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Dot Meditation for Beginners: To Ensure Effective Results

by Bharti
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Dot Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is always helpful. It helps in curing anxiety, stress and depression. It is a non-surgical method of self-healing. When meditating, you may not need to take any medications to heal your body, mind and spirit.

In traditional language, it is referred to as Spiritual purification (Shatkarma). The dot meditation technique is one of the most effective ways to get started with meditation. The dot technique of meditation helps you keep your focus on a single black dot.

When performing this technique, you are focusing on the Ajna Chakra or the third eye. This type of meditation technique helps in boosting your psychic abilities.

Why most people fail at Meditation

In general, there are a few common reasons why more people are unable to meditate using the dot meditation technique.

  • Most people fail because they are not mentally or physically prepared to meditate. This includes the practice part. If you are not practicing the right method then you may not be able to focus.
  • Your everyday habits can force you to get distracted during the meditation process. This includes your everyday habits and your attitude. The habits and attitudes do not support your meditation practice.
  • Lack of intensity is also one of the main reasons more people fail with this method. There are chances that you are not regular in your practice.

If you want to meditate, then intensity is important. You have to start with a meditation practice for a few minutes on daily basis. initially, you can focus for around five to six minutes every day. But later you can increase this time to over twenty minutes on daily basis.

At the advanced level, you can also practice meditating for twenty minutes twice or thrice a day. The more you practice, the better you get with it.

Reasons you are unable to Meditate deeply?

There certainly is no one single reason why you are unable to reach a stage of deep meditation. But the intensity is one of the prime causes. You should be able to focus on a specific dot for some time. Meditation technique has five different types of hindrances and intensity is one of the main hindrances.

It is important to overcome it and begin to focus on a single dot at a time.

Stay Focused

In the initial stages when you begin with the dot meditation technique, you have to spare a few minutes on this task. If you are meditating for around ten minutes then it is important to stay focused for the full ten minutes.

You can make you breathe your main object of focus. When you are meditating on a single dot, you are focusing on your breathing. When doing this, you will also be focusing on your memory and thought.

You have to try and remove all types of distractions from your mind. This will force you to achieve the blanked-out stage or a stage when your mind does not feel any type of distractions.

  • Every second you can focus on your breathing. You have to fully focus on your breathing technique. (maintain slow breathing rate).
  • You have to focus on every thought that comes to your mind. It is more helpful to focus on each thought individually.
  • You have to try and eliminate every single thought out of your mind. The moment you eliminate every single thought, you will enter the blanket stage of meditation.

During the blanket stage, you are only focused on your breathing and do not have any thoughts in your mind. To make this more effective, you can try drawing over 100 dots in rows and columns on a piece of blank white paper.

At the first stage, you will see all the dots without colors. Later red dots will be the memory or thoughts. With every deep stage, you will be able to see green dots. Once you are completely relaxed and focused, you will only be able to see all dots in green color.

Main Goal to keep in mind during Meditation

Initially, most people find it difficult to focus on. The mind is full of different thoughts. These are the distractions.

  • With time and practice, you have to try and decrease the time you take to kill away all distractions from your mind.
  • You have to try and increase the time to focus and concentrate. These are the moments that are pure concentrations.
  • Slowly only focus on concentrating on your breathing.

So, if you are focusing on your breathing, you have to try and maintain that state of mind by bringing in the interesting part. You should try and take a deep breathe when focusing. This technique will help you kill away all unwanted thoughts in your mind. You will stay more focused on the meditation part.

The deeper you breathe, the better you get with the dot meditation technique. Keep doing this for over a few minutes once or twice a day. The more you practice the better you get with meditation. When meditating, it is important to maintain your interest level.


Dot Meditation is basically a vessel that allows you to concentrate on a singular phenomena; in this case that being a single dot. This single dot, mostly the 3rd eye or Ajna Chakra, helps you steer away from all sorts of distraction. It unclutters your mind and eventually calms you.

Dot Meditation is the simplest way to get started with meditation and this is the reason it’s often suggested for beginners. It gives the doer a reachable goal as well as removes the complexities of this practice. Thus, with the right amount of focus and will, Dot Meditation can change your life.

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