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Protein Shakes And Weight Loss : How Protein Shakes Helps In Losing Weight

by Sakshi Patkar

One of the most asked questions is, do protein shakes helps in weight loss and if so how they work. Before discussing how protein shakes help in weight loss or fat loss let us consider some key terms like-

  • What is protein and its digestibility?
  • Protein requirement for humans 
  • What is protein shakes?
  • Types of protein shakes
  • How does protein shakes works in the body?

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What Is Protein?

Whether you are a male, female, an office worker or an athlete all of us need protein. While the requirement can be different for each and everyone depending on your activity level. 

what is protein

In simple terms, protein is an essential nutrient for our body that helps to build tissue, muscle mass. Protein can also serve to thermal energy fuel.          

How Protein Is Digested In The Body?

The digestion of protein completely depends upon the type of protein the person is consuming, for example, the complete digestion of protein present in wheat will take much longer time compared to digestion of protein present in eggs. The protein present in food breaks down into much smaller blocks in different intestines and stomach, with the help of digestive enzymes. And the absorption takes place in the time and then the molecules are released in blood to reach to different tissue of the body.

how protein is digested in the body

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What Are Protein Shakes ?

To get rid of the complex digestion process of food and to get protein from it is being replaced by the invention of protein shakes. While protein shakes has a much higher amount of pure protein in them and the digestion of protein shakes are much simpler then complex foods.

what are protein shakes

Types Of Protein Shakes:-

There are various amounts of protein shakes present in the market, some of them are :

  • Whey Protein 

The whey is formed by the mixture of proteins isolated and concentrated. Whey is completely made from cow and Buffalo milk and is a byproduct of cheese production. Whey protein has the best digestion in a human body. Also whey protein comes in different forms, 

1) Whey concentrate

2) Whey isolate 

3) Whey hydrolyzed

Among these three the whey concentrate has least protein available and had a little amount of fat in it, whey isolate has the higher amount of protein and fat and the whey hydrolyzed has highest amount of protein available and almost no fat in it.

  • Casein Protein 

Casein is a mixture of milk protein found in mammals milk, like sheep, Buffalo and human milk. Casein has lower protein quality and quantity as compared to whey proteins.

casean protein

  • Plant Protein

Plant proteins are completely made from plant and is generally consumed by people who are completely vegan and does not prefer whey protein or milk protein.

plant protein

  • Pea Protein

Pea protein powder is made from raw pea when they are processed  but the protein and quality and quantity both are low in pea protein.

pea protein

  • Egg Protein

Made from egg the egg whey protein has a higher protein content and quality but the problem comes in egg protein is ingredients, many brands use steroid eggs which are not safe for longer consumption.

egg protein

Apart from the above types of proteins their are some other forms of protein powder shakes like,

  • hemp protein
  • brown rice protein

From above all protein shakes whey protein Is considered as a best one and is widely consumed all over the world. Whey protein is much better than compared to any other protein.

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Are Protein Shakes Safe To Consume?

Protein shakes are widely consumed by athletes all over the world but you might have heard many times from doctor or people around you that protein shakes are fake or should not be consumed as they are not safe, this is all myth that has been created by the people themselves. The protein shakes are completely safe to consume and does not have any side effect on human body even if taken regular a good protein has a significant effect on a body. 

are protein shakes safe to consume

Both male and female can take protein shakes but they should know which source is best for them, like they should not be taking whey protein if they are lactose intolerant, moreover consult with a doctor or a good dietician before selecting the protein shakes.

Who Can Take Protein Shakes ?

While there are many conditions in which you can feel safe to take protein shakes, some of them are:

  • Professional Athlete : 

 if you are a professional athlete and have higher intensity workouts in a day then you must take protein shakes to surplus your diet in order to take advantage and lead up to the next level of your game, while whey protein will be best for you in post workout or early morning.


  • Moderate Worker : 

if you are a moderate worker and do some kind of physical activity or go to the gym or play sports few times in a week, protein shakes can be a great option for you to complete your diet.


  • Corporate Worker With No Physical Activity :

If you are working in  9- 5 job and does not have any physical activity then you should not be consuming protein shakes and moreover try to complete your diet with whole foods.


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How Protein Shakes Works?

1) In Gaining Muscles : 

Any skinny person looking to gain muscle  mass can take his recovery to the next level with  the help of protein shakes. The skinny person when workouts the muscle in his body breaks which requires recovery process in order to join again and increase in size and strength. Generally most of the people cannot complete their diet and meet their protein requirements because of their busy schedule, so protein shakes helps the person to meet his recovery on time and gets the results.  


During post workout window when a person consume protein shake, the protein reaches quickly in to his intestine due to liquid form and is rapidly absorbed by the muscles. In this way this helps the person to recover faster and get results quickly.

2) In losing Weight Or Fat :

The protein shakes helps in burning fat and losing weight by:

  • Increasing metabolism 
  • Replacing meal 
  • Recovering the muscle


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How Protein Shakes Helps To Lose Weight Or Fat Faster?

From the above situation In the same way when a person do workouts the body needs protein and energy to recover. While most protein shakes are higher in protein and low in fat and energy. Now the person has consumed protein shakes to recover and has avoided one meal, in this case the person has also avoided the excess energy consumption and now the person’s body will start burning more fat to recover energy consumption. In this way in a wider term person starts losing weight or fat with the help of protein shakes.


How Protein Shakes Will Prevent Regain Of Weight?

Now in case the person stops doing a workout, regular consumption will help a person to prevent regain of weight because the person is still avoiding high-calorie meal by consuming protein shakes. Also after working out for longer periods most male and female are likely to gain some lean muscle which increases  person metabolism which in longer helps a person to prevent regain of weight or fat.


When You Should Consume Protein Shakes For Weight Loss? 

  • Post Workout 

This is considered the best time to consume protein shakes, if you are a professional athlete or do some kind of physical work then after workout protein shakes will be a great option for recovery.


  • Early Morning 

Protein shakes in Early morning empty stomach or in breakfast is a great way to start your day.


  • Pre Bed 

 Consuming protein shakes with the milk pre bed is a great way to prevent catabolism overnight and recover from muscle loss.


  • With Meals 

When your meals lacks protein or you do not have any option, the protein shakes are a great way to complete your protein in meals. Generally, if you travel a lot then completing your nutrient requirements with protein shakes is a great option.


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How To Consume Protein Shakes During Weight Loss To Lose Weight Faster?

Most of the people consume protein shakes with milk during fat loss or weight loss which is not a good idea, as milk slows down the digestion of protein shakes and increases the calorie and fat content of protein shake.


So it is best to take protein shakes with water so the nutrient gets absorbed by the body completely and quickly and you might not be consuming extra calorie or fat.

Protein Requirement During Weight Loss:


If you are on the moderate or low physical activity then you should be taking ( your weight in kg × 1.2 gm) of protein in a day, but if you or on high-intensity workouts then ( 1.8 gm × your body weight in kg ) in a day.

weight loss in male


If you have low physical activity then take near ( 1 gm × your body weight in kg ) of protein in a day, while if you go to the gym and have some physical activity then ( 1.4 gm × body weight in kg ) will be a good choice for you. 

weight loss in women

Please try to remove the myth from a mind that protein shakes are harmful and have side effects, protein shakes are completely safe and can bring in some great results if consumed properly. Try to choose whey protein as it is best among all. 

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