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Best Relaxation Technique for Body

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • Why Our Body Needs Relaxation
  • Best Relaxation Techniques for Body
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Yoga 

Like the mind, the human body needs the relaxation process too, as stress hampers our physical health as well as mental health. Relaxation techniques will ease our difficulties, which occur from stress and fight the unhealthiness that hit our physical condition. Besides, we get tired due to our constant laborious schedule and desperately need some relaxation methods as soon as possible. The problem with stressful body condition is that you can’t use any medication to get rid of them. However, these relaxation methods of the body can lend a hand like an expert and act as a boon to make your life experience most soothing than ever.

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Why Our Body Needs Relaxation?

It has been observed that constant stress or anxiety can initiate several serious health conditions in a person. Bad cardiovascular health, risk of heart attack, elevated blood pressure; headache, etc. are some common conditions we can get from constant stress. You may also get by stiff muscles, lack of energy, imperfect performance rate, etc. when you have agitated body condition. In such a situation, practicing some of these body relaxation processes not only give relief from those conditions but also, avert them from hitting back again soon.

Best Relaxation Techniques for Body:


The modern era has come up with some effective relaxation methods, which provide a quick and long-lasting effect on our body and prevent stress from hampering our health initially. Listing relaxing music to imagining tranquil images in mind, may process can bring you peace of mind; but you need to amalgamate them with some powerful techniques to get body relaxation feeling. Here we refer some best techniques for making your body relaxed for a longer period-

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

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This is an efficient relaxing technique that makes your exhausted muscles tranquil and tones them up for the new challenges.

How to Practice it:

To practice this process, sit on your hips, crumple up your face for 5-10 seconds, and then gradually let them relax again. Now try this tighten and relaxing method to your other body parts starting from your face one by one. Go through the shoulder, arms, chest, belly, thighs, and then feet with individual muscle groups with this progressive muscle relaxation process.

How it Works:

Tightening your muscles caters them a boost of power and relaxing them allows recollecting their energy level again.

Breathing Exercise:

Meditation Prayer

This may work for stress relief first, but at times, breathing exercises can make your specific body muscles completely relaxed too. This type of exercise mostly works for the relaxing techniques of abdominal muscles more efficiently.

How to Practice it:

Sit on a quiet place with closed eyes, keep your back straight and practice Pranayam with deep inhale and exhale process constantly for at least half an hour uninterruptedly. During this process, try to hold your breath for 7-10 seconds in between inhale and exhale, then, breathe normally with a sound of whoosh.

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How it Works:

It will make you lightheaded, reduce the stress from your mind, make your chest as well as abdominal muscles relaxed, and enhance your respiratory track with perfect consistency.



This is one of the best and certified methods of relaxing your body as well as mind proficiently. To beginner or experts, yoga provides an immensely effective body relaxation feeling to a practitioner. 

How to Practice it:

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Choose the right place for practicing yoga, pick some preferable asanas which can relax the muscles of your different body parts efficiently, and practice them regularly. You need to get help from a yoga guru or trainer first to get guided faultlessly in your attempt.

How it Works:

Yoga works for the relaxation of your mind and body both jointly by keeping stress as well as any type of hampering effects away from your body.