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Beetroot – How It Helps Fixing Anemia? Know Here

by Shivani Singh
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Anemia is a condition in which red blood cells or hemoglobin are depleting. Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that is responsible for the transportation of oxygen to the different parts of the body. Less amount of hemoglobin means you are not getting a sufficient amount of oxygen. This will make you fatigue, headache, poor appetite, and shortness of breath. In the worst case, it can even lead to heart-related problems. More than 80% of the people are suffering from anemia and health issues related to this condition. One of the best methods to deal with anemia is to include iron-rich food items in your daily diet.

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Beetroot is a wonderful vegetable that is loaded with iron and other vitamins and minerals. To improve the hemoglobin in the blood, experts advise to have it in the form of juice since the beetroot juice is rich in iron and vitamin C, which is essential for the production of red blood cells. Not only beetroot but its leaves are also good for spleen and diseases of the liver. Beetroot can cleanse your body.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is best for repairing and activating the red blood cells. As the number of red blood cells increases it will help to supply oxygen to the entire parts of the body. This will keep you energized and healthy. Especially pregnant women and children are more at risk of anemia. They can choose this vegetable as part of the daily diet.

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How to prepare beetroot juice for treating anemia?


1 beetroot

1 orange

Black salt- a pinch

Peel the one beetroot and put it in a blender. Pour enough water and blend it till you get a smooth texture. Strain it and transfer it into a glass. Extract the juice of one orange and add in the beetroot juice. You can add a pinch of black salt to enhance the taste. If you are preparing this for children, you can even add a small carrot to make it healthier. This excellent juice is rich in iron and vitamin C and gives you the best and fast result.

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Beetroot juice has other health benefits too. It helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level, reduces blood pressure, prevents constipation, keeps different types of cancer at bay, and improves the blood circulation in your body and so on. In conclusion, beetroots are good for your overall health.