Black Beauty- The Benefits Of Melanin.

by Bharti

Melanin is a natural pigment that is responsible for the colour of our skin, hair and iris of the eyes. Melanin is produced by the cells called melanocytes that are located beneath the outer layer of the skin. Depending upon the amount of melanin, our skin appears dark and light. That means dark people have a large amount of melanin and light people have less amount of melanin. The concept of beauty is restricted to fairness. Most of the advertisements we see are about fairness creams and white tones. This thought has to be changed. We might have come across dark people worrying about their skin colour and trying so many beauty tips to look bright and light-coloured but what they need to realise is the fact and more than that- “colour does not define”. Stop worrying about all these things and know the benefits behind your dark skin.

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Melanin Protects You

Overexposure to the sunlight can increase the number of melanocytes. In light-coloured people, it can cause tanning and appear like patches on the skin. Melanin protects you from harmful ultraviolet radiations from the sun. One of the main reasons for skin cancer is the excess range of ultraviolet radiations. Melanin protects you from damaging the DNA and it will also help to absorb the required amount of ultraviolet radiation in the body. Thus your chance of getting skin cancer reduces. Melanin also saves you from the depletion of vitamin B.

Black Beauty- The Benefits of Melanin.

Look Younger

Compared to the light colour people, dark colour people look younger because of the amount of melanin present in their body. Women with dark skin will less likely to have age spots, wrinkles, and freckles etc that is caused due to long term exposure to the sun but as we already know now melanin protect from the UV rays thus making it easy for the women with dark skin

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Less Prone To Sunburns

The people who have light-coloured skin are more prone to sunburns and rashes due to sunlight. Sunburns are very painful and harm the skin. In some people, sunburn requires aggressive medical treatment. Sunburn could mean skin irritation, redness on the skin and dry patches coming off the body. But melanin naturally makes the skin less prone to sunburn if present in good amount in the body.

Black Beauty- The Benefits of Melanin.

Interesting Facts On Melanin

Amount of melanin in the body depends upon both genetic factors as well as geographical factors. Our skin colour is inherited from our ancestors. People who stay near the earth’s equator, for example, Asia, South America and the Middle East are dark because they are more exposed to the sun throughout the year whereas; people staying in Europe and northern Asia are less prone to sunshine. So they are light-coloured. Melanin is not only present in human beings but is seen in animals and birds also. They also, need protection from ultraviolet radiation to save their DNAs.

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Nature in its mysterious ways has created a balance. For most people, a bright and fair cloured skin is the epitome of beauty, but this is not the case. Each skin tones have there pro and cone. The light clour obsession is a thing if the past, people are more prone these days to break the barriers rather then follow the old one. Therefore know your skin and deal with it the right way.