonder what qualities you should seek in a woman while deciding to date. Here are some preferable qualities one man should search in a woman to qualify her as a perfect date-

  • One, who has an interest in you and love communicating with you
  • Who is compatible with your lifestyle
  • Who is imitate on your ultimate age range
  • One, who is confident with her looks and personality
  • Who knows the value of space in a relationship
  • With whom you are comfortable to talk and spending time
  • Who is an expert in embracing your flaws and appreciating your qualities
  • Understand you perfectly and recognize your likes or dislikes efficiently
  • One, who share similar types of hobbies with you
  • Have self-respect but not egoistic
  • Behave friendly with your friends and near ones
  • Socially presentable and adjustable
  • Have a positive point of view towards life
  • Know the value of loyalty and complete trustworthily
  • And a girl who is secure and peace-lover in mind.

Some Smart Dating Tips for Men:

To be a pro in dating women, men should know how to treat a lady properly. Here we emerge with some valuable dating tips in this regard, let’s check them out before getting ready for your date night with your desired lady-

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  • Learn to give compliments
  • Know the basic chivalry with ladies
  • Learn how to win the heart  of a lady
  • Know how to hold her attention with your activities
  • Show your care and concern openly during making your date official
  • Do something nice and motivating for your partner
  • Find a common interest and try to spend more time with each other
  • Go for outing often during your relationship
  • And never afraid of showing your love or concern towards your loved ones.