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Sex A Part Of Life : Physical And Mental Health Benefits

by Sakshi Patkar
sex is a part of life and its benefits

“Sex” The word itself is enough to attract anyone attention on this planet. The one of the most stunning activities that requires hardly any effort but gives an immense sense of pleasure to the one who performs it. Human mind no matter of which country or religion during teenage when the hormones are rising like cyclone the mind is completely dominated by sex and their are hardly few people who could have a control on these hormones.

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                                      In biological terms two are the most primary function of any animal or cell on this planet, the first one is to “survive” And second is to ‘reproduce’. This is because our body has been made in such a way that it can or it has to survive in any extreme conditions on this planet either its extremely cold or lightning hot. Same way it has to reproduce so the production never stops or to prevent humans from getting extinct. So reproduction comes from the desire of sex and to pinch those desire regularly those hormones have been given in our body. 

Physical Health Benefits Of Sex:-

Though people consider sex a feel good activity but sex if done in a right way can have a great benefit for both physical and mental health of a person. Some of its physical health benefits are.

1•Boost Your Immune System

Research shows that great sex helps a person to improve immune system. Good immune system helps the body to fight against germs and bacteria so that the body doesn’t get sick. Research shows people who have good sex are less prone to bacterial or viral disease.

2•Maintain Blood Pressure

Some research has shown that there is a link between good sex and blood pressure people either living in cold region or hot, sex help them to counter both lower and higher blood pressure. Especially in case of lower blood pressure sex can have a great benefits.

maintain blood pressure

3•Increases Life Of A Heart

A good sex life beside controlling blood pressure it also help a person heart to live longer and live happier. As sex is key beneficial in maintaining your hormones, it help to maintain your cholesterol level to some extent, which makes your heart happy and live longer.

increases life of a healt

4• A Form Of Workout

 Research has shown kissing for longer period helps both partners to burn calories. Yes this is true and this is the reason why great sex burn calories and is a form of workout. 

a form of workout

5•Reduces Body Pain

Yes sex can be very beneficial in reducing body pain. So next time when you go to buy pain relief medicines try orgasm. Sex can make a person to forget every pain of body for sometime and even for longer period.

reduces body pain

6•Reduces Chances Of Prostate Cancer

It is shown in research that man who ejaculate often have less chances of prostate cancer than the ones who ejaculate rarely. Though research may have contain lot other factors but sex was considered first.

improve prostate cancer

7•Improves Bladder Control

 Every woman requires a strong pelvic floor. Most of the woman once in their lifetime would suffer problem of bladder incontinence. A good sex helps woman to strengthen those muscles as sex acts like workout.

improves bladder control

8• Improve Your Relationship

You may have often heard of partners divorce to early the reason we might know but actually the main reason is one may not be sexually satisfied with other, yes this one of the biggest reasons for divorce in western world and even in Eastern world. And This may because one partner would have less libido or might have no interest in sex. Truly but sex is basic and one of the strongest desire of human being and when it is left incomplete it can make things worse for relationships because the person will start finding desire in someone else and this may become a major reason for divorce, So its really important to keep sex with your partner to mark and do not leave your partner horny for longer periods as it may become poison even in a good relationship.

improve your relationship

9•Look Younger

A great sex always helps to a person to live happy and maintain his hormones and what we know is a happy person always looks younger and glamorous than a person who is down or stressed and this is what sex does makes person happy and satisfied.

look younger

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Mental Health Benefits Of Sex:-

1. Improve Sleep Quality And Quantity

Men after sex are more likely to sleep better and longer. While in woman sex helps them to long term sleep quality. Sex helps to relax brain and makes body to completely relax which help the person to sleep better. This results in quality sleep and then maintained hormones in body so the very next morning person wakes up he feel so relaxed and fresh just because his body has been recovered and refreshed, and when this continues for a longer period the results are in better body shape and sleep quality.

improves sleep quality and quantity

2. Reduces Stress

Sex can be a great stress reducer and it is for many people. Person coming from work can have a great sex and forget every pain and stress in his life that’s what the power sex have.

reduce stress

3. Increases Brain Power

You may have often heard people become more successful after their marriage. This is not just because regular sex gives them physical pleasure its because sex improve their brain performance by balancing hormones and reducing stress in their body. A person dominant thought are of having sex when he doesn’t get it but after having regular sex person starts focusing on other things like career, finance and other areas of their life.

increase brain power

4. Improves Memory

In a research where few groups of people where given logical task and where divided by the no of times they have sex and surprisingly the group which have more sex in a week kept winning the more memory task.

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Precaution In Sexual Life:-

1. Do Not Overdose It

Yes lot of people because of theirs higher lust keeps having sex with their partners and often overdose it. Which makes their partner too often Irritative and Inconvenient. Men often after their marriage have too much of it and gets bored of it within few years because their body starts responding negativity to sex.


2. Focus On Quality Not Quantity

Quantity sex often leads to inconvenience while quality sex strengthens the relationship and make’s each other happy. Have sex fewer times in a week but focus more on quality.

Tips For Great Sex:-

1• Have It Morning

I know no one would like to have sex in morning as every one would be rushing towards their work but it is scientifically proven the testosterone hormone in male is much higher in morning which helps men’s  to last longer on beds and helps to have a great sex.

tips for great sex

2• Focus More On Foreplay

Sex sometimes can last only for 5 minutes or even lesser but a quality foreplay helps to trigger libido in both man and woman and this is one of the quality of great sex. Where you make each other feel Pleasurable and relaxed rather than just rushing in to it

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