What Foods Should We Avoid in Regular Life

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • Why We Should Avoid Foods
  • What Foods We Should Avoid In General

Foods are meant to be eaten especially, which taste delicious and allure us to the fullest. But, nowadays, a new trend of health consciousness prevents us from consuming some unhealthy foods for the sake of our good health. Here we have to remember that not every tasty food item is unhealthy or bad for our health. Foods with unhealthy content are bad for our health and we should avoid such items from every possible aspect of life. Here we come up with a clear idea on which types of foods we should avoid in our regular life, let’s check them below-

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Why We Should Avoid Foods?

All kinds of foods contain some nutritious content, only a few come with some unhealthy substances with them. Certain foods cause unnecessary weight gain, an unwanted heart condition, impeccable stress issues, and trigger chronic illnesses in our body. Those foods consider the unhealthiest foods and they must be avoided from our eating list as soon as possible.

consuming unhealthy foods

As those foods instigate unhealthy conditions in our body and hamper our general health, we must avoid those items from our dieting list immediately. Sometimes, a few unhealthy items could be considerable if you eat them after a long while, they must be avoidable n your regular life. Today we focus on those specific foods which provide unhealthy effects on our general health and must be averted from our regular dieting list as soon as probable. 

What Foods We Should Avoid In General?

Unhealthy foods provide more harmful effects on our overall health while consumed regularly. So, these below-mentioned foods you must eliminate from your regular dieting list and avoid to get closer as much as possible in your daily life. Some of the most unhealthy and must avoidable foods for regular life are as follows-

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Foods with Preservatives:

Foods with preservatives are extremely bad for our overall health. Eating too much of high preservative foods can weaken your heart tissue, causes cancer, and provide much serious health condition in your body. Some of the must-avoidable foods this list, are-cheese, margarine, cereals, packed fruit juice, raw prawns, baked goods, soft drinks, normal bread, wine, processed meat, etc.

Foods with Added Sugar:

Foods with artificial sugar content can cause massive weight gain, unnecessary stress, and several brain issues in our health. Foods to avoid from this list are readymade cake, cookies, candy, chocolate, sweets, pastries, ice-cream, sweet bars, etc.

Carbonated Drinks:

cucumber lemonade jeera drinks

Carbonated beverages are also extremely unhealthy must avoidable in our regular life, no matter how refreshing they taste. They can harm your dental health, effects on bone health, and cause unnecessary weight gain in our body. some high carbonated drinks in this regard are-cold drinks, sodas, high-fructose corn syrup, beer, pop, etc.

Foods with Refined Carbs:

Foods with refined carbohydrates are bad for heart health and cause unwanted weight gain while consuming regularly. Some must-avoidable food from this are-items made of all-purpose flour, white bread, whet rice, white pasta, pizza dough, sweet desserts, etc.

Oily or Fried Foods:

olive oil

Oily and spicy food can hamper your digestion process along with spoiling your skin type, raising cholesterol level, and bringing some extra weight to your body. Chips, fresh fries, non-veg fries, cutlet, fish fries, vegetable rings, doughnuts, etc. are some avoidable items in this regard.

Gluten-Free Junk Foods:

Gluten-free junk foods can trigger weight gain, spike blood sugar levels, and give us zero nutrition value in general. Some of the avoidable foods from this list, are-tacos, corn starch, potato chips, chocolate, tapioca starch, readymade vegetable chips, sweet bars, etc.

Street Foods:

Street foods contain lots of germs and unhealthiness in every particle and we must avoid them for the sake of hygiene apart from weight-gain conscious. Some of the avoidable foods in this regard are- Pani puri, Dahi vada, vada pao, sandwich, paratha, burger, hotdogs, fries, etc.

Foods with Trans Fats:

Foods with trans fats can trigger many chronic diseases in your body along with brining some extra bulges around your tummy. Some of the avoidable trans-fat foods are- vegetable shortening, frozen pizza, microwave popcorn, baked items, non-dairy coffee creamer, stick margarine, etc.

Processed Foods:


Processed foods are high sugar and salt contents, thus work unhealthily in our body. they can cause high calorie to trigger bad cholesterol, BP, diabetes, and heart condition in our body uncontrollably. Some must-avoidable processed foods are- canned beans, juice boxes, frozen fries, package cake, frozen fruits, processed meats, frozen vegetables, deep-fried foods, etc.

Foods with High Sodium Content:

High sodium foods spike blood pressure in our body, initiate unnecessary fluid storage, hamper heart health, trigger stomach issues, and cause kidney failure while consuming for a long period consistently. Some must preventable high sodium foods are-breaded meats, burritos, pizza, salted nuts; French fried, chips, canned beans, grilled items, sausages, etc.