How to treat your girlfriend when she is on periods.

by Health Desk

Periods are part of every women life. They start from around the age of ten or twelve and last till the fifties. Though for a very long span a women’s body deals with period getting used to it is never easy for the. Every body type is different. But the common thing each woman needs is love.  Males are often confused about how to treat their girl when she is on her periods. They feel it hard to deal with. They think it is very usual and common for women to deal with periods. Males do not understand the sensitivity of periods. They do not understand the fact that periods are very special for women. It gives then the beauty of becoming a mother in future. They don’t understand the pain women suffer during periods. It’s not only about physical pain. Periods create a hue emotional imbalance which affects the mental stability of women during periods.

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As being a good boyfriend you may have a wish to knowhow you should treat your girlfriend when she is on her periods. So here we are up with few tips to help you out. If you are here searching for this article, first of all, congratulate yourself for being a concerned partner. As you already care about you love and wish to know more about it. So let’s get started.

  1. Remember her dates

The first step you have to begin with is to remember her dates. Though periods never fall on exact dated, near or far they are always around. Remembering her dates. Does not mean you have to wish your girlfriend every month like her birthday. Congratulations baby it’s you periods time. No! This not done. The only reason you should remember her dates is for yourself. That mAny time she will not even tell you that her periods started. But she will behave weirdly. Thin can be troubling for you. But once you know why she is behaving so, it will be far easy for you to deal with.

  • Start treating her extra good a week before the arrival of periods

You may be not knowing the fact that mood swings arrive a week before. Start treating jer good. Show some extra care towards her. Rub her back, play with her hairs, kiss her more. Understand her mood. Know what is want. Food has a special place during periods. Women start craving for extra food before the arrival of their periods. They expect food according to their mood. Sometimes they need very spicy Chinese food or the other time some hot chocolate with pastries. Never say no to them. Feed them whatever they wish to. This will relieve stress in their head and will make them more pleasant.

  • Talk to her about periods.

The hidden fact is, women love talking about periods. They are always excited to explain to their man about their cycle, or the first time they started periods or how they feel being on periods etc. Women adore men who understand the importance of periods in women’s life. She feels happy after telling you things about her. Also when you will talk to her about periods, it will help you to know more about her. She will ultimately tell you about her won how she wishes to be treated. What all things she expects from her partner. And your work is done. Now you know much about your girlfriend.

  • Don’t take it on your heart if she misbehaved out of mood swings

 She may treat you bad, or say an unnecessary thing during her periods. It not her mistake. Women on periods go through emotional imbalance. During periods the negative thoughts are so powerful that she starts feeling unsafe and insecure. Treat her good. Show some extra love to her so that these negative thoughts dont drive her mind out.

Even though is she is going through some problems and could not find her balance, dont take everything on your heart. She never means what she says wrong. It’s just the negative energies driving her. Forgive you girl and excuse her for mistakes she makes during her periods as she is already starting with her body. Also, she is at war with her emotions.

  • Show her some extra love

When you show extra love and concern for her when she is on periods, it will automatically keep her mood light and happy. Your little bit extra effort can please her a lot. It will relieve her pain and attaining mental stability. Your loving nature will parent her from getting any kind of negative thoughts. She will not feel insecure anymore. Even she will be so overwhelmed that she will pour extra love on to you. During periods women mood is always on the extreme. Either extremely loving or extremely hurting. Choose wisely. If you live them more, they will love you even more. Periods are the best time to make your bond extra stronger with your girl.

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  • Ask her if she is in pain

Ask her about the pain she is suffering. Talk to her about the body part which hurts most or if she is having headaches. Be easy on her. If the needs sleep let her sleep extra. Be on her side. Treat her like your little girl. Behave maturely, she will feel much better. When a woman is happy at heart she feels less physical pain. Take care of your girl. This is the time she needs you the most.

  • Make her comfortable with nice hugs and cuddles

Periods is the time when women wish to get extra coY and comfortable. She always wishes her man around her. Cuddles comfort women a lot. You littles hugs and kisses will give her strength to bear the pain and resist all negative energies around. You can feel the change when you are around her and when you are away from her. She women are around people they love it rare that they show adverse symptoms of periods but then they are away from their loved ones and cannot get some physical affection, they start feeling sick about it. So if your girlfriend is around you, give her hugs and kisses constantly.

  • If she is away from you, make  constant calls to know whether she is doing well or not

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you cannot meet your girl frequently, show some virtual love towards her. Make her extra call just to know whether she is doing well or not. Talk to her about things she likes. Memories her the good moments you spent together. Tell her that you love her and you are with her. She will feel better. Write her cute messages, adoring hear the beauty of her heart and her as a person. This will make her feel at home. Distance will not affect her more.

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Though it is every month routine, treat like it’s her first period. Yes, periods are very important for women. Treat your girl the best way you can. You will gain more respected and love from her side. She will fell happy and lucky to have a sensitive person like you in her life. You are already doing great. Be a good boyfriend, treat your girlfriend well during her periods.