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Perfect Age Gap Between Babies!

by Bharti
perfect age gap between babies

Planning to have another baby? But some questions are running in your mind? If yes, then suffice it to say such questions are most likely to come. The gap that you leave between the babies entirely depends on the comfort and readiness that you and your partner show for the next one to come. It also depends on whether you are healthy enough to convince in the future or not. Babies, don’t come in order or no bird delivers it at the doorstep. In the late 30s, there are high chances of complication and needless to say the fertility may get influenced too soon after you start trying again. The fertility of the women begins to decline from the age of women from 35 years of age and that is why you need to consider and plan all things in order with your husband.

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If you have great health and you already have recovered from one pregnancy completely then thinking of another one should not be a problem. But most of the experts as per their studies claim that a year preferably is the right time to think of. As per the research, it clearly shows that planning between the age gap among the babies is not just good for you as parents but also for the babies too. The longer gap can also have some cons while the babies that are convinced within six months are also at some of the high risks such as:-

  • Low Birth Weight
  • Prematurity
  • Small Measuring

age gap

Further studies also suggest that to reduce the baby’s convincing risk between the seven months and 17 months of the past births or even after the five years can vary. The g of nearly 18 months will give you a better time of recovering for you to get well energized and even replenish the nourishment that you must have lost at the time of your previous pregnancy. You need to have time to prepare yourself mentally and even at the physical level to make yourself ready for getting pregnant again and thus have a new small member in your family. Always keep in mind that at least the gap of 18 months or even two means may not mean much of the time if you had the first pregnancy.

Already there is a tiny toddler in your house that would be consuming a lot of your time and energy. But surely along with the cons come to some perks as well. You might find a better way out to deal with your second pregnancy since; you are quite clear about things that may come ahead during the pregnancy stage. As said earlier, it is not just the well being of your own but also there are many other things too that may be getting influenced on how the age gaps would be affecting the life of the family. A small gap between the siblings can be quite challenging for the baby years to get over quickly. This also comes with some expenses to get close altogether. You may find yourself with your kids to be squabble as the interests start fluctuation. It does not matter how many are there in the house, both the kids would want the same one at the same time.

age gap between siblings

But if the gap is larger then there are some chances for the kids to enjoy as an individual. You may have to give them undivided attention for the early years. This also means that your kid’s cost can be spread for a long time and you can also reuse the types of equipment that you used for your first kid again.

This article is going to cover following objects:-

1. The perfect age gap between kids is a myth.

2. A look at sibling spacing:-

  • 12 to 18 month age gap between kids.
  • 1 year age gap.
  • 2 year age gap.
  • 3 year age gap.

The Perfect Age Gap Between Kids Is A Myth:-

There are so many studies that have different options and suggestions. Being a worried parent, you might want to figure out when to have another kid and frankly when you have love, desire, and care to give your kids then there is no best time. There are benefits and drawbacks to having a kid spaced closely just the way there are benefits and drawbacks to having a kid spaced further. It ideally depends on the dynamic birth of the family taking place and how well would you be taking care when it comes to having a family.

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A Look At Sibling Spacing;-

  •  12 To 18 Month Age Gap Between Kids:

    Talking about this gap, in general, the kid is quite close in age for demonstrating the less rival among them. The kids may play well together which usually parents like. The reasons are the first kid is quite young to have a sense of jealousy or even identity. For them to welcome a playmate with wide-open arms. Also, parents mat consider under two years to be an incredible time to have another kid is that they don’t have to keep on sacrificing things each time when raising the young kid. Once the kids are spaces well together, the parent can decide on staying at the home. The drawback can only be the toddler’s or babies’ need for the mother’s body.

12 to 18 months age gap between babies

  •  1-Year Age Gap:

    This gap is also fine for the parents and kids since kids are more likely to become friends when they are quite close in age. The best part is as the mother you don’t have really will be facing much of the issues expects for those first few years. The upside part here will be bathing, diapering and even the daily tasks that need to be done. You may find yourself with more of the time to be spending on doing other activities with your kids than the rest of the mother who has kids with more age gap would be doing. The eldest might be less bothered one by the change. Your toddler kid is quite young to even understand what all these things mean. This means you might be less likely to work out or even reject the new one than he being the older. But yes, there will be some stress son your body and you may have high chances to go through prenatal anemia or get often exhausted.

1 years age gap

  • 2-Year Age Gap:

    This is a time when your kids are quite close in the age of sharing different interests. With more time between pregnancies, it would be easier for you. There could be some of the possible upsides as the body of the mother is mostly ready and prepared to have another body. Besides the pregnancy complications risks also reduce. But yes, the chances of sibling jealousy are more intense and your kid may act out weirdly which at times, you may not understand.

2 years age gap

  • 3 Years And Older:

    This can be more of your toddler one being matured and which is why the chances of sibling rivalry reduce. Other than this the body of the mother is also recovered from the pregnancy and birth challenges. It gives parents more time for each child but also to choose the option of working again.

3 years age gap

To decide on when to have another kid is solely a private decision between you and your partner. But consider monetary, physical and mental changes that you are most likely to go through. Frankly, there are feelings and capacities that you need to be always are and ask if you feel good about it and how it would be affecting the finances in the future. There are so many factors that may come into action when you plan to have another kid. This surely is the best time for you but that does not necessarily mean it could be the best time for your kid. Make sure you consider all the family situations and things that you would be going right now. It could be a possible chance that siblings who have a large gap in the age may grow less close to each other. But simultaneously it may also improve the reading skills and even the bond.

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