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The best meditation apps of 2020

by Sakshi Patkar

Gone are the days where spiritual masters providing guided meditation at their place. Now the internet industry has made it easy to anyone to start meditation and become master in it. While there are plenty of apps available on play store for android and ios we are going to discuss top 10 apps that you can download for meditation and mindfulness.

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Top 10 apps for meditation and mindfulness of 2020

10 ) Inscape


The app includes various features for you to perfect your lifestyle.the app includes some features like guided meditation, custom sleep sessions, stress reliever also the app includes some blogs over how to overcome your fears, study and chill. The app also includes music for meditation and mindfulness.

The app has in purchase feature which is around $10monthly while app also gives new users free seven days trial.

9) Insight timer


While it is easy to find a meditation app that gives you free trial but it is hard to find a one which is completely free for you and at the same time gives you a quality meditation guide. Insight timer is unicorn of meditation apps with almost 29000 guided sessions that can help out to tap almost every emotional situation. 

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Insight timer also features relaxing music, some of great podcast on the indian yogi sadhguru. The app is excellently build and is a must try app for everyone looking for free meditation and mindfulness app.

8) stop, think and breathe 


Many apps that you will download for meditation will first ask for your credit car number while stop, think and breathe offers anything truly and fairly robust slate of meditation that is to completely free. The app functions in a similar fashion as it name says: stop and breathe. Whenever you open the app it ask you for to check in your feelings it is a quick survey that leads you to customized meditation according to your need on that particular period.

While you can access almost 20 activities for free and if you are not satisfied then can take premium membership of $10 monthly.

7) simple habit

First respect to al those people who meditate and can quiet their mind for hours at a time. But the simple habit has to say you can quite you mind in just five minutes. While many other apps include quick meditation sessions this app which gives you bulk of its library in brief that might fit best of in your busy schedule. It is for those people who fo not like to sit for all those long minutes it is quick guiding meditation app which gives you a insight of your mind in few minutes.

The app offers only purchasing offer of $12 monthly and $96 annually.

6) aura


The very simple app made for those who are very busy in their schedule and has no time to read this blurb. For any person looking for a quick help and needs to calm down their brain and gets control overs their nerves before a date, than this is app for them. Worried and anxiety situation such as airline takeoff or any other panic situation aura can be proved to be very helpful. It has got the collection of three minutes sessions and 30 seconds anxiety remover which are especially designed for you to save from any panic situation. The app cost is around $14 a month and and $100 annually.

5) sattva

People who are really looking to go deep inside meditation and mindfulness. The app is for people who are serious zen. Sattva mean existence which is a fountain of meditative health. The sattva has some great guidance by the top experts of the the industry and mental wellness. Apart from this the sattva  also helps the person to monitor physical health and also equipped with a heart rate monitor. Sattva also includes features like mood tracker which is almost like you are seeing your progress on the palm of your hands.

The app offers new customer to purchase it for $5monthly and $50 annually which is the lowest of every other app compared to.

4) buddhify 

Well the app name doesn’t suggest that you need to leave your job and shift into tibet but all that app has to say is you need a little buddhism in your life and make a difference. And that to doest not mean that you need to sit for hours. Buddhify has some  different features apart from other apps with its focus on mobile and on go meditation and mindfulness sessions.

The app teaches a person how he can include mediation in every situation of life like lunch break or while you are with your friend, when you are not able to sleep.

The app is available at a cheap price of just $35annually.

3) the mindfulness 

This is build for both beginners and experts with lots of options available inside it. The app gives you five days free trial which allows you to explore everything inside the app from sessions to sessions. Timely guided meditation starts from 3 to 30 minutes which will fit perfectly in your lifestyle. The app also includes features like customized mediation according to a persons need and reminder to keep you mindfulness through out the days.

2) headspace 


One of the best app for android and ios which has 4 start rating o. Playstore. The app is available free of cost with in app purchase offer. 

The app has some great features to fill a person life with calmness, wellness, and balance in his life with more than 10 sleep music tracks and 20 nature sounds track a personalised for people looking for great meditation app.

1) calm

Probably the best app on meditation with 5 stars rating on playstore and highest numbers of downloads. The app is built in such a way that person feel more realistic form of meditation than any particular app mediation.

The app also features meditation for kids and stories section with outstanding mixture of voice and music. While a recent update in app has allowed the customer to experience mindfulness through their apple watch. The app is almost perfect for anyone looking for the best app which include every feature that a great mediation and mindfulness app should have.

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 However app can be proved to be costly for people who are looking for an app under budget as app cost around $18 monthly and $190 annually.


If you are under budget and could not purchase a high cost app like calm and headspace the. Go with the low cost like buddhify or even if you want to go with free one then Choose insight timer the only thing is that you should start meditation and it doesn’t matter from which apo you start.