An Hour Is Enough To Let Out Your Stress

by Bharti

Stress is a part of everybody’s busy life schedule. You might be experiencing this condition on your work place or even at your home. Reasons of stress can be various. Over stress can affect your health, relationship and peace of mind. But if you are ready to spend just an hour for yourself you can overcome that easily.

  1. Exercise

Yes! Exercise is the first and most important thing you can do to reduce your stress. When you are in stress your body start to produce certain stress hormones like cortisol. A brisk walking or a long run will help to reduce the level of this hormone and change your mood. Regular exercise can improve your sleep quality and help you to be relaxed.

2. Limit caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that present in various energy drinks, coffee and tea each person has a capacity to tolerate with the caffeine amount. Large quantity of caffeine may increase the stress level.

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3. Write your problems

Writing is a great way to release your stress. When you write your problems, you are getting a chance to talk to yourself and automatically you will get a solution for that. Always try to approach everything positively. This will reduce your anxiety and tension.


4. Chewing gum

This method you can try whenever you want. Chewing gum is a very fast and easy method to release your stress. Studies show that chewing gum can improve your blood circulation in the brain and keep you relaxed. Another comparative study reveal that stress people who chew gum have similar brain waves of that of relaxed people. So get a packet of chewing gum today itself to lower your stress.

5. Spend time with your loved ones

Try to spend time with your family, friends and relatives. Healthy relationships can reduce your stress and change your mood. If you have some problems, you can also get help from them. Studies shows that when a person, especially woman spending quality time with her family or friends her body start to release a stress relieving hormone known as oxytocin. So spend time with them and be happy.

6. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a way of treatment using essential oils or scents that can help you to change your mood. You can use sandal wood scent, rose, lavender, germanium etc to calm your mind. You can even light a scented candle to release your stress.

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