What are some vastu tips for better wealth and health?

by Puja


Vastu science is an ancient Indian architectural system that serves as a guide by offering tips that are easy to implement for better health and wealth. Every homeowner looks at refreshing their house by changing the wall color or redecorating a room to make it beautiful. Basic tips for home Vastu include minor adjustments and quick as well as affordable solutions to attract wealth, health, and happiness. Nowadays, many homebuyers want to consult a Vastu expert or opt for an architect who is experienced in implementing Vastu science into home construction projects. This might be essential for those who are looking to eliminate a problem they are facing. It is believed that Vastu tips are for anyone who wants to try a few simple tricks for bringing good health and wealth.

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Let’s get started on some Vastu tips for wealth and health.

  • Fishes are believed to attract financial benefits. An aquarium can become the key to health and success. Keep an aquarium or fish tank at home. It not only brings financial stability but also creates a peaceful atmosphere. Opt for active fishes; the constant movement of fish is known to keep the energy of wealth on the move. As per Vastu, a fish tank or aquarium should be kept in the south-east direction of the living room or the north direction in other rooms.
  • A statue of Lord Buddha symbolizes peace and harmony. Place it in the drawing-room, kitchen, or garden. For an aesthetic appeal and to attract positive energy install life-size pieces if you have a large space.
  • Birds symbolize harmony, wealth, and joy. Put a bird feeder in the balcony to attract wealth and positive vibes. Fill it with water and grains.

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  • Windchimes are known to attract money. Hanging wind chimes at the entrance of your home welcomes wealth while hanging them at the bathroom entrance prevents wealth from draining out. Avoid hanging windchimes over your head or in the bedroom.
  • To retain the money in the house, place a three-legged frog in the living room, facing its back to the main door.
  • Money plant can be kept indoors. It is known to bring prosperity and good luck. Keep the money plant in a green vase. Place the vase in the north direction to attract money and career opportunities. A bamboo plant, a painting of thick forest or a picture of a lush green field, brings prosperity and wealth.
  • According to Vastu, put a mirror in your cash drawer. It symbolizes the multiplication of wealth. A broken mirror, a watch, or an electronic appliance should be thrown out of the house as these things hinder the way of wealth.
  • The bamboo plant attracts luck, fame, wealth, and peace. Keep the yellow-tinted bamboo bark in the east or southeast corner of the house.
  • The color purple symbolizes wealth. Keeping purple plants like Orchids or purple-colored pots indoor brings positivity.
  • Install a large mirror on the north or north-east wall of the dining room for wealth and prosperity.

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  • The toilet or washroom should be kept closed when it is not being used. The other thing to watch out for in bathrooms is to repair dripping taps and water leakages in the bathroom as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will drain wealth from the house.
  • If there is a beam inside the room wall then the bed should not be placed under the beam. This arrangement is harmful to health.
  • Keep your face towards North-East or east direction while drinking water. It is good for your health.
  • Make sure to keep the center of home a clutter-free area for the easy flow of energies. It is important for positivity, health, and prosperity.
  • Plant banana tree in the northeast corner of the backyard. It will attract health, peace, and happiness. A neem tree in the northwest corner of the house enhances health benefits as it has medicinal properties.
  • A well-lit and well-ventilated home brings enough sunlight so that you don’t have to use electrical lights to brighten your house. You get vitamin D from the sun that improves your health. Sunlight kills all the germs and creates a positive atmosphere.

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  • Remove any unused medicines lying in your house. As per Vaastu, keeping unused medicines in your home will affect your health as they represent the negative image of past illnesses.
  • Avoid working while sitting below the beam or near a pillar as it will have severe ill-impact on health. A beam carries all the negative energy of a dwelling which will be transmitted to you. Hence, avoid sitting below the beam.