Weight Loss And Belly Fat Reducer Detox Drinks : Detox Your Body And Get Faster Results

by Sakshi Patkar
weight loss and fat loss detox drinks

Everyday we humans have to deal with a lot of pollutants and toxins from both inside and outside. Lot of toxins goes into our body through food and water. Many of the doctor and nutritionist says these pollutants have some serious effects on our health, toxins reaches in our cells and gets stores in them which becomes the cause of problems like slow metabolism and psychology. These harmful toxins affect our overall well being.

weight loss detox drinks

When a person’s overall well being and metabolism gets disturbed due to toxins then chances are he or she may gain weight quickly. 

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One of the best ways to get rid of these toxins quickly and easily is to try some detox drinks. Yes detox drinks are suggested by many professional doctors and nutritionist in order to detoxify the body and at the same time lose weight. As detoxing is correlated with metabolism boost and losing weight. And one of the best time to take these detox drinks is empty stomach early in the morning.

 Some Of Top Detox Drinks To Lose Weight Are:

1• Honey Lemon Water

This is regarded as one of the best metabolism boosters and cut belly fat fast. The vitamin C present in the lemon helps to boost metabolism and the taste and antioxidant properties of honey make it more powerful.

honey lemon water

How to prepare honey lemon water :

1) Take around 300ml of pure water and boil it. The boiling should be normal and just like lukewarm water.

2) Squeeze half piece of a medium size fresh and organic lemon.

3) If you are note sure about the quality of lemon then cut both tops of lemon as they may contain most of pesticides over them while they were farmed.

4) Now add one tablespoon of pure honey. Make sure you purchase honey from organic source which will ensure no contamination of honey.

5) Now enjoy the tasty and healthy detox drink early in the morning to have the best out of it.

2 • Ginger Carrot – Lemon Drink

Packed with some great anti-inflammatory properties of carrot and vitamin c of lemon make this drink more healthy. The benefits of this drink is priceless. Carrots dissolve in water and provides some important vitamins like vitamin k which are very helpful for people with eyesight problems. This drink is also very helpful in improving the skin tone of a person. Now look at the procedure to prepare this drink.

ginger carrot lemon drink

1) Take around 300 ml of luke warm water in glass or bowl.

2) Now chop the raw carrots into lukewarm water into small pieces. And let the bowl be kept for 20 minutes.

3) Now add small pieces of raw ginger into the water bowl. Add ginger according to your taste and do not over add it.

4) Now squeeze half a lemon into the drink.

5 ) Enjoy your tasty and healthy morning detox drink to detox and cut the belly fat.

3 • Cucumber – Lemonade Jeera Drink

One of the best drinks which includes the antioxidants properties of cucumber and detoxify power of lemon and then combined with the iron rich jeera. The jeera helps with the digestive system and improve the blood cholesterol in a person. This drink can also be taken empty stomach early morning. Now look at the ingredients required for this drink and the process to make it.

Ingredients Required:

  1. One full small size cucumber.
  2. A half lemon.
  3. One teaspoon of jeera.
  4. 300 ml of water.

cucumber lemonade jeera drinks

Procedure To Prepare This Drink:

1) Take 300 ml of luke warm water in a jug or glass.

2) Now cut cucumber into small pieces and add it into a blender, also add 50 ml of normal water and blend the cucumber.

3 ) Now add the blended cucumber into lukewarm water.

4) Now add 1 teaspoon of jeera into luke warm drink.

5) Now squeeze half a lemon into the drink and stir the drink for a couple of minutes.

6) Enjoy the benefits and taste of cucumber lemon jeera drink early in the morning to cut down belly fat fast.

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4 • Detox Green Smoothie With Chia Seeds

If you are bored with detox drinks or you don’t like to have them try green smoothie which have some more powerful benefits. 

Let’s look at the ingredients required for green smoothie with chia seeds:

  1. One cup of chia seeds.
  2. One cup of unsweetened almond or cow milk. It is best to take unsweetened almond milk.
  3. One cup of frozen apple or pineapple. It is recommended to take pineapple.
  4. One medium size banana.
  5. One cup of spinach or 200 gm.

The powerful chia seed adds anti inflammatory properties in to the smoothie while vitamin c from pineapple and also some other vitamins from them like vitamin A and D and then the calcium from milk and high fibre contain of banana and at the end the anti-inflammatory and vitamin E from spinach makes this smoothie the best thing you can have in the morning.

detox green smoothie with chia seeds

Now let’s look at the process on how to prepare this green smoothie:

1) Add 200 gm of spinach in a blender.

2) Add 200ml almond or cow milk in it also add some 50 ml of water.

3) Now add the pieces of pineapple or apple.

4) Add one frozen banana into pieces.

5) Add cup of chia seed into blender and blend all the ingredients.

6) Outcomes the tasty and super healthy green smoothie you can enjoy the early morning to cut down that belly fat.

5 • Cinnamon Detox Drink

Cinnamon has a quite decent taste and this spice has some effective results in weight loss and cutting belly fat. Cinnamon also helps in increasing metabolism and fat-burning power. People who do not have time to prepare smoothies and other detox drinks can prefer this drink because it is very easy to prepare and can be prepared within minutes. Let’s look at how to prepare this drink.

1) Take around 300 ml of lukewarm water in a glass.

2) Add a half tablespoon or 5 gm of cinnamon powder into it.

3) Let if defuse for around 10 minutes. The longer it defuse the more powerful it will become.

4) Have this tasty drink early in the morning while empty stomach and feel the benefits of cinnamon.

cinnamon detox drinks

People who are looking for the best belly fat or weight loss detox drink these above-given drinks are among the top five, choose according to your taste and need. However, do not completely depend on these drinks for fat loss your overall daily diet matters a lot for fat loss and these drinks are just add on to your healthy diet.

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